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  1. Yo imagine after this update, we got 2k+ slots, server never crashes again, no lags, pure fun. . . Hm?
  2. Everybody happy to see the forge, this why everyone so mad whit the server problems, we all want to play ASAP. AAAASSSSSAAAAPPPP PLS, don't even sleep just make it work
  3. That's what i'm trying to say for like 3 days now, seems no1 cares. Better close the server fix the log in issue then open for tests, coz now no1 is able to test a shit, since no1 is able to freaking log in to.
  4. lucky to enter the game properly?!? I can't enter the game at all for the last 2 days!!! All I'm saying is since you didnt expected to be as it is, shut it down, fix it and open the server when is ready for a proper tests! Trying to log in with 1000+ attempts all failed is not a test at all. If you call this a test, well i suppose it's gonna be another 2 years till we be able to play a normal game.
  5. Dude are you in the working team? Why im getting answers from whoever in here? I asked if whoever work on this planing to fix this shit any soon, so dont tell me "they ARE WORKING" if you don't know if they are. It's not normal to have like 200 posts about can't login issues and doing nothing for 2 days, you either shutting the server down till you fix it or youre fixing it rigth now!
  6. The thing is, you CAN'T enter and play! + if is not for us why the hell is a public release and i'm able to download the files? Personaly i prefer when something is done, to be DONE, not half way done. Anyways i suppose its not a company that working on this so this the way it suppose to be.
  7. Are you guys planning to fix this server issue any soon? Kinda annoying to try all day for a log in, start a damn game and get a DC right after it starts.
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