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  1. Open Beta, finally, thats awesome. .... but I see only "server is full try again later" ... how about upgrade hardware or increase limit of players ?
  2. I am kinda racist in BF, playing pure shadow (other pure decks for fun) but in begining I played shadow shadow frost deck on T3 with ... Tremors + nasty surprise and kobold engineer + kobold trick + church of negation + Nether warp (unit porting spell to port enemy close to my church) and this was pretty fine for start. (later I used pure shadow with satanel or wrathgazer + evocators woe) sorry no place for revenant units
  3. This will make lot of ppl sad. Any known info if there will be some open beta - before planed christmass release?
  4. I found this project just recently and its awesome !! About alfa .. how shold that be focused? technically ? if maps works or pvp/pve generated etc. Or if cards works properly ? Or even card balance ? ( OP cards to get nerf etc. I guess this option will go after release) I am very curious as this was my very favourite game and playd a lot ( ended somewhere on legend rank in 1v1 pvp )
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