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  1. Thank you ggoblin. I think you are actially right Big thanks to you treim. I will look into it. Since i did not played most of the cards in the old game and also i did not get to play them in the new game, I have to learn nearly every card. Also it is very different from my usual playstile. It seems very effective and especialy thought through. Again: Thanks a lot. Maybe i'll come back to you when i own several of the key cards you suggested
  2. Hello fellow Skyladies and fellow Skylords, Do you have any ideas how to improve the following Deck (It mainly should work for random Pve maps): I want to keep it Bandid themed. I thought that it maybe be a clever move to play T3 Nature so i can put equlibrium into the deck and kick another card out for it. https://allcards.skylords.eu/deck.html?d=QmFuZGl0ZW4+M3w1MTJ8NTI4fDExNHwzODF8MTUzfDUzNHw0NTJ8NDE3fDI3MHw0MDd8MTIzfDEwOHw0NDd8MjIyfDMxMXwyNnw1MnwxMDZ8NTB8 Thank you in advance!
  3. Wolfsreiter

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2126 Edit: 2200
  4. Wolfsreiter

    Next part of the song - game

    It is kinda fun too see if the game still works.. and it does.. Until you find it there and lead it back home
  5. Wolfsreiter

    Next part of the song - game

    How can you see into my eyes, like open doors
  6. Wolfsreiter

    Clash Royale BattleForge Clan

    I Play it.. but i am in my german clan
  7. Wolfsreiter

    Developers fix this bug!

    How should he fix it? He is not an admin. Neither he is a moderator.
  8. Wolfsreiter

    Kiwi Shipping

    @Kiwi xde @Shotty Just saying
  9. Wolfsreiter

    The NPE (New Player Experience)

    Have a good one too *click for card* yeah.. i know.. immortal got two "M"s.. sry..
  10. Wolfsreiter

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2096 Nice Location @Ultrakool
  11. Wolfsreiter

    Opening Tournament

    So, even if I do not have to write it: I am in to PvE Nice Idea!! Just tell me: I got more tries than only 1, right?
  12. Wolfsreiter

    Introduce Yourself!

    21, from Germany and surprise: I love bf reborn. Got barely the rank about golden at pve.. Yeah.. Bandits ftw...

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