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  1. It was @Karl Lavafeld who made this freaking awesome jingle, it still gives me chills listing to the version with the audiosamples mixed in " kick ihn doch, kick ihn, kick ihn, du Amateur"
  2. It feels like Im the only one in this Forum who enjoyed both, PvE and PvP O_o
  3. Well since most ppl here are crayz about spaming watermelons, I just thought you might want to know that today is the International Watermelon-Day (wtf?) https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/watermelon-day/ So long...
  4. I rly liked it 9/10
  5. OK youre right, I was exaggerating there. What I wanted to point out is that her true potential only shines through when shes behind a cliff or something similar
  6. Im wondering why nobody mentioned the good old Firedancer, shes like a walking mortar tower. There are many maps where you can place her behind an obstacle and if you dont have an air unit you have to take the long way around and in the mean time you have to see your buildings being shred away. Especially on some Random Maps, it was simply unbalanced, but to be fair, on a Map like Haladur its a wasted Cardslot.
  7. Holy moly, I just googled Bafo TV and Swordsworn and landed here, after all this time *geez* i have to get my hands on this game again =) I just watched the first VOD and i still had to laugh about "Welcome to Lameforge" ^^