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  1. Swordsworn

    servers ....

    My Man, I tried to connect 10 times now with the exact symptoms @Ootawa stated in the beginning. I saw this thread, now I know its a thing thats currently worked on and its not just my PC thats killing it. So, yeah, his thread helped me, thx for the attention, grab a beer and calm down
  2. Swordsworn

    Order Of Players To Fight

    sooo? bite me eeehrm fight me!
  3. Swordsworn

    Say something about the person above you.

    got his nicknames slaughtered by a german guy on discord...
  4. Swordsworn

    PVE, PVP or BOTH ?

    I enjoyed both and will play both again I would say for me its 70% PvP / 30% PvE Like Lunak said its great fun to beat the AI with mates but its as much for me to compete with human opponents and improve from match to match, overthinking what card could have countered that totaly imbalanced thing he played. Just to see a few matches later that im now able to counter it, only to get another weakspot revealed by my opponent, i just love this never ending mechanism of always adjusting your deck.
  5. Swordsworn

    Non open Beta observing chanel

    Hey there, earlier today on the stream they stated that they think about reusing the "advertise to a friend"-system but on a forum base, not the ingamesystem. So yeah this seems to be a thing again, just with a diffrent "interface" I kinda understand that you want to give the reboot a diffrent taste with naming it SLP or something but in my opinion we are still playing Battleforge so im fine with bfp and yeah im old but im used to it and i like it
  6. Swordsworn

    [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    best man!
  7. Swordsworn

    Describe the game with one word!

    "hyped" ;-)
  8. Swordsworn

    Archaeological excavations of my bafo files

    It was @Karl Lavafeld who made this freaking awesome jingle, it still gives me chills listing to the version with the audiosamples mixed in " kick ihn doch, kick ihn, kick ihn, du Amateur"
  9. Swordsworn


    It feels like Im the only one in this Forum who enjoyed both, PvE and PvP O_o
  10. Swordsworn

    International Watermelon-Day

    Well since most ppl here are crayz about spaming watermelons, I just thought you might want to know that today is the International Watermelon-Day (wtf?) https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/watermelon-day/ So long...
  11. Swordsworn

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    I rly liked it 9/10
  12. Swordsworn

    Whats the BEST Medium unit in the game, IN YOUR OPINION?

    OK youre right, I was exaggerating there. What I wanted to point out is that her true potential only shines through when shes behind a cliff or something similar
  13. Swordsworn

    Whats the BEST Medium unit in the game, IN YOUR OPINION?

    Im wondering why nobody mentioned the good old Firedancer, shes like a walking mortar tower. There are many maps where you can place her behind an obstacle and if you dont have an air unit you have to take the long way around and in the mean time you have to see your buildings being shred away. Especially on some Random Maps, it was simply unbalanced, but to be fair, on a Map like Haladur its a wasted Cardslot.
  14. Swordsworn

    Battleforge Replays - thesikaleon here!!!

    Holy moly, I just googled Bafo TV and Swordsworn and landed here, after all this time *geez* i have to get my hands on this game again =) I just watched the first VOD and i still had to laugh about "Welcome to Lameforge" ^^

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