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  1. Nice! Awesome initiative. 
    This is a great way to counter the dreaded "all the PvP players are veterans" effect in RTS games when the playerbase is low, and get new PvP players to enjoy some competitive play 🙂 

    Can virtual decks gather dust? I need some spring cleaning to do... 

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  2. Really good suggestions here, and I just wanted to make it known that I am making a note of all these names and may reach out to them in the very near future. 

    Additionally, if anyone also has suggestions on small-medium Youtube channels (5k-50k subscribers) that have either covered Battleforge in the past, or are currently focused on RTS/CCG games, let me know and you might see them making a video on Skylords Reborn in the future if I make the right impression 😉 

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  3. Hey RX8Toxic, definitely some good points there, and to anyone else reading this post, I want to introduce myself as the new Skylords Reborn Marketing manager / Outreach coordinator. 

    Social media is a good way to keep everyone in the loop for updates and what's happening in the game, but with social media giants such as Facebook, organic reach (posts not boosted with real money) has been purposefully limited to push communities to pay for advertising. You can still get new people to see your post, but it won't be a lot if you do it with free posts. It's still an open question on what kind of advertising we are allowed to do, but rest assured we are developing marketing plans for all scenarios.

    The new player bonus or referal bonuses tend not to always work as intended in F2P games, and as others have mentioned in this thread, it can lead to multi-accounting abuse to get those rewards. 

    The main goal is not to get a huge spike in players who will then leave after 2 weeks (that will just put stress on the servers), but it's to focus on players who want to play a game like Skylords, who are interested in CCG/RTS games rather than trying any free to play game for a few days. 

    Interesting story: Starcraft 2 had done something fantastic. It's a well known and complicated game to get into, with challenging mechanics and a lot of things going on. It enjoyed a lot of popularity in e-sports for the first 4-6 years of its life, huge prize pools. Then LoL and Dota 2 eclipsed it very quickly, and player numbers for Starcraft 2 kept dropping. There were constant discussions that the game was dying. Then, the game was made free to play, the maps that players enjoyed casually (Co-op play) were given a lot more support, and player numbers stopped declining and started increasing... for a game that originally came out in 2010. 

    Moral of the story: If the price is free and players enjoy playing the game, and the entertaining elements are enhanced, then players tend to stick around and keep playing. Popular Reddit posts with content gifs also help 🙂 

  4. NAME: The purple Bandit Lancer's ability does not give 15% damage amplification. 

    DESCRIPTION: The ability is supposed to give 15% damage amplification. Instead, it only gives a flat 15 damage bonus to any attack or ability, not a percentage. 

    REPRODUCIBILITY: It is always reproducible, for auto attacks or unit abilities. For example, a Nox Trooper will do 50 damage to a Mutating Frenzy, but with branding it will do 65 damage. A Magma Spore's ability will do 1080 damage against an Emberstrike, but with branding it will do 1095 damage. 
    This also means for archers, each shot does 15 more damage. Darkelf Assassins will do 72 damage per volley to an Emberstrike (12 dmg per archer), or 162 damage per volley with branding (27 damage per archer). 

    SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: None - easily reproducible in the Forge.

    LOG: N/A

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additionally, Bandit Lancer's ability also does not seem to work in giving a lot of ranged units the extra range, but that seems to depend on the projectile of the ranged unit (ex. Twilight Hag works and gets more range, but Ashbone Pyro does not). Not sure if that is something that can be fixed, unlike the damage amplify bug which seems like a value input mistake. 

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  5. We've seen this topic appear from time to time, but I honestly don't think anything will satisfy players who don't like free PvP decks other than good intentions that will destroy the gamemode. I know all the new players I invited to the game would stop playing PvP if they had to grind 10's of hours in PvE first, and I know many others share the same view. It's honestly not a huge community, and PvP can realistically become unplayable with too few players.  

    I don't think it is productive to tell the entire PvP community how to best play the gamemode they can already enjoy with no restrictions. Everyone is on the same skill level now, there is no more pay-2-win, and there are even balance updates. Life is good.

    Plus, the more you play PvP, the more you want to experiment with new strats, adapt to the meta, which leads you to buy and upgrade new cards. It's just a different grind cycle than PvE, which does not depend on fully upgraded decks to be balanced. 

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  6. 10 minutes ago, delcarm said:

    Thank you for clarifying.

    I was looking at different Towers now, should I be getting Stronghold aswell?

    You could if you want an all-around tower that does everything at t3. Paired with a skyelf sage, it's pretty good! Worldbreaker gun will still be your best tower at t4. 

    I'd also recommend getting a Construct, as they can be used both offensively and defensively. 

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  7. For what it's worth, I've introduced half a dozen completely new players to the game, and they all gravitated towards playing only PvP after a few co-op campaign games.

    None of them would be able to play PvP so soon without the free decks, so I am 100% against removing them as I firmly believe it would do more harm than good. Losing new players because they can't play a preferred game mode without first grinding for hundreds of hours doesn't seem right, does it?

    But, including something like a fee to rent the decks, like some have suggested here, wouldn't be such a bad idea. Then you don't really "own" the deck or cards, so I'd support that.

    Having different PvP streams, like ranked with free decks & ranked without free decks does not seem to be a good solution with a small playerbase. At that point, it looks like the Tomes game mode from the original game, and we know from experience this mode failed. 

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  8. Hey @delcarm

    For defensive play, I'd recommend grabbing skyelf templar for building heals in t2, and kobold engineer for stronger repairs in t3.

    Worldbreaker gun with a skyelf sage is amazing, and does an absurd amount of damage. Try it out!

    You could also pickup defenders to have a stronger unit on walls, who will do more damage to L-sized units which are your only threats aside from XL-units. 

    A fun strategy would be to use White Rangers if you have only 1 chokepoint to defend, because their ability lasts forever and does AoE damage. 

    If you want, you can experiment with adding 1 nature orb for crowd control, breeding grounds, and some long-range towers like hammerfall. 


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  9. Currently, if a player plays 45 minutes and gets a booster discount, but does not activate it on that day, then the next day they are reset back to zero.

    Is it possible to keep the discount active until the player claims it, even if it is not the same day? This way, if someone forgets to buy a booster after a long play session, they still have the opportunity for their earned discount. May help a lot of new players with not getting penalized for forgetting to buy a booster on the same day. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Timirbarran said:



    worse update i saw!..... can't do my quests today ! ive renew one to hopefully get better quest !


    one is to do "Blight" in expert !!!

    ive waiting more than one hour to found players! and when founds we've lost it... i can't wait the day until founding good partners with good level and experience just for a quest....

    have others things to do than waiting n' waiting !

    Its already sometime really long to founds partners 4 simple maps! no pleasure at all!

    i wanna see what goin' on some days more! if i have difficulties 4 my daily quest ! i wanna say bye bye!!!






    You'll see a lot less players in the game until the reset happens on December 18th. You'll have an easier time finding people to play after Dec 18. 

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  11. Some more ideas if we're brainstorming:

    • Twilight Bombs: Every unit in the game will blowup like a twilight slaver upon death (neutral eruption upon death)
    • Stone Skin: Every enemy unit takes 1/3 less damage (stoneskin [-15%] + wheel of gifts damage reduction [-20%] buffs = should be around ~32% damage reduction)
    • Enraged: Every enemy unit has the "Rage" passive (Fire Dragon passive, because it's longer)
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  12. 6 hours ago, HalloBob said:

    I may be alone with my opinion but for me this takes away one very unique aspect of the game and it is collecting the cards and working towards your deck. I have not much interest in PvE so I just have to get one card that is missing for PvP and will have no use for bfp anymore. So no need for trading, playing PvE, buying booster or doing quests. I think this will have a huge impact and I do not like it. I remember that I found an old online card game that has a similar history like Battleforge. Its Might and Magic duel of champions. Some guys revived it and you can play it with all cards available from the start. So I instantly dropped the game because the aspect of collecting was gone. Other example was an action rpg (think it was Diablo 2) A friend of me gifted me super strong gear so I could just slay monsters and did not need to pick up anything. It was super boring. I am hyped for the release was already planning how to manage my collection but as it looks I do not have to do anything. Just my two cents. Cheers 

    I have an idea about this, because this may be a more important point than people realize. I love the idea of the free PvP decks, and I believe it is a strong step in the right direction in getting more people to play PvP. However, I also agree there may be some unintended consequences with this.

    Taking the idea of the necessity of a currency sink for the long-term economy in this post, what if there was a small BFP or Gold amount that players need to pay to access the PvP decks every week? You might think, whoa whoa, that doesn't make these decks "free" anymore! But wait.

    For example, what would happen if it cost 100 bfp or 250 gold (or both?) to have access to 2 PvP decks for the week? 


    • There is still an incentive to collect cards because of the feeling that PvP decks are "temporary". Similar to some services where you can pay a subscription per month, or a one-time flat fee that is larger and then you do not need to pay monthly anymore. This would be like the PvP decks (small recurring expense) vs making your own (large expense).
    • Entry fee is small enough that it takes only one or two games to get
    • Incentive to play PvP or PvE for additional bfp/gold to get the free decks every week
    • BFP/Gold sink for the economy as this removes bfp/gold, and counters inflation


    • Decks are no longer "free"
    • Additional coding required to implement and time needed to discuss among devs on the appropriate cost
    • Eventually the small fixed cost would have a reduced effect on the economy as there will be vastly more bfp/gold accumulated among players
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  13. On 10/15/2020 at 10:34 AM, Kyoji said:

    Ah I was mistaken then about how it was earned. The 20 BFP I got was a general number I found reoccurring from spamming PvE maps well after the daily boost was gone. Can I ask why the idea of slowing progression to one pack a day was decided? It sounds counter-intuitive to encouraging play in a multiplayer game. Not that I want to criticize but I would like to understand more of the logic so I can formulate better responses in the future. 

    There is nothing stopping anyone from buying more than one pack a day, but having a cheaper price for your first booster after 45 minutes of playtime allows people who can't play very long to have a decent level of progression, even with only 45 minutes of playtime. Those who play more than 45 minutes will progress faster up until all of their bfp reserves are depleted, but that doesn't stop them from progressing in getting more gold and getting more upgrades for their cards.

    I do agree that there should also be more incentives and encouragement to play more, as that'll only benefit the community and multiplayer aspect in the long run.

    Quests like beating specific 2 and 4 and 12 player maps could encourage players to play maps they would not on their own (ex. Guns of Lyr), or maybe bring life to maps that aren't played much. Maybe even have some multiplayer speedrunning quests like, for example, beat Nightmare Shard in under 25 minutes which could encourage players to actually talk and strategize a bit before starting the map.

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