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  1. Eddio liked a post in a topic by Majora in SOLVED: Issues with implementing new voicelines   
    Hey everyone,
    I know this one got overshadowed a bit by the new-patch-hype, but we would greatly appreciate the help from the community for making the implementation of voicelines possible. We already have two cards fully recorded and ready to go, with others in various stages of recordings, but they are currently on hold because of the mentioned issues in the community update. We would love to get the help from the community figuring this out. Here you can find the earlier post about this issue, with some explanations from Kubik. 
    Please help us out 🙂 
    Issues we ran into:
    • The game sometimes ends a new voiceline with a loud snap. This seems to be unrelated to what voiceline is being played, and seems to happen about 20% of the time. 
    • The game sometimes completely crashes after playing a new voiceline, most of the time repeating the last word of a line a couple of times before completely shutting down Skylords Reborn. 
    • Wounded and Strike voicelines are not referenced in the ACK file, but the game does have audio files (and references them correctly) for existing units. We are not sure how to add these specific voicelines into the game. 
    We have currently not been able to find a logic behind the snaps and crashes. When the lines do work, they work well. The quality is good, and they play when you expect them too. The files are also recorded in a similar way as the original EA voicelines (meaning short silence at the beginning and end, similar lenght, etc.). It seems some lines are more prone to crash or snap than others, but we have not been able to find any logic behind this. 
    Here is what we have done so far:
    - Recorded voicelines in good quality (MP3 or Wav), in a comparable logic to EA's own recordings
    - Convert the files to one of the formats BattleForge uses
    - Create an  ACK file for the new cards that references the voicelines in the game, using the same template as currently existing units. 
    - Try out the voicelines in all kind of settings (at some point we even connected them to the login button to test them in quick succession). 

    Current theories we have what are causing these errors:
    - Weird sounds and crashes might be caused by wrong size*
    - The issues could be caused by the converter/generator of SNR files 
    - Corrupting memory allocator should not be possible by any data in any software, so it is a bug in the game.

    *With this we dont mean "size" as in file size, but "size'' of memory allocation or "size" of decompressed audio
    Which leads us to the current options:
    - Use 70% compressed wav. This would mean low quality sounds. We hope the community can improve the wav to snr to have more seamless result. 
    - Find someone to reverse engineer this part of BF, and find the issue (Kubik did not yet find the root cause, only that it corrupts memory allocator somehow, which should be almost impossible)
    - Wav to snr mp3 branch can be improved / extended by someone (or a coordinated group) who understand coding and/or sound enough to add diagnostic information to the sound itself and find the root cause this way
    - Find someone who has dealt with this kind of issue for other EA games, who used the other codecs, and has (or can write) a convertor, and try those. 
    - Do not implement sounds at all
    Please let us know if you have any questions, theories or, preferably, solutions. If there is anything you need for testing, feel free to ask for it!
  2. Eddio liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Release schedule and server downtime   
    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk,
    We are about one week away from release and with that we would like to share our schedule and plans around release. This way you know what to expect.

    December 16, 2020: We will reset everyone's progression in preparation for the reset on actual release day. This allows us to make sure our systems work properly after a reset and to potentially fix any remaining issues that could be caused by resetting the progression of all our players. A progression reset means you will lose your gold, BFP, cards, boosters, PvE and PvP ranks, friends lists, auctions etc.  Both the main server and the test server will stay online and you can continue to play the game. Any in-game items gained after this initial progression reset will not be carried over after release.

    December 17, 2020: The main server will be closed until release. This will give us time to prepare the server for release and to fix any potential issues found with the reset from the previous day. During this downtime everyone's progression will be reset for release and you will be asked to create a new in-game character when you login for the first time after release. You do not need to create a new account for release and can login with your current account after release. The test server will still be open throughout the release period. The server will likely be closed in the evening (UTC).

    December 18, 2020: Release date. This is the day we will put the servers online again and is the day you can join and start playing again with a fresh start. After this day there will be no more resets so you can play/grind all you want. Depending on how drastically the player base suddenly increases, we might have to resort to putting a limit on the number of people allowed on the server at a time. Our current server is very performant and should be able to handle a lot more players than it currently is, so even though we don't expect to need to do this, you never know. There will also be a countdown livestream on our twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn, after which we will open the servers again. The release will likely happen in the afternoon (UTC).

    We hope everything is clear. If you have any remaining questions feel free to ask them and we will update this post accordingly. 
    Have fun playing and hope everyone is looking forward for release!

    - Skylords Reborn
  3. Eddio liked a post in a topic by Toggy in The Stress Test Open #13 19.09.20   
    Hello fellow Skylords and Skyladies,
    It has been too long, soooo...... Who will win the Stress Test Open#13?
    It will be a 1vs1 Double Elimination best of 3 tournament, the grand final will be best of 5 (one match, no reset). Winner and losers finals will be all played on stream.
    Prize Pool! (The more people participate, the bigger it will get)
    1st place  - 4000 BFP + 3 boosterpacks
    2nd place - 3000 BFP + 3 boosterpacks
    3rd place - 2000 BFP + 3 boosterpacks
    4th place - 1000 BFP + 3 boosterpacks
    5th-last place - 100 BFP + 3 boosterpacks
    UPDATE: After a generous donation from the devs we will have a LOT more BFP and 3 boosters for EVERYONE participating!
    On 19.09.20  starting on 4pm CEST(Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.
    The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there. Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier.
    The streaming channel that will be covering the tournament is DasToggy on twitch.tv .
    In case of problems contact me or one of my mods via Discord or Battleforge.
    -No bugabuse, cheating or insulting the other players. Penalties may vary from a warning to default loss.
    -Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake.
    -Not showing up to your match with after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.
    -After your match go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically.
    -The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Wazhai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro and Yrmia (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on Haladur, then it is losers choice. Second round will start with Simai, third one... you get the drill.
    -The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts.
    -As an experiment, no T1 Towers will be allowed in this tournament (Mortar, Phase, Ice shield, Primal Defender). Other supportive stuctures (like Ice barrier) are free to use.
    Reply in this thread if you have questions, I will check it out later.
    I would love to see this community grow again and the competitive scene develop aswell so before this game goes full release.... more tournaments!
    Best regards,
  4. Eddio liked a post in a topic by BlueBerryBoy in Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game   
    Irrelevant. Get down from your high horse. Don’t act like you are some kind of Messias every game needs to have.
    This is a terrible idea: 
    1. your math is wrong: 2+3+5=10 not 8
    2. i think the devs have better stuff to do than implementing such a system that obviously won’ t work. As an Example: prices develop dynamically so after reset when the highly demanded t1 cards get sold for way more than most of the other cards, your idea sucks because the chance of these cards dropping in a booster will be even smaller than it is with the current booster system. 
    To the PvP start idea: if you would have followed the recent events you would have noticed that there is an other idea which gives every player access to every PvP deck for ranked at deck level 120. 
    Belongs to balance discord where such ideas are already discussed. 
    Great idea! You can start by checking all seeds for battlegrounds for their "true" difficulty level yourself.
    conclusion: Don‘t act like you are able to fix problems of this game with 4 bad ideas in which you put no research in. 

  5. Eddio liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in HUGE update LIVE SERVER + STREAM   
    Hello Skylords  We have BIG news. The HUGE update you've all been waiting for, is coming to the LIVE server this Sunday 9th August 2020. Currently all changes we've done in the past weeks were only available on the test server. We greatly appreciate all of your effort in regards to reporting bugs and other issues. Thanks to your help, we are able to give you all of the following new and improved features: - You no longer need to restart BattleForge if you enter the wrong password - Lots of other bug fixes - New Boosters - 12 player maps - 2v2 Ranked - A new system for earning BFP - A huge overhaul of the Auction House! We will be live on Twitch this upcoming Sunday on 9th August 2020 at 19:00 CEST before the patch comes out. Please note that we are still in the Open Stress Test, and this is not the release yet. However, there will be a very important announcement in regards to the release and reset you are waiting for. You will be able to find the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn

    This is the changelog for the live server for the end of this week  
    General changes/features
    - Added new daily reward and reserve system for gaining daily BFP.
    - Added daily booster discount after playing for a certain amount of time.
    - Added new faction boosters to the store.
    - Added 2vs2 ranked matches. 
    - Added 12player PvE matches. Keep in mind 12 player matches only reward gold.
    - Added randomly generated maps to the ranked PvP maps pool.
    - Added ability to click on cards in the marketplace in order to play them in the forge.
    - Increased auction amount to 100 per player.
    - Added option for 48 hour long auctions.
    - Removed the starting 2.5h playtime quest completely.
    - Decreased required amount of ranked pvp matches to reach 100% activity from 30 to 15 matches per month.
    - Adjusted required ranks for purchasing upgrades: the required ranks are 1, 4 and 5 for upgrade 1, 2 and 3, and is the same for all rarities.
    The required rank can either be your PvE rank, or your highest PvP rank.
    - Added 'Suggested Decks' button in the lobby to view and select the decks you most recently used for a map.
    - Added x16 and x32 speed for watching replays.
    - Improved UI and feedback when trying to upload community maps. More improvements to this will be added at a later stage.
    - Added /match chat.
    - Removed logout button from the escape menu.
    - Drastically improved performance of the upgrade tab.
    - Improved responsiveness of the marketplace.
    - Greatly improved responsiveness while using the leaderboards (may still lag a bit when opening it for the first time).
    - Your own auctions in the "My auctions" tab in the marketplace now show the exact time left instead of Short/Medium/Long.
    - Improved the interface used for creating auctions. You can now put up multiple auctions at once.
    - When searching for auctions, your name on your own auctions will be displayed in bold in order to make them more recognizable.
    - Bidding/Buyout fields will be greyed out for an auction if they are not usable or relevant.
    - Added the amount of hours next to the different time options when trying to create an auction.
    - Minor general improvements to the story book.
    - Replaced the "Manual" button with a "Wiki" button in the news section.
    - Added a `Patreon` button in the news section.
    - Added small counter at the bottom of the `Auction Watchlist` window ingame that shows your current amount of auctions watchlisted.
    - Added small ingame pop-up for new players asking if they would like to play the tutorial map.
    - Added the ability to navigate the map selection screen (PvP and Community PvE) with your arrow keys.
    - Hid the match loot dropdown whenever trying to create a 1 or 12 player match.
    - Hid the loot type for rPVE matches in the game selection screen, as rPvE does not reward upgrades.
    General fixes
    - Fixed many group and match bugs. 
    - Fixed many issues with disconnecting/getting stuck in the loading screen.
    - You no longer need to restart BattleForge if you enter the wrong password.
    - Fixed match running too fast/slow which resulted in stuttering or teleporting.
    - Fixed trade button tooltip saying the player accepted the trade while he did not.
    - Fixed german version of the 'promo from booster' notification message.
    - Fixed replays of community maps not showing in the replays menu in certain cases.
    - Fixed a minor issue with trying to upload PVP community maps.
    - Fixed BFP desync when bidding more than the buyout on a card in the auction house.
    - Fixed incorrect error feedback when setting the bid amount to less than 2 on a card for the auction house.
    - Fixed selected map in the create a game window not always being remembered properly between opening and closing the window for PvP and Community maps.
    - Fixed quests not properly refreshing in the UI after rerolling a quest.
    - Fixed player buildings not being destroyed and units not being killed if a player disconnected or left without doing any action in the match.
    - Fixed random (windows) error sounds while playing the game.
    - Fixed show and request deck with the tutorial deck not working.
    - Fixed gained ELO text overflow in postgame screen for 2vs2.
    - Fixed the cause of the error message "A card of this type is already in your deck!".
    - Fixed a disconnect which occurred upon answering a direct trade request.
    - Fixed minor issues related to need/greed when all players had all upgrades being rewarded.
    - Fixed some errors with ingame UI tutorial and updated relevant steps in the tutorial.
    - Fixed error after using the filter option in the upgrades window after applying/removing an upgrade.
    - Fixed UI overlapping and worldmap UI issues in 1600x1024 resolution.
    - Fixed that you could copy a deck (using the view deck window) from another player while being ready.
    - Fixed not being able to start games sometimes for players that are on public networks.
    - Fixed maximum limit of 2000 quests completed for "Complete some quests" achievement.
    - Fixed an issue in the mail from the auction house where it would sometimes say that you sold your card for 0 BFP.
    - Properly handle case where the player has not opened a booster yet but tries to view his latest opened booster.
    - Fixed issue where you could buy avatars for free.
    Card changes
    - Increased charge count of Santa Claus, Lord Cyrian, and Easter Egg to 4 so they are aligned with other promos.
    - Improved card description of Juice Tank.
    - Added missing ability "Siege" to Skycatcher card description.
    - Added the range to Area Ice Shield card description.
    - Added missing "Swift" ability to Colossus in card description.
    - Added missing ability "Swift" to Bloodhorn description.
    - Fixed wrong damage on card description of Northern Keep (Blue).
    - Fixed wrong tooltip of Shadow Insect.
    - Fixed ranged attack symbols not displayed for fire cards at higher resolutions.
    - Various other minor additions, updates and fixes (like typo's).
    Skylords Reborn Team
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  7. sylvix95 liked a post in a topic by Eddio in Offensive Names   
    Continuing with the salt again?
  8. sylvix95 liked a post in a topic by Eddio in Kiwi   
    Continuing with the salt?
    Its a her and she already explained that her name has nothing to do with that.
  9. Eddio liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Battleforge undocumented details   
    I found this in the depth of www and repost it here. Hope there is no similar thread existing allready. Some things might be outdated if so tell me then I ll change it. If you know more undocumented details post them in this thread. 
    Kind regards
    Battleforge undocumented details
    * Frozen units only take 50% damage.
    * Corpses last on the ground for just-about 17 seconds.
    * Embalmer's Shrine, which makes corpses give more life points, does not help your enemies' corpse gathering, but it helps your allies.
    * Homesoiled units have their bonus for a little (about 2-3m) less than the max root link distance.
    * Damage buffs not stack only biggest buff is applied. 

    * Damage reduction does stack until 90% is reached.The damage can further be increased by cards that say "the unit only takes x % damage" instead of the unit gets x % damage less.  But not clear how this 2 different kinds of 
    DISENCHANT (GREEN): It's Debuff-blocking allows you to use a unit's abilities under a Mark of the Keeper and also prevents Mind Control.
    I also saw this conversation on bfcards:
    Kaldra: you know when you abort and not build orb you gain 75 power back? means you just waste 25 power...
    If you have no charges left on a card, its recharge time is equal to half of its cost in power or its stated recharge time, whichever is longer. Upgrades that reduce power cost can reduce recharge time in this way.
    Breeding grounds reduces not just the base cost, but the real cost of a unit. i.e. A drake is normally 100, with 90 going to void on death, with BG it is 70 with 63 going to void on death.
    I was amazed the first time I heard about paying attention to a unit's attack mode (Special, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) in regards to the opponents unit, as if they match said attacking unit will be dealing 150% damage (total. Meaning 100% + 50%).
    I wouldn't say it's not well known, but the damage number on a card is the amount it will do in 20 seconds of constant attacking.
    Regeneration stacking thread:
    link1 and link2
    In short, wheel of Juvenesce stacks with any 1 (one) other form of regen Except Viridya. Any other regen combo actually cancels all regen. Nature affinity root nexus is notorious for this.
    * Strength and Resilience stack since the last patch; juves does not.
    Did you know you can shoot at buildings and XL units over walls? But not anything else?
    You can shoot at buildings and XL's through walls only if they were targeted before the gate was closed. Otherwise they will just shoot at the gate.
    hmmm i believe breeding grounds work for allies
    but not sure if juice tank does
    Breeding Grounds does work for allies, but Juice Tank and Resource Booster do not.
    * ground units can not pass over unused monument/well slots. obvious? yes!
    but why are these mos and juggernauts always ramming into my well/monument clusters, instead of stampeding alongside of them?
    if you want to destroy wells/monuments standing in a line, stampede parallel but very close to this line and destroy all of them (or at least get your stampede max dmg out) instead of running into it from the side, thus destroying only 1-2 wells.
    * XL units stampede S and M units, knocking them back and dealing 10 damage for each squad member. L units stampede S units, knocking them back and dealing 10 damage to each squad member.
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.06. **
    PVE enemies are classed differently on each PVE map when it comes to mind control abilities. Some maps you can swap stonekin warriors, some you can't, some maps you can swap vilebloods/destroyers/horrors and some you can't. 2 good examples of this: Soultree all destroyers and horrors (at the beginning) can be swapped, but they cannot be swapped on Nightmare Shard (one of the first fights is against a horror). On Convoy all the stonekin warriors (the one's with charges) can be swapped, but on Soultree (on the path where you protect Viridya) they cannot.
    So in other words, just cause a mob can't be swapped on one map, you may want to test it on another, on many maps anything up to L is fair game for a swap, including rageflames/stonekin warriors/vilebloods/destroyers/horrors/aggressors/windhunters/alpha birds and I'm not sure on some of the bandit lieutenants, but I doubt any of them can be. This probably is also true for many creatures when it comes to parasite swarm, and amazon beast control.
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.09. **
    *Like the fact that 'rage' makes an attacking unit build up attack power while attacking until it has 4x base damage. This resets after not attacking for 5 seconds.
    * It's 5 seconds for most cards, the only one I know of that is longer is the Fire Dragon at 10 seconds.
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.11. **
    * There can be 2 legendary units on the field, if they dont have the same upgrade level
    * Flying units under the effect of Gravity Surge (Tainted version) are not damaged by Aura of Corruption.
    * If a Parasite Swarm mind controls a Shadow Phoenix after it has started to crash dive, the dive will not be interrupted and it will damage the units of the Shadow Phoenix's previous owner.
    * you get "only" 75 power back when you destroy your orb while beeing build. Therfor you loose 25 power. (new orb costs 100 afterwards)
    ** UPDATE 2009.11.13. **
    Damage amplification:
    I've done some extensive testing and found that Unholy Power stacks up to 2 times for +100% damage, this double stack can also be stacked with any of the following buffs.
    Soul Splicer
    Unholy hero
    Of all of these buffs none stack with one another besides with Unholy Power and that the highest achievable amplification of damage is 300% Via Unholy hero+ Unholy Powerx2. Snapjaw (fire) will also increase this damage on whichever target is the focus of the fully buffed unit.
    Damage Reduction: Stacks such as life weaving, defenders stance, and crystal fiend (frost)
    Frozen units take 50% normal damage
    2. Unit size:
    When choosing what unit to counter another with it is important to pay attention to the unit's attack, and the unit's size. By choosing the correct counter for a given unit you can save time and power. It works as such. A units size determines the best effective attack against it. If your unit's attack size matches the enemies unit size then your unit will do on average 50% more damage. The same is true in reverse. Cards like lyrish knight, who is a medium sized unit with a high small attack are an excellent counter to small units since the majority of small units also posses a small attack which means that they will not receive the +50% damage vs your lyrish knight, but you will receive the +50% vs their small units.
    I have also done some testing on unit size to determine that the +50% is average, not the rule. XL units have a variety of attack animations, and while some prove more effective (up to +64%) other animations are less effective (44%) , so based on the luck of the draw,and how your unit wants to animate you could potentially be doing +64% damage to a unit with a size disadvantage vs your attack depending on the animation (Axe chop, two handed blow, horn sweep, stomp, etc. Most xl units have 5-6 attack animations depending on the size of their foe.
    XL units can stampede small and medium units: Knocking back and doing 10 dmg to each squad member.
    L units can stampede small units: Knocking back and doing 10 dmg to each squad member.
    3. Legendary Cards - Promo cards
    Legendary cards like Ravenheart can be played with their promotional version to bypass the legendary unit limit.
    Promo cards of existing units are considered different from the non-promo version for the purpose of buffing such as motivate.
    4. Void and Power
    90% of a units actual power cost is returned in void power from suicidal units. This is effected from breeding grounds thus instead of refunding 90 power from a 100 power skyfire drake it will return 90% of the actual ammount of power it took to summon in the unit. Eg. U3 breeding grounds = 30% Thus making skyfire U3 cost 70 power instead of 100, the void gained on a suicide of that unit is then 63 (90% of 70).
    Power enhancing structures such as Juice tank and Resource booster will both effect your own power wells (and stack effects), but they will not effect allied/enemy wells.
    Breeding grounds: The effected power savings (15%-30%) will work for allies summoning in the effective area, saving them a portion of the summoning cost.
    Orbs: Each orb costs 100 power + a one time power fee for each tier after the first.
    100+50 = T2
    100+150= T3
    100+ 200 = T4
    If the wrong orb is accidentally built, destroying the orb before its completion will result in 75 power of the 100 being refunded.
    5. Corpses/Corpse Gathering
    When using something like embalmer's shrine's special ability it will effect all friendly units corpse gathering abilities as well.
    Corpses last approximately 17 seconds before they vanish, so time those Undead armies, and harvesters appropriately.
    6. Walls:
    Important things to remember are that XL units and Buildings can be targeted through a wall while S, M, L units can only be temporarily targeted by other S,M,L units if they were visible through a hole in the wall or, if the gate was down. Only XL units and buildings can attack S, M, L units over a wall unless the unit attempting to fire is placed on the wall defensively.
    All small units can be placed on walls, this includes melee units. While they cannot attack, they do provide something else for enemy units to focus on, thus reducing damage on the walls overall.
    Snapjaw, being a small unit but with a squad of 4 can compact more units onto a group of wall segments than the other 6 member squads. A two segment wall can house 3 units of snapjaws while only being able to support 2 units of 6 member squads such as master archers.
    7. Rage:
    Rage abilitiy will allow a unit to do up to 4 times (400%) its normal damage when fully enraged. To maintain this most rage units must attack every 5 seconds, while Fire dragon must only attack every 10 seconds.
    8. PvP
    In collection battles awards are given as such
    Battle Tokens = 2 for matches lasting at least 2:31
    Battle Tokens = 3 for matches lasting at least 8:31
    Battle Tokens = 4 for matches lasting at least 11:31
    Battle Tokens = 6 for matches lasting at least 14:31
    The loser is awarded half of this number rounded down to the nearest whole.
    For tome matches: i'm pretty sure it's just double the normal tokens, but maxed at 9 tokens. (i.e. you get 8 tokens when you would get 4 in collection games, and 9, when you would get 6)
    ** UPDATE 2009.12.02. **
    - it only works versus buildings that your opponent built, not including wells and orbs.
    - you get a certain percentage (i think it's 40% at U0) of the buildings powercost as extra power into your usable power pool if you completely destroy the building just with units that have the looter ability.
    - you don't get that power in one big bunch when the building is destroyed, but rather every time you damage the building, you get a small part of it.
    - so if a building has 1000 health points, and you make 100 damage to it with your looters, you will get 4% of the buildings power cost.
    - the opponent will still get 90% void, so the power is not "stolen" but additionally granted.
    - normally you won't have many opportunities to use this ability, but if your opponent loves to spam buildings, you can make a lot of extra power with this.
    ** UPDATE 2009.12.07. **
    ............. U1 ...... U2 ..... U3
    Common ...... 50 ..... 250 .... 500
    Uncommon ... 150 ..... 500 ... 1000
    Rare ....... 400 .... 1000 ... 3000
    Ultra rare . 800 .... 2000 ... 6000
    ** UPDATE 2009.12.09. **
    The Root Network
    A lot of people really don't understand how the root network works, and don't get to use it at it's full potential.
    It is actually fairly simple to use and if done properly can make for one of the best defenses in the game in most situations.
    How does it work ---
    The following cards have the Root ability...
    Living Tower
    Howling Shrine (tainted and gifted)
    Spore Launcher
    And two support buildings
    Root Nexus (gifted and blessed)
    The buildings are automatically rooted but the units have the ability to become rooted (immobile) and gain special attacks, and can be un-rooted and moved to a new area. You will know they are connected when a faint green colored line connects between the units, as long as they are linked to one unit in a network they will be connected to the whole network. You must be outside the linking range and have seperate units not connected the to first network in any way to have a second seperate network.
    Every rooted unit/structure that becomes part of a root network supports the other units in it by boosting attack power and or speed. However the most important part of this function to know is that if a unit or structure is attacking, it -does not- add its power to the network i.e. only unit/structures that are idle will add their power and boost ONE of the linked attacking units -unless- the root network is maxed out (for a level 3 upgrade that is 11 linked units) then any additional units will add power to a second attacker.
    Only one unit per network can receive a power boost (unless network is maxed out for that unit with additional supporters for secondary unit), this is determined by the attacker closest to the network.
    Two Spikeroots one in front of the other, connected to 7 living Towers.
    The spikeroot in front will have the attack boost, until enemy units move into range of the second spikeroot, as soon as he starts attacking the first spikeroot will lose and bonus and now the New attacker closest to the network will receive a power boost.
    If the enemy units move beyond the spikeroots and engage the living towers, then all power boosts will be lost. This is part of what makes root nexus so potent and useful in a root network. Root Nexus does not contribute OR subtract from the root network, it does however connect units, allowing you to have a large group of stationary towers, and keep using their power by moving your unit(s) and creating cheap root nexus buildings as you go. They also have useful abilities which they give to any unit connected directly to them.
    Gifted Root Nexus - Any unit connected directly to this structure will regenerate 2% of their life points every second
    Blessed Root Nexus - Any unit connected directly to this structure will take 25% less damage
    If you build one of each of the support structures at the edge of the root network (every 25m-ish)
    so that each root nexus takes less damage and regenerates health, then surround them with living towers in the center, and place your attacking units at the outside edges making sure everything has one of each nexus connected to it. You will have an entire defensive force (units and structures) all of which are self regenerating and take less damage from attacks, meaning no repairing, and in some cases, no healing required.
    This strategy is for example perfect for defending the gold wagon on Bad Harvest, using razorleaf for attack. You don't even need to bother destroying the cannons because your defenses will regenerate themselves and take less damage from them.
    At this present time it seems that Howling shrine doesn't work as the description states ( 4 turrets each deal 325 damage written on the card) yet no matter how many supporters it only fires one turret.
    However each one has a special ability, gifted paralyzes an attacker tainted roots them. on a maxed network they activate this special nearly every second if you place the rooter out front it will hold and attack enemies and with the paralyzer behind any that get through the roots will then be paralyzed and attacked, they can be powerful or just used as another structure supporter. At this time though the damage they deal however is minimal (seems to be glitched).
    Mark of the keeper works well with root network as well, providing some defense and preventing special attacks like disintegration or paralysis that can shut down heavy damage linked attackers.
    Combined with breeding grounds you can create a mass of unit supporters and create an entirely mobile root network, which turns it into a more effective offensive weapon. This is where Thornbark really shines, it gives you extra network supporters to work with and provides mobile anti air support since Spikeroot attacks ground units only. A razorleaf out front with an equal mix of spikeroots and thornbarks can make a powerful offensive force, anti air, heavy attack and support ground fire all in one if things start to look bad you can pull your razorleaf back to a defending network while your other units create a wall for it's escape.
    PVE Random Loot List
    Difficulty 1: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 2 Battle Tokens about 3minutes
    Difficulty 2: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 3 Battle Tokens about 4-5minutes
    Difficulty 3: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 4 Battle Tokens
    Difficulty 4: 0 Honor Tokens, 1 Victory Tokens, 6 Battle Tokens
    Difficulty 5: 1 Honor Tokens, 2 Victory Tokens, 10 Battle Tokens
    Difficulty 6: 2 Honor Tokens, 3 Victory Tokens, 15 Battle Tokens 16 minutes
    Difficulty 7: 3 Honor Tokens, 4 Victory Tokens, 20 Battle Tokens 19 minutes
    Difficulty 8: 4 Honor Tokens, 6 Victory Tokens, 30 Battle Tokens 600 XP 22 minutes
    Difficulty 9: 5 Honor Tokens, 7 Victory Tokens, 40 Battle Tokens 900 XP 22 minutes
    Difficulty 10: 6 Honor Tokens, 8 Victory Tokens, 50 Battle Tokens 1125 XP 42 minutes
    There is a cap on the number of melee creatures that can attack an opposing creature. Actual numbers depend on size of the attackers and size of the defenders.
    First i would like to define 3 different melee attack classes:
    * Normal (most M and S size creatures, with M counting twice as much as S)
    * Reach (some M and S size creatures, with counting M twice as much as S)
    * Huge (all L and XL size creatures, with XL counting twice as much as L)
    The following creatures are in the Reach class:
    * Spearmen
    * Ghostspears
    * Mauler
    * Drones
    * Phalanx
    * Imperials
    * Lyrish Knight
    * Silverwind Lancers
    * Ice Guardian
    * Wrecker
    * Enforcer
    * Scythe Fiends
    * Giant Slayer
    * Executor
    * Shadow Insect
    Note that both Nomad and Dreadcharger are not in this class even though they use lances!
    And now the caps on the numbers of melee attackers for creatures of different sizes:
    * a single S creature can be attacked by at most 4 Normal, 6 Reach and 2 Huge attackers
    * a single M creature can be attacked by at most 6 Normal, 10 Reach and 2 Huge attackers
    * a single L creature can be attacked by at most 8 Normal, 12 Reach and 4 Huge attackers
    * a single XL creature can be attacked by at most 12 Normal, 14 Reach and 6 Huge attackers
    Similar mechanics apply to melee attacks against buildings, but the number of attackers seem depend on the footprint size of the buildings.
    * Disintegrated targets doesn't revive with second chance or promise of life.
    * Reducing damage effects like life weaving or freezed also reduce damage from self damage like instability or blood healing. However, self-damage from disintegrating (shadow worm) can't be reduced.
    * Soulshatter's secondary effect doesn't trigger from death of air units.
    * Bandit walker doesn't count as XL unit (units with XL attack doesn't do more damage vs them). Construct does.
    * Buffs like unholy power/hero/motivate increase damage from shadow mage's foul play, but only if buffs are here when bomb explodes, not when bomb planted.
    * Damage to allies from wrathgazer's pain link calculated before his resilience or any other reductions.
    * Overlord can store corpses up to X points (max hp - current hp = X), then he use them to regenerate even if there are no more corpses around.
    * Armored tower's active ability works on buildings under construction.
    * Defenders, Commandos and Darkelves get thier range decreased when activating ability.
    * Pve Units and buildings of Lost Souls cant be controlled by f.e. mattermastery or mindcontrolled and so on.
    upgrade lvl / disintegration rate(hp/sec) / hp loss(per sec per unit)
    disintegration rate of 100 means it can disintegrate unit with 1000 hp in 10 seconds.
    Church of negation
    U0 / 80 / 60
    U1 / 85 / 60
    U2 / 90 / 50
    U3 / 100 / 50
    U0 / 135 / -
    U3 / 150 / -
    Shadow worm
    U0 / 110 / 70
    U1 / 115 / 60
    U2 / 125 / 50
    U3 / 150 / 45
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    6. L-sized unit. Beast/Dark Elf/Demon. Melee. Without bright scan.
    7. Shrine or Device. About t3. Without additional scans. It is supposed to give temporal fog of war vision and ground presence(dazed) at the given point somewhere on the map.
    8. XL-sized unit. Beast. Flying. With a Black & White scan version.
    9. M- or L-sized unit. Beast. Actually for the Fire faction, not Shadow/Nature, but within the expansion. With B&W scan. (here comes dat boi!!!)
    10. Instant Burst Damage Magic. AOE Spell. Actually for the Frost faction (Or maybe Stonekins?). Without additional scans.
    11. Void-power priced and activated Defending/Shielding Magic. Friendly Targeted Arcane. For the Shadow/Nature faction. Without additional scans.
    12. "Claustrophobia". Enemy Corrupting Magic. Enemy Targeted Spell. For the Shadow/Nature faction. With B&W scan.
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    With the recent events of implementing the reward system, grinding and the open stress test I got to feel again how underpowered some of the cards in Battleforge were. While there were definitely some overpowered cards there were also alot of super underpowered ones, that never got any attention. I would argue that at least 10-15% out of the cards were almost unplayable. Most of the time you would pick some op cards, build up your deck and start farming tokens, while some cards will be left behind for like ... forever. I'll leave this thread as a simple idea for possible future plans since I'm aware, that balancing isn't priority for the devs right now. 
    The cards and potential changes don't affect the overall gameplay (because they will remain weaker than really powerful cards), but it would lead to more diversity and refreshing playstyles. I will always comment about why changes are necessary. Most buffs would result in buffs for PvE, because even though there are some cards, that would seem great for PvP, this gamemode is more sensitive for balancing. I just included cards, where I'm 100% certain, that they have no potential of being broken after receiving their potential buff. Also most of the changes I suggest are very simple and don't go into any deep or complex mechanic, so it's easier to predict possible outcomes of potential changes.
    In general there are some things, that are completely underperforming:
    -> The majority of turrets are underpowered. Outclassed by the top tier buildings like Necroblaster or Church of Negation there isn't much room left for alot of the basic turrets with underwhelming abilities and low dps
    -> Pure Decks are simply weaker than splash decks. In order to fully solve this problem Enlightment & Amii Monument need to be nerfed, because most pure T4 cards are just used in nature splash decks, because of the superior healing support. But this isn't part of this thread here, because these changes would affect gameplay massively.  
    To add some last words before heading into the list: These cards will probably remain underpowered after their nerfs, but maybe a little bit more fun to play.
    1: Strikers
    Strikers are probably the weakest swift unit in Fire T1. Outclassed by Scavenger and Nomads no one would ever pick them up. In fact they are a nonfactor in PvP because they are too expensive, S units and melee creatures. Buffing them sadly isn't easy, because once they are viable things can go out of hand due to the looter ability (just look at thugs), but a small buff would make them a little little bit less underwhelming.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 85 power (from 90)
    2: Fire Bomb
    Probably the most unfun card in the game. Takes ages to build up, covers up a small radius and gets destroyed up on activation. While there aren't any QoL buffs, that can make this way easier, at least some additional damage would give that underwhelming card something, that makes it worth to play in PvE
    Possible buff: Damage up to 950; 2200max (from 715; 1650max)
    3: Executor
    This guy is supposed to execute things. But in PvP he's underwhelming and ends up getting kited forever. To make this card at least a little bit more useful a slight damage buff would help, especially since he has an ability, that muliplies the bonus
    Possible buff: Damage up to 650 (from 600)
    4: Lifestealer
    Lifestealer is supposed to deal alot of damage, because the turret can't move like Phasetower and also loses hp once it attacks. The idea is similar to what worked for the Shadow Mage. But that card has something to make up for it's weakness, while Lifestealer just has some unspectacular dps. 
    Possible buff: Damage up to 1625 -> 130 per hit; 195max splash (from 1380 -> 110 per hit; 165max splash)
    5: Soulsplicer (Red)
    I think everyone who used to play with the green affinity knows who powerful Soulsplicer can be. Sadly the Red Affinity is completely underwhelming (I think it was the only rare card worth as much as a common in the AH). 25% extra damage is legit useless, especially when you think about what motivate gives to Shadow T1.
    Possible buff: dmg buff up to 50% per unit (from 25%)
    6: Northguards 
    Outclassed by Frosmage and Masterarchers as an S-Counter in every way. Melee units need some benefits over ranged units if they aspire to be useful in any situation. Making Northguards a little bit stronger leaves them as cool stat-monsters for PvE, that will be useless in PvP anyways.
    Possible Buff: dmg up to 700 (from 630)
    7: Defense Tower
    Its single target dps (680 per 20) is lower compared to some other T1 UNITS with equal cost (like Wrecker). The tower needs more damage to be in consideration for any kind of play. Especially since the other Frost turrets do have some cool abilities, that leave the Defense Tower in a poor spot. 
    Possible Buff: dmg up to 975 -> 78 per hit; 117 max splash (from 68 per hit; 102 max splash)
    8: Tunnel
    I think the Tunnel System offers so much potential. But right now it's just not worth it using the thing, because you have to invest deck slots and alot of power to make combos work around this card. I recommend making this card cheaper since it allows more potential for cross map plays in both PvE and PvP
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 30 power (from 40)
    9: Envenom (both affinities)
    A pretty situational card, but it has its specific use for PvP tournaments, because the poison negates Ravage healing. A very cool counter against instant T2 rushes from fire splashes against nature. Sadly it's still a 70 power card negating a 50 power spell, that is useless in every other scenario. It's okay, that Envenom costs more than Ravage (it's still a T1 vs a T2 card and the 150 power malus from going T2 needs to be considered), but for a card, that does nothing than a little bit single darget damage 70 power is a high investment. 
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 power (from 70)
    10: Morklay Trap
    Pretty much the same useless card as Fire Bomb just with a cooler animation. The ability is quite expensive and the damageoutput for such a high time and power investment is way too low
    Possible Buff: dmg up to 1100; 3300max (from 880; 2640max)
    11: Rocket Tower
    One of the more outdated cards. It does next to no single target damage and is more of an utility card with it's M-knockback onto multiple targets. I think it isn't suited to be a pure Fire only card and definitly weaker than Pyromanic who fits way more into the pure fire deck. Adding this card into different decks makes it way more interesting for some cool combos
    Possible Buff: Orb requiredments down to 1 fire + 1 neutral orb (from 2 fire orbs)
    12: Eliminator
    Not just weak in general since it's a casual melee unit without outstanding stats, but also has a useless ability. The buff to a specific unit class is a nice idea, but the values are simply underwhelming, for a 50 power spell
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 25 (from 50) + affected friendly units don't lose any hp anymore (from -5hp per second)
    13: Ripper
    They are supposed to be some sticky annoying units with their ability to soak up corpses to regenerate hp. Most of the time they simply die before they can soak up anything though. Makes them feel underwhelming especially when Darkelf-Assassins are around. A bigger hp pool would give them their own identity and also some sweet nasty potential. 
    Possible buff: hp up to 840 (from 780)
    14: Mountain Rowdy
    The damge reduction idea is quite nice, but the radius is waaay to small. You won't be able to make any use of that in a real scenario, therefore there is no reason to play this card. Slow Melee cards without any special abilities tend to be quite useless, so buffing the ability would give some cool additional feature to pure Frost PvE decks
    Possible buff: Ability Radius up to 40m (from 20m)
    15: Phalanx
    They used to be unique with their reflect ability and setting this up in combination with Lightblade was a pretty funny combo, but apart from their ability Phalanx are just underwhelming and only used in PvP as a nasty bot. Their damage is nonexistent and making them more useful would be a nice addition for some PvE decks, because they are a very intersting card, that is still quite tanky. 
    Possible buff: Damage up to 850 (from 750)
    16: Frost Crystal
    The thing is waaay weaker than cannon tower. So the only reason to use that card is its freezing ability. But that thing has a nonexistent radius. A ranged unit, that is attacking the tower directly is still out of the freezing range. This make this turret totally pointless and without an increased radius I don't see a single reason to use it in any game.
    Possible buff: Freeze Radius up to 40m (from 25/30)
    17: Sunken Tempel
    The card is producing mediocre units for 200 power. With 120 bound power through the building it would take ages to make it worth it. You would need like 6 or 7 ability rotations, which is impossible to achieve in any game. Making the ability rotations cheaper would allow to at least increase the value over time.  
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 60 (from 80)
    18: Healing Well
    The card is charging up way to slow. Even though it caps at like 265hp regen per second, the pool is exhausted way too fast and also regenerating at a 20hp per second rate. That means it takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds to charge up ... which is an eternity. Right now this Nature T2 building is completly inferior compared to a shadow T1 building (Soulsplicer) in terms of healing power, which is sad. 
    Possible buff: Recharging speed up to 60 per second (from 20 per second)
    19: Twilight Minions
    Early game Twilight units are simply inferior to some other ones. Just compare Twilight minions with ghostspears (who are more versitile and tankier) and you will realise why noone uses them. Increasing the stat efficency would be necessary so that they can somewhat keep up with their counterparts, allowing people to properly build up some Twilight PvE combos later on)
    Possible buff: hp up to 840 (from 780)
    20: Slaver
    This guy is an L counter with an awful stat efficency. It is completely inferior to all other L counters Fire Nature has (Mauler, Gladiatrix and even Firesworn). His damage is lower, the guy costs more and it's a melee unit. To make it at least somewhat fair, the unit shouldn't cost more than all these other units, who are even stronger statwise.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 70 (from 80)
    21: Banditos 
    Banditos are underwhelming, because they are S-Melee units with stats that could be equal to a T1 unit. The only thing that makes them somewhat strong is their ability, which allows them to get very good dps values that remains unused though especially for the green affinity. Allowing the card to be spammed easier would enhance its passive ability and make give the card some new fresh power.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 50 (from 60)
    22: Bandit Launcher
    Another underperforming turret with mediocre stats & a weak suicide ability. But I feel like destroying the building through the ability is more than enough punishment, it simply shouldn't cost additional power. 
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 20)
    23: Skydefender
    Anti Air turrets are just useful in specific scenarios. Such an expensive & situational card simple isn't worth a slot in every deck. You can simply pick up casual turrets, that are more versitile and have a similar cost stat efficency. By enhancing the unique strength of this building (which should be the high dmg against air units) it simply shouldn't be more expensive than other casual turrets.
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 (from 80)
    24: Stone Hurler
    Another underperforming Turret, that is way too expensive. No one would ever use that thing, just compare it to cannon tower, which does nearly double damage. In order to make turrets more usable simply reduce some of their high cost, because without the high amount of bound power they can be used to cover certain spots and will be picked over units in at least some scenarios
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 (from 75)
    25: Tower of Flames
    The basic stats are fine, just the ability is a little bit underwhelming. You would never spend 50 power to use that thing. Making this ability cheaper would enhance its possibilities, because you could also use it to increase the burst 
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 20 (from 50)
    26: Frontier Keep
    250 bound power for a card that offers nothing but a little bit of defensive crowd control is nothing but a joke. Like noone would ever spend a single bfp for that building, which is in contention of beeing the most useless card in the game. Even a huge buff would leave this card in a place, where no one would consider playing it, if he goes for serious gameplay
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 150 (from 250)
    27: Sylvan Gate
    The nerfing approach for root network was "nerfing the individual power of some cards like razorleaf, but add some more strength through complexity to the root network system". Sadly it isn't as strong as some other defences and in a weak spot. Buffing the supporting cards around the root network would strengthen its overall power without making some of it's key cards too overpowered. Reducing the cost of this card would also be nice since this big defence requires alot of bound power which often isn't effective.
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 90 (from 110)
    28: Mind Weaver
    The ability is so underwhelming. Spending 100 power to get control of a mediocre unit for 20 seconds is something that wouldn't be worth it even in T2 or maybe even T1. Just compare it to the other mindcontrol cards and you will realise how outdated this ability is. Making it cheaper and spammable would give some fresh air to this mediocre turret (especially since it's an ultra rare card).
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 25 (from 100)
    29: Twilight Hag
    A sweet card with a nice idea. The ability has potential, but the unit is waay to squishy to be played in any serious way. Most T1 unit do have a better health/power efficency.
    Possible buff: hp up to 900 (from 785)
    30: Stone Launcher
    Why in the world does the ability cost 70 power? Stormsinger can do the same thing for less power in T2, while she is a mobile unit. Even gravity surge is cheaper. I don't see any reason for this ability to cost any power, because Stone Launcher is just an anti air turret without much use. 
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 70)
    31: Boom Brothers
    The approach of giving the ability XL konckback was nice, but the card still need some survivability in order to survive the T4 stage in any way. Most of the time XL units are way easier to support and scale well with percentage heals, while most smaller units in T4 end up beeing left behind.  
    Possible buff: Hp up to 3000 (from 2555)
    32: Emberstrike
    The M damage for this low cost unit is apparently very good. Still there is the same problem mentioned above for smaller units. They need something to stand out. While I played this unit alot during the last weeks I felt like the card would be way more amazing if you could simply spam the ability, which isn't possible right now with the high cost (even though it is just 50 power it stacks up once you start using it multiple times). The card has the potential to provide fun gameplay, but simply is too expensive in order to do it effectively.
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 10 (from 50)
    33: Fire Worm
    T4 Worms feel so underwhelming. They do have such amazing mechanics, that allow some crazy plays, but right now it's simply not worth it, because their damage output is way to low. While I agree with the idea of having a low hp pool onto these high mobility units, there is next to no use for them when they don't do enough damage even though you are able to use its abilities on a high level. 
    Possible Buff: Dmg up to 6000 - 600dmg per hit; 900max splash (from 4800 - 480 per hit; 720max splash)
    34: Magma Fiend
    The dps is quite nice, but the ability is so weak, it somewhat feels like you lose strength, because of the long duration of its animation. I don't see any reason for this ability to cost that much power for next to no benefit
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 50 (from 100)
    35: Fire Sphere
    The card has many downsides. It takes alot of charging time, it even requires 3 fire orbs, it is quite expensive, yet it does just decent damage. Dealing with one of these heavy "weights" makes the card way more interesting to use and somewhat worth it for someone who invests 3 of is orb into fire.
    Possiblte buff: Cost down to 100 (From 150)
    36: Bloodthirst
    This card is a T4 single target healing spell, which is inferior to Ray of Light unless you've got a dps monster (like Batariel). And Ray of Light is an AoE spell ... and it's cheaper ... and it's a T2 spell. 
    Possible buff: 330 hp regen per 1000dmg (from 165 per 1000)
    37: Void Maw
    This card is an ability bot. It has the combat stats of a decent T3 unit which is simple not enough to be played in higher Tier environments. In order to keep the unit somewhat useful a bigger hp pool would be nice so doesn't end up dying in these big T4 fights. You also could make better preparations for your ability usage.
    Possible buff: hp up to 2500 (from 2090)
    38: Shadow Worm
    This card is only useful with its ability, which is still worse than the church of negation one. But I don't think buffing its ability would be useful, because this doesn't buff the weak pure Shadow PvE faction, but more the enlightment version. Therefore I do think it would be more useful to buff the damage of this unit, which is underwhelming for a card, that requires 4 Shadow orbs. Also I don't think buffing the raw damage would go over the board in combination with enlightment usage, because you only use the shadow worm in nature splashes for its ability which has to remain untouched as long as Enlightment exists. 
    Possible buff: dmg up to 5500 - 550 per hit; 825 max splash (from 4000dmg - 400 per hit; 600 max splash)
    39: Infernal Chain
    I do think the card has some potential for instance in combination with overlord, who would take less damage while regenerating with its ability, so could make some tank out of it. Sadly the infernal chain costs alot, which makes this kind of play mediocre and is simply not worth the deckslot. But I think with some good micro and a small buff to this card it has potential to be used in some scenarios and would also provide healthy gameplay
    Possible buff: Cost down to 100 (from 150)
    40: Plaque 
    I think this spell is somewhat outdated and it simply doesn't do enough damage even when it's hitting it's max value. A strong damage buff would be nice so this card starts seeing at least a little use in our games.
    Possible buff: Dmg per target up to 150/s (from 100/s)
    41: Winter Witch
    The card is a nice support card for pure Frost decks, but with its high requirements it is just way to expensive to use it properly in offensive scenarios. The card doesn't do damage anyways, but the shield is not worth the high power and micro investment. In order to make it a decent supporting unit it would be nice to make the Shield ability for free, so it's worth it building up the 3+ frost orbs. 
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 100)
    42: Battleship
    The card is slow as hell, but also doesn't have any special combat stats. Only the ability is somewhat useful, but that doesn't make the card viable at all. It's fine having these slow cards in a Frost deck, but without any strength to make up for that there is no reason to use a card like that. I feel like a nice buff would be a general enhancement of its combat power, so it ends up beeing a stat monster, so you get something for the very high power investment
    Possible buff: Dmg up to 5625 - 150 per hit; 225 max splash (from 3750dmg - 100 per hit; 150 max splash) 
    43: Grove Spirit
    The problem is somewhat similar to the winterwitch, especially since other healing spells are just somewhat op in comparison to what this card offers for the price of alot of power and a deckslot. In order to make it somwhat useful a cost reduction of the heal is necessary.
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 40 (from 90)
    44: Primeval Watcher
    An outdated card, that has in interesting mechanic that brings free crowd control into the mix. But in order to offer that crowd control in big T4 fights you need to get into the middle of the fight, which requires a big amount of hp. That's something Primeval Watcher lacks completely. Increasing that hp pool would be nice and add a supporter function to this card, that fits the nature style. The damage output from this card isn't relevant anyways. 
    Possible buff: Hp up to 5500 (form 4650)
    45: Artillery
    I really do like the card, it is cool and fits the bandits style with a big nuke attack, mines and a cool animation. Yet it is a mediocre T4 building and used rarely, because the immobility is a huge problem for T4 buildings anyways. Making it cheaper would be quite nice, because you don't have to invest that much bound power into a non mobile object.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 170 (from 190)
    46: Deepgorge
    This card has a similar problem. You just don't use many buildings in T4 anymore, that don't have long range (or global) effects/abilities. They just bind power and slow down your overall tempo in through the game. Deepgorge simply isn't worth the power investment.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 180 (from 225)
    47: Earthern Gift
    The card is rare and you can buy it on the AH right now for 10 bfp. I haven't seen any player in this game use this card once outside of the forge. The effect is cool, but the orb requirements are very harsh. In order to provide more diversity in gameplay you could reduce the orb conditions, so you could really use this card (to support church defences for instance) 
    Possible buff: Orb requirement changed to 1 Frost; 1 Nature & 2 Neutral orbs (from 2 frost & 2 nature orbs) 
    48: Ravenheart
    Such a beutiful promo card, but just way to expensive to be used. Investing 350 power for this legendary card feels underwhelming. You can play these cards just once in the game and then you get something that has worse stats than your classic units. The combat stats aren't even that great. 
    Possible buff: Power cost down to 280 (from 350)
    49: Shatter Ice
    I think the idea of this card is nice, because it synergizes with the overall pure Frost gameplay. But even though it does alot of damage it still doesn't feel like it's enough, if you want to go pure Frost with your deck. I think a small damage buff would increase the fun you will have with this card by a big amount.
    Possible buff: dmg up to 4000 per target; 12000 max (from 3300 per target; 9900 max) 
    50: Easter Egg
    Just kidding, Easter Egg is op
    I feel like these changes would be some big improvements for alot of cards and decks, without touching anything relevant balancing wise. If you disagree with anything or if you think I missed some major points: Tell me and let me know what you think about this  
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