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Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks, After five years of development Skylords Reborn has finally hit full release, we want to thank every single one of you for joining and supporting us on

Your client have lost the connection, every time 

Maybe it will work if you use some more exclamation marks.

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People making too huge of a fuss about the game at this stage.

so what if you cant login or play, you waited this long so waiting obviously isn't a problem to you. I just try to enter every now and then, since it started i wasn't able to get in once but i see people commenting that they play and thats enough of a satisfaction for me, just knowing that all of this is going somewhere and knowing that at some point we will all actually be able to play like in the old days. I do hope to get a chance to login at some point but i'm happy nevertheless.
Cheers to all :D

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Merci pour avoir remis ce jeu en état de marche. Et il est vrai que le jeu ne fonctionne pas à la perfection pour le moment mais c'est beau de voir des gens qui travaille pour pouvoir en faire profiter le plus grand nombre. Donc merci à vous ! j'attend avec impatience la suite des nouvelles :lol:


Thank you for putting this game back in working order. And it is true that the game does not work perfectly for the moment but it's nice to see people working to be able to benefit the greatest number. So thanks to you! I look forward to following the news :lol:

sorry for the language in french :S

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Some tries, antivirus whitelisting and waiting for drained servers later, it all worked. Sure, it froze a bit while looking for the PvE matches (clicked on a solo one and froze a bit strangely, just stopped registering clicks), but all in all it works. Just being able to mess around in the initial Forge section with my starter cards is a chance I had thought lost.

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Great Job!


I respekt the work you put in here and am happy to reexperience a bit of my past through this game again you made possible.

My Feedback: 5 days past the start and already no Login possible because of full Server --> Maybe you could extend the user limit if possible? (Do you have more Server?)

About the stress test --> Game sometimes freezes in missions mostly when many summoned units attack together and there happens an graphical massacre. Also i noticed my game freezing when I am in the loading screen of a mission and swap to my second screen (decrease the game). 


About the game itself: In the introduction mission for example, "Moonlight" overlaps in her explanations. That might annoy new players especially when game freezes and they have to repeat the hole tutorial. So i would suggest to corrrect the overlaping and implement an option to skip every single explanation part or an option to continue mission from the point where server remembers the leave that did not happen from afk, game loss or mission quit. 


Hope my Feedback is usefull for you. Looking forward for new content and keep up the great effort!

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Hi everybody!

I got into character creation for the second time now, but than it told me, that my client lost the connection to the server.

My internet connection is quite solid usually. Can I do something to improve the situation, or is the server the issue here?

Thanks in advance!



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no the be fair the servers are not that full mostly 2-3 sites but for some reason since yesterday you get 70% ,,server are full"  notifications  alrdy saw a few hours ago the same ^^ i mean thats a problem and a big one too but i´m sure the devs have an eye on it . In my perspective as an auctioneer thats money loose  but cause i alrdy finished up 4 budged decks i can life with that ^^over 2k bfp done alrdy the last few days  missions are working clear for me sometimes it freezes or crashes when i wanna create a lobby but overall i´m think they could change the stress test that they don´t need to close the server again and can go smooth in the open beta from the stress test cause they now can perfect fix all that comes and when the full release comes and the reset is done i will concentrade that i make like old times my 8k -10k bfp with auctioneering :D



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I'm trying to login for about 5-6 hours and if it ends in success the game then crashes on the forge or on opening the world map. Does anyone else have such a problem like mine?

Before I was able to even advance with pve maps without problem (actually my limit of luck is 1 map played without crash :P )


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1 minute ago, MarcinEU said:

I'm trying to login for about 5-6 hours and if it ends in success the game then crashes on the forge or on opening the world map. Does anyone else have such a problem like mine?

 many i would guess only 10 % can log in right now and even 8% of this can play a while but i guess the devs alrdy knonw and work on it



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