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how much do you think thw promos will be worth now?

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[quote='Aazrl' pid='2650' dateline='1435854236']
Let's hope not. I really would like not to make promos worthless.

I don't think many are going to sell them in the beginning, but you never know maybe someone would be willing to part for x5 booster price.

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I'm hoping to get all the promos now in time..

Because back then were cards like the promo Swampdrake you couldn't even buy. It always costed more than the max. amount of BFp allowed, 20k + and 100k +. Most of the people didn't even had that much or if they had they had it in the AH or on different accounts but not holding them all in their purse. I remember when I was once asked by a friend to buy one from AH, because he found one just for 20k, it was so lucky. I bought him, and got around 6-7k just as a fee.. :D

Also there was always a guy who put his promo card up on the AH with a price you couldn't possibly buy it, just for showing off.. :D

So there would probably be promos with lower costs now, but in the same time some of them with even higher costs like what you all got before for free e.g. Easter Eggs..
I've always wondered if there was a way to use Easter Eggs.. like some mad power recylcling, sacraficing mechanic.. there probably was.

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Well, knowing from yesterday's video that promo cards will most likely drop from boosters with a 0,5% chance and guessing that people tend to keep promos for themselves instead of selling them I can see them being very expensive. That means if they are even available for sale regularly since I'm not sure how many players the game will have after it's revival.
That being said, this kinda makes me worry about the AH and its economy in general.

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Still say they will cost about the same since they will be very low in supply at first and it also depends on the upgrade system because getting a promo fire dancer is instantly fully charged and U3 which is very nice since it was always a pain before to grind for tokens and upgrades and get more copies

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