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  1. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    So am i right, that nobody can open the BFRupdater atm ?
  2. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    That would be nice. But 200 Slots with stable connection would be a good start. Then it should be expanded.
  3. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Maybe we got banned for playing xD
  4. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Update in progress i guess.
  5. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Maybe i shouldn't have start a 2 Player BG map ? This is my fault i guess. Now my favourite server is down.
  6. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    U killed the Server Guys xD
  7. KnutM

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Just read the "Recommend" (marked with orage color) post on top of this site, and all shloud be clear.
  8. KnutM

    Direct x

    There where a few settings ingame which you can enable if you have a DX10 card. If you don't have DX10, then you can't enable them. This is what i know.
  9. KnutM

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    The last reputation score i remember was 25, it doesn't really matter if i have 25 / 500 or 0. It could be worse. So feel free to correct the reputation points. Greetings KnutM
  10. KnutM

    Quest suggestions

    I appreciate, that MrXLink & Kiwi are sharing her thoughts with us. It shows me they're still on it and trying to bring up the game asap. Collecting ideas is always hard. I've same problem @work when i've to collect suggestions. Don't let you pull down if there are some guys like KnutM who says "this is good this is bad". In the end the Staff will decide what will happen with this server and who earns BFP. There will be almost everytime some guys, who try to cheat. Sometimes it will work and on the other day they get a Ban Just let's collect some ideas.
  11. KnutM

    Quest suggestions

    Really nice sugestion of gaining BFP. I would prefer to gain only BFP if you win a match no matter if it's PvE / rPvE or PvP. Like Anonyme said, cheating will be very often if you only have to stay ingame to earn BFP. Player has to win 5 rPvE matches (min. lvl 8) to gain 50 BFP | If Player plays and win lvl.9 add 10 BFP/match or lvl.10 add 30 BFP/match only if all 5 matches have won Player has to win 10 rPvE matches (min. lvl 8) to gain 130 BFP | If Player plays and win lvl.9 add 20 BFP/match or lvl.10 add 40 BFP/match only if all 10 matches have won. Player has to collect 2000 gold to get 50 BFP in exchange only 2 times per week Maybe we should create a poll with all suggestion?
  12. KnutM

    Contest: New Logo

    Sry Bionic, I've tried to use Shaddow colous in font's, but it isn't easily visible like nature or fire colours are, when the image has a smaller size. So pls forgive me pleease
  13. KnutM

    Contest: New Logo

    Ok, here we go. Logo and Button for something in Forum maybe. Don't judge to hard.
  14. KnutM

    Feels bad moments

    When you climb on a tree with your friend, and don't know how to get down. 10 seconds later the branch you are sitting on, crashes down and voila you are back on beloved mother earth with a broken arm.
  15. KnutM

    Looking for 2v2 Partner(too)

    Oh no, i failed already PVE Rank I misread the ranking. So yes I'm a noob too in playing pvp 2v2. evening every 2 weeks means. I'm working in one week in the morning until the afternoon and next week i'm working from the afternoon until the midnight. So if you want to play in the evening, it would be possible to me every other week. Decks i would like to play is pure nature and pure shadow.

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