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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks, After five years of development Skylords Reborn has finally hit full release, we want to thank every single one of you for joining and supporting us on

Your client have lost the connection, every time 

Maybe it will work if you use some more exclamation marks.

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9 minutes ago, noaim90 said:


Not even able to end the tut. but keep on that geat work! Just happy to see the forge again :D


Everybody happy to see the forge, this why everyone so mad whit the server problems, we all want to play ASAP. AAAASSSSSAAAAPPPP PLS, don't even sleep just make it work :D

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since last night, about 2am i tried to login for like 16h now total result is i managed to play 2 single player mission completly 1 2player completetly and 1 2player aswell as 1 4player crashed sadly before we could finish, i enjoy the game and since its gonna be a reset anyway im happy to get some rewards as long as  it runs smooth once the open beta comes out so i can grind those quests im more then happy.


Good job so far, server most likely need some upgrades once the major problems are fixed, but i understand the order of things.

So keep it up, I am looking forward to play without issues soon :D

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Me what worries me enormously is that at the time they had feuded Battleforge because the servers did not follow and the financial means was not present to continue to rent servers so my question is simple: how are you going to finance the servers?

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