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What's ur favorite cards ? :)

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first ones popping up in my mind:


the holy morklay trap


infested tower plus master cultist


satanael plus a million of his minions




volcano plus bandit sorceress (not meta i know..but it is a fun defense and bloody cheap to get at the moment)

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- Construct for the heavy walking and long range explosive shots.
- Lost Spirit Ship for the clusterf*ck they make (I really like the random missile movements).
- Northland Drakes. They look really cool.


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Well top one is Forest Kitty/Wolf/Bear Forest Elder its just cute and cool

then I guess

Nomad (the german voicelines are just superb)

Corsair (its a pirate airship !!!111oenoeneleven!

Northland dragon (imo the best looking of the wyverns)

Ravenheart (technically same reason like Corsair but cool voicelines as well)



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Gotta be Viridya. Loved her in the campaign, love her voicelines for her card and she's just so bloody good! Especially given I main pure frost ha! I swear I wish she had a Lyrish blue outfit skin of some sort because no card synergizes better with Frost than her. Honestly being able to have the winter aspect version of her from Ascension as a promo card would be great lol.

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