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[Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

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Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks!

Following our 28-10-17 stream regarding our open beta announcement, we have uploaded our stream to YouTube!
If you have missed out on our stream, and want to catch up on all discussed topics and FAQ questions, you can find it here:

Open beta release date has been set to January 2018! Now postponed to 3-4 weeks from March 26th 2018 with no set date.
Thank you all so much for attending and for the support you've shown and are still showing today.
Thanks so much for making the project the success it currently is. Stay awesome, stay hyped! 

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Looking really nice. As a streamer a question because i didn´t find any informations ect.


If i have the luck and could get a Closed beta key, i am allowed to stream the game or is it currently under NDA?

Also the question is about the open beta.


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Omg it is amazing to see how far you guys have gone! Just congratulations, it is all so amazing <3  Thank you for everything and every experience, the game intends to go further and further away, I'm preety sure about it. eight-wai-pi-e: H Y P E! :gem:

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