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  1. Lunak

    German Chat

    Well speaking school English and being able to do a conversation in a game are very different topics^^ We learn how to order a train ticket - not how to do a conversation (love our school system)
  2. Balancing also needs raw Data as Backup e.g. just see the % of match ups were it is used and results in a win. Like the posts before said it compensates for a weakness at the moment, with that many card combinations there aren't easy answers to balancing.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/lunak89 Streaming Battleforge with friends in German - and mostly RTS the other time
  4. Lunak

    Streamer Mode

    Well at least if you tab it flashed the Log In Screen yesterday, also especially at the start you have to restart a few times when you change settings like Graphics or Language EDIT: Flashes occur in Desktop Capture Mode - at least not for me in GameCapture Mode, requires OBS as Admin
  5. With the upcoming popularity and streaming myself with friends we kinda came to the conclusion that a streamer mode would be very good. Because seeing the Login Email on public is for most people not very intuitive and makes a bad taste right from the start. simple masking the in between Letters would be enough like G********@p***.de or so (And yes streaming wasnt that popular around 2013 as it is now )
  6. Sad, but take your time and make it right Good luck with your exams btw
  7. Red of course
  8. Awesome Trailer, i´m so happy to see this game alive again
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