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  1. sadly this doesnt work afaik. some of the avatars simply cant be selected outside of creation. Sadly I only realised that I kmust hae misclicked the war eagle instead of the wolf avatar (thats I used in the beta and even retail )
  2. required "what"? Im sure it tells him what he is missing. Otherwise, screenshots always help the devs.
  3. seems like this ban appeal reeeeeally isnt used alot. maybe add that to the ban message? "if you believe your bani s unjustified open a thread in the ban appeal section?" although of course we dont see how many threads are in there but it feels like there are a lot of people who are getting bans and some of them may not even try to go to the forums if they dont know there is a chance for it to be looked at
  4. well the difference between having the source code or not especially for old games usually means the difference between "knowing what functions or sections need to communiciate and make sure they do probably" and "changing the way they communicate and/or add new forms of how they do it" and yes, the "do we as a community want it" is technically what this topic is about. many people want it, many others dont, Both sides have their valuable arguments for their case and both cause problems to some degree. There will not be a perfect solution, the question is just which one is better.
  5. true, that games like EvE have this but EvE is also a game constantly in developement by the people having access to the source code and worked in a constantly changing environment. this game is a 10 year old reverse engineered game that handled multiple servers for the different regions back in retail. and wether having those channels in this one server is a good idea or not depends on who you ask.
  6. so? and even if we were 80% of people here, the issue still remainds. its an issue for some and that can cause concern
  7. well, ok true, but its not the first time I saw that battleship cruise by and present detailed information. I did not do this whole thing about BF yet but if it is for games like, idk, Monster Hunter then I will know many bizzare and obscure details about the game, mechanics and interactions that many dont even care about existing because I find this exciting
  8. today in science with Dallarian: "Promos, Stars and you" But seriously, I didnt even notice that, smart research on that one I kinda love it when people take stuff like this apart (if its not done with malicious intend of course)
  9. well void is only part of the cost not all + iirc spawned units dont get you extra void when they die. The same can be done (and could always be done in retail) with sunken tempel and the spawned insects. you can spawn an insane amount of them in a short time if the energy is available. While they do go into the unitlimit you can use the ability and have like 600 of them active (as in 600 squads of the little buggers) considering how neither is played often (at least in pve I rarely see either and I guess in pvp you never have the energy nor unit limit to abuse it to begin wit
  10. afaik its located in France, but the issue this game has sadly is that at the time this game was made there were no reconnection solutions in place. which means, once the connection is lost, its gone, and there is little the devs here can do about that. a good VPN seemed to have helped alot of people in the past tho.
  11. +THAT geesh, that made me recall how bored english class was for me for the first 5 years because after one year I started to speak with someone from england who was learning german at her school.
  12. so I wasnt just remembering it wrong, I felt like the max charge was the way I knew from retail and beta but my memory wanted to tell me "wasnt every charge the same as base?" but well, actually a pretty well done change
  13. Well top one is Forest Kitty/Wolf/Bear Forest Elder its just cute and cool then I guess Nomad (the german voicelines are just superb) Corsair (its a pirate airship !!!111oenoeneleven! Northland dragon (imo the best looking of the wyverns) Ravenheart (technically same reason like Corsair but cool voicelines as well)
  14. no one said you made up disconnects, but calling the game "uplayable" is defenitely an overstatement at best. yes I had some dcs as well, but most of my games I can play with no issue, and when I see people complain about dcs its usually a wave because it happened at that moment and not all the time. that kicked out alot of people or had their games frozen. This is of course a problem and needs to be fixed. But it does not happen often neough to warrant "unplayable"
  15. well yes, the server could be better but for how many people play and this being a fan project it runs pretty good. yes DCs are annoying, as are freezes. especialyl after a long mission finally draws to its end and boom. but saying the servers are trash might be an overstatement. Besides, everyone can always add to their patreon to help out so there is already a way to do something about it.
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