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  1. So, for now we are still in phase, where our accounts will get reset at the end, right?
  2. Noooooo! I already made my stream chat so hyped about this game and that I will start streaming it in a week! :(( I am pretty sure they will riot now
  3. Will we have an auction house in game or there won't be card trading at all?
  4. I am Polish streamer (not big or something, but still) and I just can't wait till open beta starts. I will be glad to stream this game over and over on my channel Hope I will bring a lot of people to the game with me! By the way, I just logged in after a year of my absence and I see my rep is at "-1" (what is kinda weird since I don't really remember posting anything on the forum before, nor I can't see anything in my posts history at all) :| Hope I am not blacklisted or something...
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