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  1. there are different ping options in the game but im not sure if they can be accessed quickly by a keybind. the latter might be a bit to much given how old the game is and devs not having a source code. while I would like the QoL with the easy ping i dont know if there is alot of use for it because not many buildings require your teammates to know that you build it and for the few a map ping to them is often enough (or oyu can mention it pre match anyway) . If it can be implemented easily Im all for it but I guess that is ambitious
  2. just as an addition to that you dont need to own the card itself, if you own any of the upgrades those work, too
  3. well I myself agree with the first statement. I do not find it proper but I am capable of speaking english as I started to talk to people while learning english in school and use it in my profession as well. I always speak in english when there is just a slight chance of people notunderstanding german. and well because of the ongoing situation (despite not feeling that the german conversation drag on in any way) I agree now that a german chat might be a good addition. At first I was against it because it might divide the playerbase in some way but now it seems not having it will do that a
  4. of course you will find alot of english speaking people. But a) do you HAVE to work in those professions? no. there are plenty of profession where english is not required. heck there are alot of professions where you technically dont need to communicate one bit while on the job. b) while IT will require english, catering does not. There are plenty of retaurants, especially in smaller towns where I was orignally from where maybe one of the staff speaks english. Friend of mine works at a gas station with total of 5 staff and he is the only one who can speak english, his friend and thei
  5. should technically be possible to do, I mean the oracle map has wagons that will move towards one goal with your units close and back to its origin with enemy units near. So all the scripts and technical stuff "should" be in the game. question is just if its accesible for the devs so if a true capture teh flag isnt possible at least the option is there that certain amount of those wagons need to be controlled to win even if it cannot be moved between 3 checkpoint but only two (being start and goal and not 2 goals)
  6. and how many of the things you listed are required for the evryday life for people who live in Germany, Austria or german part of Switzerland? if your guess was "none of them" then congratulations. there is no "need" to understand or speak english if you dont live in an english speaking country. none of those things are also required to play the game. Even if the game did not have a german client, understanding descriptions can be done with base knowledge of english, proof for that is a friend of mine who I played alot of games in english who can understand descriptions of attacks but bec
  7. well ok, when it comes to gold then yes, losing = no or almost no gold that is bad but if I understood your main post correctly you were refering to the reward of the quests. which is a one time thing and my feedback was mainly focused on that.
  8. as mentioned in another thread, if you circle around the building (or back and forth) it is still considered inactive (unless combat happens) they do not shield (unless you give them the attack walk command) so it will recover. not optimal, but usually helps with many units that are never truely idle
  9. thats exactly the problem I meantion in another topic. aside from contradicting yourself because it would suggest they dont speak german but also in eglish (despite the same being true for english, not everyone speaks it and "couple of words" is not enough to have a discussion of any form) the "solution" of grouping up or whispering just dosnt generally work a) whispers work only between two players b) often people still write in chat, be it to look for groups or ask/respond to questions while they wait for a map to fill up. you expect me disband my group to have a discussion? a
  10. well, I received the same whisper today and I partly agree with whats said above. I do speak in eglish almost all the time. To me, it often feels like second nature and consider it the way to go in a community of people mixed from all around the world. That being said I know that even from other who went to my own school and even my own classes, that learning a second language isnt always easy for everyone (lets ignore those who simply dont want to) so it can always happen that people can only (comfortably) communicate in one langauge. Also, while I agree that purposely speaking a di
  11. well, he said "he bough LIKE 4" 1 is like 4 right? RIGHT?
  12. well, just my 2 cents on this but higher rewards would not do alot from what I have seen in other games. a) for people like me its not how tedious it is, its mainly that I reeeally dont like how pvp works in this game (although thats comming from someone who always loved RTS for theis gameplay and campagins but alwas hated it VS players) and b) those who are driven to it mainly for the rewards will either just play as poorly as possible if they dont need to win or get frustrated fast if they have to win and dont achieve that. Usually that drives alot of players to the PvP who dont do it w
  13. dont worry, I know I felt that pain when I bought the card from AH in retail just to realise its only useful for iceshield setups XD
  14. thats because it doesnt heal the unit, it heals the shield. the text is "every friendly ice shield ..."
  15. German description of Enforcer (Vollstrecker) might need an update "Vorwärts: Einheit greift Gegner an" literally means "Forward: Unit attackes enemies" which does not provide any info to what it does because yes, I sure hope it attacks my enemies the word commonly used for a charge attack is "Sturmangriff" maybe change the ability to "Sturmangriff: Einheit stürmt schnell auf Gegner zu"
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