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Ultimate Carry Deck - Kapo's Pride - become indestructable!

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You got trouble finishing your rPVE maps? Then this deck is for you! Become a powerful Skylord and carry other puny and helpless Skylords to victory!





Tier 1: Frost :frostorb:

Imperials: Activate the mode, you become indestructible.
Defense Tower: More HP and ATK than you can dream of, your positions become indestructible.
Ice Barrier: Sneaky diversion, they attack the wrong target, making you indestructible.
Wintertide B: Awesome defense buff, making you indestructible.
Glyph of Frost: Frozen enemies can't fight, you get indestructible.

Tier 2: Frost / Nature :frostorb::natureorb:

Mauler: Disables enemies, makes them ineffective and you indestructible.
Rogan Kayle: Superduper shoes, stunned enemies can't fight – you are indestructible.
Coldsnap: See Glyph of Frost.
Crystal Fiend B: Heals you, your allies, and itself – endless health means you are indestructible.
Matter Mastery P: Takes over every enemy building, they attack themselves, you get ignored and therefore indestructible.
Juice Tank: Endless energy is the most powerful thing you can have, unending energy = indestructible.

Tier 3: Frost / Nature / Frost :frostorb::natureorb::frostorb:

Tremor: Nothing can withstand a living stone, instantly kills all buildings, your army will be indestructible.
Lord Cyrian: Rules with an iron fist over Caledonia and is King of the Molochs. Would you attack a king? More than indestructible.
Revenge: They want to hurt you? You just stand there doing nothing, and they hurt themselves, making you indestructible.
Stone Shell (P): Most powerful defense buff in the game, makes your units indestructible.
Area Ice Shield: A T2 spell so good you can include it in your T3 setup - they hit shields instead of health, makes you indestructible.
Ward of the North: You fortify your position, on this spot you will be indestructible.
Armored Tower: Has a button to become indestructible.
Retreating Circle: You save yourself or your allies from destruction, so they stay indestructible.

Tier 4: Frost / Nature / Frost / Nature :frostorb::natureorb::frostorb::natureorb:

Spore Launcher: Only T4 card you will ever need. Just walk in and let it hit stuff. If you feel threatened, root him down, so he shoots spores out of his buttock. So much health, will never die, indestructible.


I attached a replay where you can see the power of the deck for itself, carrying puny Skylords like @Dutchy and others to victory.

rPVE 9 Kapos Pride Carry.pmv

Edited by Kapo
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Just now, Dallarian said:

This thread looks so seriously and convincing, I am afraid some players may follow this advise if you don't give them "irony warning".
Also its hilarious, you almost caught me off guard.

Check out the replay and you will see its power!

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3 hours ago, Metagross31 said:

Mr. Kapo sir,

I have a question. Can I also play Lifestream in this deck to make my Spore Launchers Indestructible?

Yes you could, but with all those killer cards already in the deck, it's hard to get a slot. What to take out? Almost impossible to decide.


1 hour ago, Majora said:

Sadly the decklist has too many buildings and I cant use it for the proleague. 5/7. 

For the Pro League, I would recommend removing everything but the Juice Tank, and add suboptimal cards like Phalanx or Grove Spirit. They are only A+ and not S-tier, but it should still work. You could also consider both Protector Seals, they make you indestructible.

Edited by Kapo
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3 hours ago, Hrdina_Imperia said:

It only lacks that one building, abbreviated FK, that makes units literally Indestructibletm

True although I suppose for this theme maybe:

FK (B)*: Help carry other, puny and helpless Skylords to victory by freezing their enemies also and making them indestructible also!

*Disclaimer: I know is all fun and games here but feels like this could a tool for trolling other Skylords...

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