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  1. i am trying from 3Am until 6Pm to play the game and every time i try to login they say too many users on the servers !!! ( i am not crying - i am not crying)
  2. that why i say sorry if we flame them ! i hope you can read my English , cause i know its bad
  3. i know that i and other player ask too much, like fix this or that ! but please have patient on us XD, and we really waiting you guys to fix all that bugs , also we are sorry if we flame you guys, you know, we are humans :P. so please please please fix the server and crash freez i hope it fix this month amen
  4. i really love this game , i will have more patient and see what time they will fix the connecting and servers and also games freazn , cause i did the first mission 5 times but game crash XD , but i will wait until they fix it keep it on guys !!!!!!
  5. i am from candy land , raaaaaawr >.< i am sugar warrior , i am king of sugars , raaaaaaaawr >.< joking with you i am from ( my nationality): Palestine - Gaza, but i born and live in Saudi Arabia ! and soon i am planning to live in other place !!!! mu ha ha ha ha haaaa ~~~~~~~
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