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  1. Game is currently heavy bugged. Almost unplayable most of the time. Devs will fix it soon (it's stress/bug test after all)
  2. Wheel and breeding bug were gamebreaking (auto win scenario on end game). It was something that makes ur pve deck like 1000000 times better with that, in other hand current amiim. isnt anything that is gamebreaking, its just slightly faster way of getting into t4 on some maps.
  3. I dont remeber if there any RARE cards that expensive (wheel of gifts ? etc.), but we have bunch of commons or uncommons with higher price than rare amii m. Rarity isnt main factor of card price. As u see there are downsides, its not that great for multi PvE, useless for PvP and good for SOME of the single PvE maps. Also T3 to T4 route most of the time isnt big deal so Amii M. is just good card, for sure not op.
  4. I dont think it is that op as some say. Yeah, sure... it's very good card in certain scenarios but it's not op at all. If it was so great then everyone would use it, also look for price, why isnt it like 1,5k++ ? I think we should keep it as it is.
  5. Most of the time you wont be able to join that way. Use LFG to find groups, then start matches. It's known issue
  6. You have official info about this in "Stress test - all u need to know" topic.
  7. Any ideas how to use config.xml (or other files/settings) to make BF graphics even more beautiful ? I mean, which settings works if xml is changed etc.
  8. btw. How many dailys per day u unlock ? Used to have 4, but now its only 3... something changed ?
  9. Nicolaos

    Daily quests

    Since few days Im getting only 3 daily quests (2xBFP + 1xBooster). Something was changed or it is a bug ?
  10. +1 Ofc. devs should work in their own peace... if they need time thats okay But when last wipe comes... oh my, just cant wait for it ^^
  11. There is no reason why booster ratios shouldnt be buffed during test phase. That way more peoples would test all cards, also more peoples would play if they knew that they dont have to grind for decent deck that will get wiped anyway.
  12. Hello, Are there any experienced PvE frost players which may help me in building my pure frost deck ? (mix one, att/defense for campaign). I used to play frost at EA BF times, but still Im curious if some of more experienced players would share with me their favourite tactics My deck for now: T1: Master Archers, Frost Mage, Ice Barrier, Ice Shield Tower, Home Soil, Wintertide T2: Mountainer, Stormsinger, Coldsnap, Juice Tank, Area Ice Shield T3: Avatar of Frost, Skyelf Sage, Stronghold, Frost Shard, Ward of the North T4: Shatter Ice, Ironclad, Dreadnought, Worldbreaker Gun
  13. Read announcements on discord ^^ Patches, maintenance etc.
  14. It's not about what's most effective... ^^ Let's say 5 of ur cards. Mine: - Avatar of Frost - Iron Clad - Mountainer - Frost Mage - WB Gun ... yep, I used to play pure frost. PvE mostly (pure fire pre-frost deck, also had few favorites like Jugg or Batariel)
  15. I know. But Im not interested in playing it if progress gets wipe anyway... at least, im not playing like I will on full release
  16. First of all... Hello community ! Just wanted to ask if there wont be any issue in making two accounts for me and my brother. We are using different PCs but one router so we are sharing the same ip right now (cant change it, tried few times). Is there any way to make it... lets say, "legally" ?
  17. Cant wait for obt. I want to play it so much... any info about how long till beta ?
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