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  1. Only been getting this since the patch.
  2. While not a bug persay, this really shouldn't be a daily that's active until PVP is available. Especially as we can't reroll it yet. Sorry about the incorrect formatting, but there is nothing more to this than that. But it is an unintentional 'feature' right now, so I'd call it a bug.
  3. I did have massive ping to the server though. It took about 2 seconds per action before anything happened. But even then... I got to play.
  4. I did have massive ping to the server though. It took about 2 seconds per action before anything happened. But even then... I got to play.
  5. I got to play the ENTIRE tutorial mission yesterday before the login issues. It was all of 5 minutes before I was thinking "Oh shut up, Moon" just like old times. We're back baby! YEAH
  6. Apparently this happens because the login server is down? At least that's what I read elsewhere. About the only thing anyone has said is: Try again later.
  7. I'm going to need a recording of the stream. 6:30am is too early for me to be awake o.o;;
  8. It's almost like some people expect the devs to be Community Managers, and I have to break it to them: They aren't. They're devs. If they want a moderator to wipe things clean for them, they can do that, but once things get to that point, devs have a tendency to stop listening to any other opinions, and often become insular. The gaming community as a whole has become quite vitriolic over the years, but that's just a side-effect of gaming becoming mainstream, and particularly competitive gaming allowing such angry behavior to fester. Overall, I think that while things around here coul
  9. I'm just glad you guys probably won't be ready by August 31st. Holy crap. Path of Exile: Delve Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition Dead Frontier 2 (which I'm probably going to have to play first)
  10. This is the most logical suggestion thusfar in my opinion. Would it take more work to figure such a thing out? Sure. However, I believe it would be well worth the effort. Particularly as the original loot system was all over the place. And if we can keep anyone in 12p maps from completely getting the shaft (getting pretty much nothing), that'd be great too. Upgrades to common cards being available early would definitely help newer players (so basically all of us at first) get a solid leg up on the game. Edit: But failing the ability to have the quoted option, I v
  11. I'd temper the hype. Make it last longer. This could be a while
  12. Ooooh, so that's how you're doing the project. Yeah, with Ragnarok Online, the emulation code was all written from scratch, which then made full use of the original files as written (as far as I remember things working). The best part was, people weren't rewriting the original code or messing with it at all (at least as far as I remember). Instead they were screwing with the software that interacted with those files. For mob stats, the emulator used it's own files based on everything people knew about the original games. Then people made programs that let private server owners alter the
  13. I still wonder about something though. Ragnarok Online's private servers were made possible, despite legal issues, because all of the code that interacts with the otherwise free files was custom made and thus the property of those designing the emulation system. Isn't that basically what you guys are doing? Battleforge was a free to play, so it's files were easily accessible. When the guys who made the emulation software for Ragnarok Online were taken to court over it, the emulation guys won because the only code they were using was their own, which then talked to free files mad
  14. January 2053 No one said we had to be serious =P
  15. Sounds like some people need to grow a spine, a thicker skin, and grow up. Not everyone is empathetic, not everyone gives a shit. Honestly, people need to stop being such entitled retards.
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