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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!


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I have not really had a problem getting into the game i jsut cant play anything i have only finished 1 match before being kicked out and at the moment i cant even click create game or it will crash and boot me out but lets me honest its still better than it was. 

I mean other than the standard 600 messages every few seconds with WTT decks and the other annoying constant crap but ow well cant wait for it to be up and running properly great work so far guys.

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I just wanted to drop by and say big THANKS to all the Skylords Reborn team. I feel such childish joy playing this game once again.

Waiting in line for a free slot to open up on a server, is nothing. Compared to the fact that I last played this game around 8 years ago.

Occasional crash, freeze is completely understandable. And I am not bothered by it the slightest, even if it happens 30 seconds before finishing last objective on a PvE map. 

I know there are many who appreciate what you did and are doing much more than just reviving a beloved game, you are bringing back emotions that some have felt strongly when game was “dead”.

Take care Skylords Reborn team, take some time off. There is no need to do everything this week. We have time. 

With love, Z.

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29 minutes ago, piersonmp3 said:

We need more of this type of comment from the people who haven't been having luck with the stress test. Too many people have had nothing but negativity and animosity towards the team working on the game and it is just ridiculous. Take a lesson from this guy if you have been having a bad time with the game and express your issues without being rude towards others.

About 2 minutes after saying that I actually got in. And just now it finally threw me out. Actually got to play though the tutorial (And oh damn it felt amazing). Good karma I suppose :). And thanks, looking forward to playing with all you good folks

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45 minutes ago, Strek0za said:

Last time I logged in there were 7 pages of players. I see huge progress. :hype:



I am not sure whether this is progress.

You saw them in Introduction page. It is mean they are recently joined and not move yet from this place to another. When server work stable ppls sooner or later move from this place to other. When they are lot of DC new player join (because every DC mean free slot for other player) and u can see them at introduction pages.

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When I got online I was only able to successfully complete the tutorial and 2 RPvE maps. Even so, I have enjoyed the small time I've been able to play and I am very thankful for the work the team has put in reviving the game. I'll keep trying periodic (hopefully getting to play a bit more) and even then I'll patiently wait for a larger server and more stability. 

Keep up the good work Dev Team! 

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I would like to give some feedback as well.
In total i assume i spend about 3-5 hours attempting to log in into the game. 
As far i can tell from my subjective perception i am able to get pass the "Too many users on the server!" notification about once every 6-8th attempt.
After that the "Client disconected from the Server" Problem occured about every 5th attempt. (Once i reached this point i usually never had the "Too many users on the Server!" problem with only some exeptions this evening).

After finally making it into the game it usually works fine to a certain point.
It is possible to chat with other players (only had one out of 4/5 cases where messages i sent wouldn't arrive in chat) and testing/adjusting your deck in the forge is possible without loosing connection.
Bigger problems occur when I try to start a pve/pvp match.
- In about 10 attempts in total i was able to play 1 pve single player map (No problems ingame and during the loot system afterwards).
- 1 attempt i was able to start the tutorial map, however i got an error message that my Launcher.exe failed (The map loaded and i was able to move the camera, but unable to do anything)
- 2 attempts i was able to get to the loading screen of a pve map but lost connection in the process
- the other attempts i lost connection either by attemping to start/or picking the map (pvp and pve)

I hope i could provide some usefull information. Please keep up the good work!


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Wow!! I first would like to say Great Great job team!!! I read the Dev notes every Sunday evening for the last year and a half but I never comment I just keep following and reading. I set up my game today correctly several times. Avast keeps attacking the Updater Launcher even when I set it to disable everything, even making exceptions. I have to uninstall Avast completely in order to get the launcher to run. I did manage after hours of trying to get into the Forge. Looks very shape in 4k. After trying to join a game it locked up kicked me out

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1 minute ago, maniak550 said:

i only played one map - no way to start another one xD still love it and looking forward to be able to play on more stable servers <3 cheers

Ah, so I am not the only one who cant start another match? My game freezes everytime i create a game 

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wauw you guys ar really inproving :D:D i connected 3 times already today :D to bad i can't finish the pve game had a map with a timer need 2 more mins to complete but crash 


BUT WHO CARES !!! i could play yesterday i opend 2 packs im so happy with the prograss 


keep it up peeps your going gr8 

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