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Open Stress Test Information


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2 hours ago, InsaneHawk said:

As you can guess, we won't risk anymore to give any deadline or ETA until it's done on our side. Best thing to do, is wait for the upcoming announcements (especially the one for the official stream)

Thanks a lot sir ...hopefully it will be done this year :D...


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On 7/19/2018 at 10:46 AM, MysticEntity said:

I just have to say you guys make a great job...im a Software engineer myselve and i know what coding is like...keep up the great work and I am sure we can enjoy this grear game soon !

Why don't you join the dev team? I bet it's great practice! :kappaross: 


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54 minutes ago, Cabbage said:

This game is really still closed? I remember that game will start in March. theres August right now...

They made a mistake making that statement, sh*t happens. But if the game is not steady or balanced enough to be launched, so be it! They needed more time closing things off, getting stuff done. So when ever it'll be ready, it'll be ready.

Just stay tuned, time will come!

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2 hours ago, SamseDK said:

I still cant play it.... Was it a april fools joke?

No it wasn't an April Fools joke unfortunately some serious problems with the server have caused a delay on the release of Open Beta.

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3 hours ago, benqeddy said:

please help, i download game, and cant play. pls inv closed beta game :)
i love battleforge <3 
(and buy 2009 the game)

Read FAQ and first page this thread. Close beta invitations are close now. We all waiting on open beta :).

From first page:

Client download

You can pre-download the client using Mediafire or MEGA.nz.
You cannot start the game right now, you'll have to wait for open beta, and the release of our launcher to make it work.

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49 minutes ago, Odin said:

Open Beta, finally, thats awesome.


.... but I see only "server is full try again later" ... how about upgrade hardware or increase limit of players ?

1st: It's not open Beta.

2nd: "A lot of you think we do have HW (hardware) problems, let me just be clear with this once and for all, we don't. Our HW (hardware) won't limit us before a very long time." - @InsaneHawk 13.09.2018 13:44

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well then now that the stress test has been out some time how about shutting those players down who have played the entire duration of the stress test and let us others play who have never been able to play SR since "too many users on servers"... don't be selfish let all of us enjoy a great game that has been Reborn!

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11 minutes ago, tork_one said:

You've literally no idea what is going on right now. And you don't even bother to find out if you claim such stupid sh1t.
Everyone who has even the slightest piece of interest would use the search function or can find the information that everything is being announced on discord.

It's not the server's hardware that is limmiting the player amount but the code that needs to be fixed before the mass can join without causing massive problems.


PS: Yea, Portugal is know for it's good server-stability :kappa:

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2 hours ago, Zises said:

tbh since our accounts get reset anyway we should get more boosters.

waited 30 min in the loading screen yesterday and dont feel like doing that for more than 2 games 

Well it's not up to the devs to give you anything, they specifically said that this is the stress test and it is not meant to work at a good level yet.

The whole point of the stress test is to see how well the server runs.

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