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What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?


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I'd say a promo for Shaman and Giant Slayer.

Shaman I would be down with also I want to so see a promo Soulhunter because all the other juggernauts have promo like harvester and The juggernaut so i think the bandit juggernaut Soulhunter should have one as well. I also love bandit cards lol!

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If Jugger deserves promo all the t3 pure cards xl units deserve promo= Avatar of frost, Abysall warder and Sataniel

With that logic you could also say if any card deserves a promo, all cards deserve a promo :ladadoos: 

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well i would like to see a promo spirit ship, cause everybody loved the spiritships for battlegrounds ;)

for twilight maybe the skycatcher or an abomination

bandits, have some nice cards, but i guess the bloodhorn is the most popular

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