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  1. I'm waiting for 3 years and I don't complain, I'm sure you can do that as well. Thank you.

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    2. Fleischerrr


      @batorfly Fleischerrr is smart!

      @BurningWorldMeh, I don't know

    3. Wuxang


      bro not a lot of people are complaining is just that the dev team isntcommunicating.. means theye arent giving any info out and they should do that since they have delayed it multiple times already


    4. BurningWorld


      Boohoo, Q.Q more plox. The devs are working a hella lot on this project, for free, in their freetime, while they in the same time do studies etc. 

      And they communicate at all, Ultrakool for example is chatting very frequently in the chat tryna helping people etc. Plus I think it's simple the devs aren't saying anything regarding the beta start, because they aren't sure when they'll be finally ready. Which is nothing wrong with I mean come on they're students, and it's like their first big project afaik. so PLS try understand 'em and be patient...! :) 

      Greetings Anyways :) 

  2. Hey, I Spend a lot of time in Photoshop and After Effects
  3. OMG!! I'm so happy I can't even describe it... afskgjddskgjl
  4. Hello! My name is Amit and I played from the demo , when the demo was out I started playing and then the full game and after it till the game was closed :( I loved pve and pvp , they was amazing. I played pure fire deck and enjoyed it a lot , I think my favorite card is the Juggernaut or Fire Dancer. And I'm insanely happy that you guys keep the good work and bringing the game back to us!
  5. What do you mean when you asking this question ? About speed or anything else ?
  6. He keep dreaming that one day ships will fly
  7. In my opinion they will had to take some pro players and hire them ( if they want) to help make the game balanced...
  8. Oh man :P I remember nothing im like all deleted from my head xD
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