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  1. Thanks! I'm in a constant crave for speedrun vods.
  2. Great job on the tool! Very good idea, we keep seeing people on discord asking for prices for specific cards. I tried adding prices but it didn't seem to work when I clicked "Add Price"
  3. Will we be able to see some youtube commentary of the top runs?
  4. Unfortunately not..! How I see it, is that the game was split into 2 realities: - I was alone on my game while it seemed like my teammates weren't playing any card - They were in an other game where it seemed like I wasn't doing anything We could still all communicate. I created the game and exp/upgrades were only given out when I finished my part of it
  5. I would love to see Ice Barrier as a promo or as a reskin, I feel like possibilities are endless and the card really lends itself to special events (Christmas decorated barrier, Spooky Barrier for halloween). If you want more opinions, this thread exists:
  6. I love Ice Guardian, Frost T1 has always been my favorite in PVP and PVE and this card brings back so much nostalgia
  7. this is amazing Can I be the weird creepy uncle ?
  8. The only information I have seen is about how the date is not determined. My guess is that he phrased his sentence in a weird way, but he was only guessing on the release date. For a lot of people English is not the first language here.
  9. Seems like a lot of people can read the future on these boards
  10. I dont want to sound mean or anything, but this sounds really uninspired and doesn't differentiate itself from the rest of the Emo scene 2/10 And by the way. "normal" is very relative !
  11. Hahahaha I wouldn't say they don't have good music taste, but I am kinda weided out by the things that are posted here Did you like Painting With ?
  12. For a while I thought his name was Silent Killer. Totally different meaning than Silence Killer
  13. 3/10, really not my style
  14. I think you forgot to turn it back upside down at the end. So you get 7 upside down which is L
  15. Forest Elder is already so good looking though... I would rather see that model re-used into a new card We could always have both
  16. 5.5/10, this is highshool all over
  17. 3/10, got me stressed out
  18. I can't disagree with this idea. Would look really good since that spell is basically a minion. We could little armored pigs !!!
  19. 658 I would rather have QueekQueek But couldn't find a good resolution artwork
  20. 642 I don't really like the black background
  21. [quote='Orge' pid='9043' dateline='1437639531'] to be honest, are there actual "weak" cards, which are pure? I can only tell about the pvp-part, but there all pure cards are kinda...strong. [/quote] [quote='ladadoos' pid='9063' dateline='1437649209'] I can't really think of any (pure) card that is underpowered and would be overpowered if we changed the orb requirements. [/quote] Ah ok,well let's talk about any card then !
  22. Really good initiative ! Thanks ! [quote='MephistoRoss' pid='8644' dateline='1437505690'] 4. At the launch of the server, the Devs will put up [b][i]cards with starting prices in the AH[/i][/b] (InsaneHawk @ [url=http://bfreborn.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=318&pid=7981#pid7981]http://bfreborn.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=318&pid=7981#pid7981[/url]) [/quote] Interesting, any information on the amount of entry level cards in the market? Or how the prices will be set?
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