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  1. Hello community, failing to see this post, srait it possible to create a discrod FRANÇAIS? thank you in advance ... an old player
  2. Me what worries me enormously is that at the time they had feuded Battleforge because the servers did not follow and the financial means was not present to continue to rent servers so my question is simple: how are you going to finance the servers?
  3. Ho my god I managed to get into the forge and play 30 seconds tu peux me contacter sur chpec@orange.fr STP
  4. Hello everyone is what the developers work on the increase of capacity of the serveusr because impossible to play since that was launched my big son managed to play dice the opening but I impossible to connect at all hours my account is connected but impossible to start the game: you'r server lost the connection (I'm in fiber)
  5. tu es français ? Same at home and it's the servers that are overloaded my son managed to play before last night at the opening
  6. yes it's good in fact (mo nanti virus it was reactivated and he had quarantined the files) now he starts but I fear that the servers are complete thank you for your answers yes you're right let's wait a little
  7. ok men sorry it's ok for me good days !!!!!!
  8. Cool un autre Français je suis le reborn depuis le début et j’attends avec impatience l'arrivé tant attendu !!!!!! Translation by Ultra: Cool another French I am the reborn from the beginning and I look forward to the long awaited arrival !!!!!!
  9. hello if I understand the exit is postponed 48 hours? that's it ?
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