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  1. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by SpiritAlpha in Commons only Frost-Nature deck   
    I had an idea to try and make commons-only deck. I went with Frost-Nature because... Best common flyers in the game! (Yeah Lost Dragons would argue, but with commons only you can't sustain them ūüėě ).

    And so I tried it with current month rPvE lvl 10. It was pretty easy (no Windhunters on t3)  I haven't made any preparations and it was just second try (first try failed at cleaning of first camp).
    Few notes I have to mention - unfortunately Nortland Drake ability was VERY clunky to use, and it probably was activated 1 out of 5 times. Rip Shattered ice combo. At least still able to combo with Tempest.
    Stone Stempest was very helpful, it's only common large creature on t2, and that's very solid. Spirit hunters were very nice DPS with use of some micro play.
    Tier 3 was pretty easy, tremors are great, swamp drakes too.
    Tier 4 Giant Wyrms are carry, I added Northland drakes to make use of their ability but rip. Tempests were harder to play than I expected. Still possible tho.
    And about heals, yeah I run out of charges on almost every heal (except surge). Stone Shell is great common spell that increases efficiency of healing spells a lot. You could notice in reply how fast health bars of my dragons were going down without shell.
    Overall I must say, it was very fun experience to play very low-budget deck ( even with all the u3 lol) like in good old times. And it's very noticable, how great even uncommons in Battleforge (roots, gemeyes, coldsnaps, aggressors, grimvines etc). Splashing shadow would make things much easier that's for sure, but maybe next time?
    What do you think? How do you like to restrict yourself like this?
  2. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Ultimatecomicsman in Forest Elder fanart   
    I really wanted to play the original battleforge, but for some reason I didn't have the opportunity. I am very glad that now there is a Skylords Reborn and I was finally able to play.
    I'm a beginner and here's a fan art of my favorite card.

  3. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Weak1ings in Skylord's Edition Rarity Seal Concept Art   
    I was curious what the rarity seal for a card introduced to the game would look like so I started drafting up a concept of what I thought it'd look like and found my work good enough to share:

    I chose a Phoenix-type bird because it is kind of representative of this project; bringing something back from the dead a little like a Phoenix but considering all the work our glorious devs have done, gears might be more representative as it didn't come back on its own and took many years of hard work to create.
    Anyways Here's a question:
    Is there already a planned seal and could I view it somewhere?
    About said image:
    Everything is original except for the bird and as such is not completely my own work in this iteration. I am willing to design something and the process to implant it on this image is rather simple but something like that was outside the scope of my original scope at the time. (will be linked in spoiler) It seems rarity colors are affected by a Hue excluding Twilight Edition in which there are four different seals.
  4. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by evoprodo in German beginner guide   
    Hi Guys,
    a few days ago I was asked, can you make a beginner guide for the new players. I thought this is a really good idea and i ended up uploading this Video last weekend.
    I¬īm rly sorry for those of you how don¬īt speak german but i can descripe best in my native language.
  5. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Toggy in The Skylords Open#2 30.01.21   
    Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords!
    We had one Skylords Open yes, but what about the second Skylords Open? Now you know about second Skylords Open!
    The tournament will be played as a best of 3 double elimination tournament, grand finals will be best of 5, no reset.
    Prize Pool!
    1st place¬† - 20‚ā¨ + promo Juggernaut
    2nd place - 15‚ā¨
    3rd place - 10‚ā¨
    4th place - 5‚ā¨
    Special prize: Beat RadicalX in a best of 3 and you get 8 booster.
    Big thanks to Nachtwolf for the ‚ā¨ sponsoring!
    Big thanks to NewGuy for the promo Juggernaut and the 8 boosters!
    Prizes will be distributed via PayPal.
    On 30.01.21  starting on 3pm CET (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.
    The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there. Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier.
    The streaming channel that will be covering the tournament is DasToggy on twitch.tv.
    In case of problems contact me or one of my mods via Discord, Battleforge or in the stream.
    Twitch mods: LynnTaki, TheFatherJack
    -No bugabuse, cheating or insulting the other players. Penalties may vary from a warning to default loss.
    -Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake.
    -Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.
    -After your match, go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically.
    -The Map Pool is:
    1st round: Haladur, 2nd round: Simai, 3rd round: Wazhai, 4th: Elyon, 5th: Lajesh, 6th: Uro and 7th: Yrmia (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on the fixed map, then it is losers choice.  The winning player (who won the last match in this bo3) also has to lock in his deck first.
    -The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts.
    -Use your Battleforge name for the tournament. If your Challonge account differs from your Battleforge account name use the "Sign up with an alternate name" feature or change your name for the tournament in the settings. Finding your opponent will be a LOT easier this way.
    Reply in this thread if you have questions, I will check it out later.
    Best regards,
  6. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Tweeto in New Amii Units Artwork (Sorceress DONE)   
    yo guys, i saw around here the developers mention they currently only able to reskin current models in order to make new units.
    so i was thinking about it and actually most of the factions have similar models already, with maybe minor differences but generally most of them change the texture and call it a new unit.
    with that said i took upon my self a little project to try and design new Amii cards that can be made in game with only changing textures hopefully that could give the devs some direction.
    ill keep updating this Topic as i get more progress, so let me know what you guys think
    for now here is the first sketches of an Amii Sorceress card art based on the fire dancer/frost sorceress model
    btw if you have better name im all ear lol, was thinking either Amii Sorceress or Night dancer, but they sound generic af :\

    and as a card:
  7. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by batorfly in Open Beta *Memes* Collection !   
    I have somewhere screenshot of booster with Grinder i add it later, and screenshot with my dumb tower-stoner deck. 
    RNGesus bless us all. 
  8. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Akaranda in Open Beta *Memes* Collection !   
    This is my favorite thread can we keep it alive pls?

  9. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Akaranda in Open Beta *Memes* Collection !   
    My real fear for this project

  10. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game   
    With the recent events of implementing the reward system, grinding and the open stress test I got to feel again how underpowered some of the cards in Battleforge were. While there were definitely some overpowered cards there were also alot of super underpowered ones, that never got any attention. I would argue that at least 10-15% out of the cards were almost unplayable. Most of the time you would pick some op cards, build up your deck and start farming tokens, while some cards will be left behind for like ... forever. I'll leave this thread as a simple idea for possible future plans since I'm aware, that balancing isn't priority for the devs right now. 
    The cards and potential changes don't affect the overall gameplay (because they will remain weaker than really powerful cards), but it would lead to more diversity and refreshing playstyles. I will always comment about why changes are necessary. Most buffs would result in buffs for PvE, because even though there are some cards, that would seem great for PvP, this gamemode is more sensitive for balancing. I just included cards, where I'm 100% certain, that they have no potential of being broken after receiving their potential buff. Also most of the changes I suggest are very simple and don't go into any deep or complex mechanic, so it's easier to predict possible outcomes of potential changes.
    In general there are some things, that are completely underperforming:
    -> The majority of turrets are underpowered. Outclassed by the top tier buildings like Necroblaster or Church of Negation there isn't much room left for alot of the basic turrets with underwhelming abilities and low dps
    -> Pure Decks are simply weaker than splash decks. In order to fully solve this problem Enlightment & Amii Monument need to be nerfed, because most pure T4 cards are just used in nature splash decks, because of the superior healing support. But this isn't part of this thread here, because these changes would affect gameplay massively.  
    To add some last words before heading into the list: These cards will probably remain underpowered after their nerfs, but maybe a little bit more fun to play.
    1: Strikers
    Strikers are probably the weakest swift unit in Fire T1. Outclassed by Scavenger and Nomads no one would ever pick them up. In fact they are a nonfactor in PvP because they are too expensive, S units and melee creatures. Buffing them sadly isn't easy, because once they are viable things can go out of hand due to the looter ability (just look at thugs), but a small buff would make them a little little bit less underwhelming.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 85 power (from 90)
    2: Fire Bomb
    Probably the most unfun card in the game. Takes ages to build up, covers up a small radius and gets destroyed up on activation. While there aren't any QoL buffs, that can make this way easier, at least some additional damage would give that underwhelming card something, that makes it worth to play in PvE
    Possible buff: Damage up to 950; 2200max (from 715; 1650max)
    3: Executor
    This guy is supposed to execute things. But in PvP he's underwhelming and ends up getting kited forever. To make this card at least a little bit more useful a slight damage buff would help, especially since he has an ability, that muliplies the bonus
    Possible buff: Damage up to 650 (from 600)
    4: Lifestealer
    Lifestealer is supposed to deal alot of damage, because the turret can't move like Phasetower and also loses hp once it attacks. The idea is similar to what worked for the Shadow Mage. But that card has something to make up for it's weakness, while Lifestealer just has some unspectacular dps. 
    Possible buff: Damage up to 1625 -> 130 per hit; 195max splash (from 1380 -> 110 per hit; 165max splash)
    5: Soulsplicer (Red)
    I think everyone who used to play with the green affinity knows who powerful Soulsplicer can be. Sadly the Red Affinity is completely underwhelming (I think it was the only rare card worth as much as a common in the AH). 25% extra damage is legit useless, especially when you think about what motivate gives to Shadow T1.
    Possible buff: dmg buff up to 50% per unit (from 25%)
    6: Northguards 
    Outclassed by Frosmage and Masterarchers as an S-Counter in every way. Melee units need some benefits over ranged units if they aspire to be useful in any situation. Making Northguards a little bit stronger leaves them as cool stat-monsters for PvE, that will be useless in PvP anyways.
    Possible Buff: dmg up to 700 (from 630)
    7: Defense Tower
    Its single target dps (680 per 20) is lower compared to some other T1 UNITS with equal cost (like Wrecker). The tower needs more damage to be in consideration for any kind of play. Especially since the other Frost turrets do have some cool abilities, that leave the Defense Tower in a poor spot. 
    Possible Buff: dmg up to 975 -> 78 per hit; 117 max splash (from 68 per hit; 102 max splash)
    8: Tunnel
    I think the Tunnel System offers so much potential. But right now it's just not worth it using the thing, because you have to invest deck slots and alot of power to make combos work around this card. I recommend making this card cheaper since it allows more potential for cross map plays in both PvE and PvP
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 30 power (from 40)
    9: Envenom (both affinities)
    A pretty situational card, but it has its specific use for PvP tournaments, because the poison negates Ravage healing. A very cool counter against instant T2 rushes from fire splashes against nature. Sadly it's still a 70 power card negating a 50 power spell, that is useless in every other scenario. It's okay, that Envenom costs more than Ravage (it's still a T1 vs a T2 card and the 150 power malus from going T2 needs to be considered), but for a card, that does nothing than a little bit single darget damage 70 power is a high investment. 
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 power (from 70)
    10: Morklay Trap
    Pretty much the same useless card as Fire Bomb just with a cooler animation. The ability is quite expensive and the damageoutput for such a high time and power investment is way too low
    Possible Buff: dmg up to 1100; 3300max (from 880; 2640max)
    11: Rocket Tower
    One of the more outdated cards. It does next to no single target damage and is more of an utility card with it's M-knockback onto multiple targets. I think it isn't suited to be a pure Fire only card and definitly weaker than Pyromanic who fits way more into the pure fire deck. Adding this card into different decks makes it way more interesting for some cool combos
    Possible Buff: Orb requiredments down to 1 fire + 1 neutral orb (from 2 fire orbs)
    12: Eliminator
    Not just weak in general since it's a casual melee unit without outstanding stats, but also has a useless ability. The buff to a specific unit class is a nice idea, but the values are simply underwhelming, for a 50 power spell
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 25 (from 50) + affected friendly units don't lose any hp anymore (from -5hp per second)
    13: Ripper
    They are supposed to be some sticky annoying units with their ability to soak up corpses to regenerate hp. Most of the time they simply die before they can soak up anything though. Makes them feel underwhelming especially when Darkelf-Assassins are around. A bigger hp pool would give them their own identity and also some sweet nasty potential. 
    Possible buff: hp up to 840 (from 780)
    14: Mountain Rowdy
    The damge reduction idea is quite nice, but the radius is waaay to small. You won't be able to make any use of that in a real scenario, therefore there is no reason to play this card. Slow Melee cards without any special abilities tend to be quite useless, so buffing the ability would give some cool additional feature to pure Frost PvE decks
    Possible buff: Ability Radius up to 40m (from 20m)
    15: Phalanx
    They used to be unique with their reflect ability and setting this up in combination with Lightblade was a pretty funny combo, but apart from their ability Phalanx are just underwhelming and only used in PvP as a nasty bot. Their damage is nonexistent and making them more useful would be a nice addition for some PvE decks, because they are a very intersting card, that is still quite tanky. 
    Possible buff: Damage up to 850 (from 750)
    16: Frost Crystal
    The thing is waaay weaker than cannon tower. So the only reason to use that card is its freezing ability. But that thing has a nonexistent radius. A ranged unit, that is attacking the tower directly is still out of the freezing range. This make this turret totally pointless and without an increased radius I don't see a single reason to use it in any game.
    Possible buff: Freeze Radius up to 40m (from 25/30)
    17: Sunken Tempel
    The card is producing mediocre units for 200 power. With 120 bound power through the building it would take ages to make it worth it. You would need like 6 or 7 ability rotations, which is impossible to achieve in any game. Making the ability rotations cheaper would allow to at least increase the value over time.  
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 60 (from 80)
    18: Healing Well
    The card is charging up way to slow. Even though it caps at like 265hp regen per second, the pool is exhausted way too fast and also regenerating at a 20hp per second rate. That means it takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds to charge up ... which is an eternity. Right now this Nature T2 building is completly inferior compared to a shadow T1 building (Soulsplicer) in terms of healing power, which is sad. 
    Possible buff: Recharging speed up to 60 per second (from 20 per second)
    19: Twilight Minions
    Early game Twilight units are simply inferior to some other ones. Just compare Twilight minions with ghostspears (who are more versitile and tankier) and you will realise why noone uses them. Increasing the stat efficency would be necessary so that they can somewhat keep up with their counterparts, allowing people to properly build up some Twilight PvE combos later on)
    Possible buff: hp up to 840 (from 780)
    20: Slaver
    This guy is an L counter with an awful stat efficency. It is completely inferior to all other L counters Fire Nature has (Mauler, Gladiatrix and even Firesworn). His damage is lower, the guy costs more and it's a melee unit. To make it at least somewhat fair, the unit shouldn't cost more than all these other units, who are even stronger statwise.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 70 (from 80)
    21: Banditos 
    Banditos are underwhelming, because they are S-Melee units with stats that could be equal to a T1 unit. The only thing that makes them somewhat strong is their ability, which allows them to get very good dps values that remains unused though especially for the green affinity. Allowing the card to be spammed easier would enhance its passive ability and make give the card some new fresh power.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 50 (from 60)
    22: Bandit Launcher
    Another underperforming turret with mediocre stats & a weak suicide ability. But I feel like destroying the building through the ability is more than enough punishment, it simply shouldn't cost additional power. 
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 20)
    23: Skydefender
    Anti Air turrets are just useful in specific scenarios. Such an expensive & situational card simple isn't worth a slot in every deck. You can simply pick up casual turrets, that are more versitile and have a similar cost stat efficency. By enhancing the unique strength of this building (which should be the high dmg against air units) it simply shouldn't be more expensive than other casual turrets.
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 (from 80)
    24: Stone Hurler
    Another underperforming Turret, that is way too expensive. No one would ever use that thing, just compare it to cannon tower, which does nearly double damage. In order to make turrets more usable simply reduce some of their high cost, because without the high amount of bound power they can be used to cover certain spots and will be picked over units in at least some scenarios
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 65 (from 75)
    25: Tower of Flames
    The basic stats are fine, just the ability is a little bit underwhelming. You would never spend 50 power to use that thing. Making this ability cheaper would enhance its possibilities, because you could also use it to increase the burst 
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 20 (from 50)
    26: Frontier Keep
    250 bound power for a card that offers nothing but a little bit of defensive crowd control is nothing but a joke. Like noone would ever spend a single bfp for that building, which is in contention of beeing the most useless card in the game. Even a huge buff would leave this card in a place, where no one would consider playing it, if he goes for serious gameplay
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 150 (from 250)
    27: Sylvan Gate
    The nerfing approach for root network was "nerfing the individual power of some cards like razorleaf, but add some more strength through complexity to the root network system". Sadly it isn't as strong as some other defences and in a weak spot. Buffing the supporting cards around the root network would strengthen its overall power without making some of it's key cards too overpowered. Reducing the cost of this card would also be nice since this big defence requires alot of bound power which often isn't effective.
    Possible Buff: Cost down to 90 (from 110)
    28: Mind Weaver
    The ability is so underwhelming. Spending 100 power to get control of a mediocre unit for 20 seconds is something that wouldn't be worth it even in T2 or maybe even T1. Just compare it to the other mindcontrol cards and you will realise how outdated this ability is. Making it cheaper and spammable would give some fresh air to this mediocre turret (especially since it's an ultra rare card).
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 25 (from 100)
    29: Twilight Hag
    A sweet card with a nice idea. The ability has potential, but the unit is waay to squishy to be played in any serious way. Most T1 unit do have a better health/power efficency.
    Possible buff: hp up to 900 (from 785)
    30: Stone Launcher
    Why in the world does the ability cost 70 power? Stormsinger can do the same thing for less power in T2, while she is a mobile unit. Even gravity surge is cheaper. I don't see any reason for this ability to cost any power, because Stone Launcher is just an anti air turret without much use. 
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 70)
    31: Boom Brothers
    The approach of giving the ability XL konckback was nice, but the card still need some survivability in order to survive the T4 stage in any way. Most of the time XL units are way easier to support and scale well with percentage heals, while most smaller units in T4 end up beeing left behind.  
    Possible buff: Hp up to 3000 (from 2555)
    32: Emberstrike
    The M damage for this low cost unit is apparently very good. Still there is the same problem mentioned above for smaller units. They need something to stand out. While I played this unit alot during the last weeks I felt like the card would be way more amazing if you could simply spam the ability, which isn't possible right now with the high cost (even though it is just 50 power it stacks up once you start using it multiple times). The card has the potential to provide fun gameplay, but simply is too expensive in order to do it effectively.
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 10 (from 50)
    33: Fire Worm
    T4 Worms feel so underwhelming. They do have such amazing mechanics, that allow some crazy plays, but right now it's simply not worth it, because their damage output is way to low. While I agree with the idea of having a low hp pool onto these high mobility units, there is next to no use for them when they don't do enough damage even though you are able to use its abilities on a high level. 
    Possible Buff: Dmg up to 6000 - 600dmg per hit; 900max splash (from 4800 - 480 per hit; 720max splash)
    34: Magma Fiend
    The dps is quite nice, but the ability is so weak, it somewhat feels like you lose strength, because of the long duration of its animation. I don't see any reason for this ability to cost that much power for next to no benefit
    Possible Buff: Ability cost down to 50 (from 100)
    35: Fire Sphere
    The card has many downsides. It takes alot of charging time, it even requires 3 fire orbs, it is quite expensive, yet it does just decent damage. Dealing with one of these heavy "weights" makes the card way more interesting to use and somewhat worth it for someone who invests 3 of is orb into fire.
    Possiblte buff: Cost down to 100 (From 150)
    36: Bloodthirst
    This card is a T4 single target healing spell, which is inferior to Ray of Light unless you've got a dps monster (like Batariel). And Ray of Light is an AoE spell ... and it's cheaper ... and it's a T2 spell. 
    Possible buff: 330 hp regen per 1000dmg (from 165 per 1000)
    37: Void Maw
    This card is an ability bot. It has the combat stats of a decent T3 unit which is simple not enough to be played in higher Tier environments. In order to keep the unit somewhat useful a bigger hp pool would be nice so doesn't end up dying in these big T4 fights. You also could make better preparations for your ability usage.
    Possible buff: hp up to 2500 (from 2090)
    38: Shadow Worm
    This card is only useful with its ability, which is still worse than the church of negation one. But I don't think buffing its ability would be useful, because this doesn't buff the weak pure Shadow PvE faction, but more the enlightment version. Therefore I do think it would be more useful to buff the damage of this unit, which is underwhelming for a card, that requires 4 Shadow orbs. Also I don't think buffing the raw damage would go over the board in combination with enlightment usage, because you only use the shadow worm in nature splashes for its ability which has to remain untouched as long as Enlightment exists. 
    Possible buff: dmg up to 5500 - 550 per hit; 825 max splash (from 4000dmg - 400 per hit; 600 max splash)
    39: Infernal Chain
    I do think the card has some potential for instance in combination with overlord, who would take less damage while regenerating with its ability, so could make some tank out of it. Sadly the infernal chain costs alot, which makes this kind of play mediocre and is simply not worth the deckslot. But I think with some good micro and a small buff to this card it has potential to be used in some scenarios and would also provide healthy gameplay
    Possible buff: Cost down to 100 (from 150)
    40: Plaque 
    I think this spell is somewhat outdated and it simply doesn't do enough damage even when it's hitting it's max value. A strong damage buff would be nice so this card starts seeing at least a little use in our games.
    Possible buff: Dmg per target up to 150/s (from 100/s)
    41: Winter Witch
    The card is a nice support card for pure Frost decks, but with its high requirements it is just way to expensive to use it properly in offensive scenarios. The card doesn't do damage anyways, but the shield is not worth the high power and micro investment. In order to make it a decent supporting unit it would be nice to make the Shield ability for free, so it's worth it building up the 3+ frost orbs. 
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 0 (from 100)
    42: Battleship
    The card is slow as hell, but also doesn't have any special combat stats. Only the ability is somewhat useful, but that doesn't make the card viable at all. It's fine having these slow cards in a Frost deck, but without any strength to make up for that there is no reason to use a card like that. I feel like a nice buff would be a general enhancement of its combat power, so it ends up beeing a stat monster, so you get something for the very high power investment
    Possible buff: Dmg up to 5625 - 150 per hit; 225 max splash (from 3750dmg - 100 per hit; 150 max splash) 
    43: Grove Spirit
    The problem is somewhat similar to the winterwitch, especially since other healing spells are just somewhat op in comparison to what this card offers for the price of alot of power and a deckslot. In order to make it somwhat useful a cost reduction of the heal is necessary.
    Possible buff: Ability cost down to 40 (from 90)
    44: Primeval Watcher
    An outdated card, that has in interesting mechanic that brings free crowd control into the mix. But in order to offer that crowd control in big T4 fights you need to get into the middle of the fight, which requires a big amount of hp. That's something Primeval Watcher lacks completely. Increasing that hp pool would be nice and add a supporter function to this card, that fits the nature style. The damage output from this card isn't relevant anyways. 
    Possible buff: Hp up to 5500 (form 4650)
    45: Artillery
    I really do like the card, it is cool and fits the bandits style with a big nuke attack, mines and a cool animation. Yet it is a mediocre T4 building and used rarely, because the immobility is a huge problem for T4 buildings anyways. Making it cheaper would be quite nice, because you don't have to invest that much bound power into a non mobile object.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 170 (from 190)
    46: Deepgorge
    This card has a similar problem. You just don't use many buildings in T4 anymore, that don't have long range (or global) effects/abilities. They just bind power and slow down your overall tempo in through the game. Deepgorge simply isn't worth the power investment.
    Possible buff: Cost down to 180 (from 225)
    47: Earthern Gift
    The card is rare and you can buy it on the AH right now for 10 bfp. I haven't seen any player in this game use this card once outside of the forge. The effect is cool, but the orb requirements are very harsh. In order to provide more diversity in gameplay you could reduce the orb conditions, so you could really use this card (to support church defences for instance) 
    Possible buff: Orb requirement changed to 1 Frost; 1 Nature & 2 Neutral orbs (from 2 frost & 2 nature orbs) 
    48: Ravenheart
    Such a beutiful promo card, but just way to expensive to be used. Investing 350 power for this legendary card feels underwhelming. You can play these cards just once in the game and then you get something that has worse stats than your classic units. The combat stats aren't even that great. 
    Possible buff: Power cost down to 280 (from 350)
    49: Shatter Ice
    I think the idea of this card is nice, because it synergizes with the overall pure Frost gameplay. But even though it does alot of damage it still doesn't feel like it's enough, if you want to go pure Frost with your deck. I think a small damage buff would increase the fun you will have with this card by a big amount.
    Possible buff: dmg up to 4000 per target; 12000 max (from 3300 per target; 9900 max) 
    50: Easter Egg
    Just kidding, Easter Egg is op
    I feel like these changes would be some big improvements for alot of cards and decks, without touching anything relevant balancing wise. If you disagree with anything or if you think I missed some major points: Tell me and let me know what you think about this  
  11. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Rondine in Color strength and weakness Overview PvE   
    Since i did see quiet a lot of new players and the question "What should i play??".
    I did a little chart for the 4 Core Faktions.

    Shoutout to: Ultrakool, Limuts, Shred and kikispas for helping 
  12. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Kunzekalauer in Experiences with the stress test so far   
    Hello fellow Skylords.
    I thought by myself that after a few days into the server stress test, it is time to exchange about the actual experiences we made during this phase of game development.
    While I did not come closer to the forge than to the starting screen of the game (I actually saw the forge already, so excited!!) to be disconnected instantly, a friend of mine actually managed to play the tutorial and open several booster packs, he also got a legendary card from them, how cool is that?  
    So yeah I'm positive that this game is closer than ever to open Beta and even if it will surely take months until its actually possible to do multiplayer, my  will not be broken.
    What are your experiences? Maybe you even have some awesome screenshots? Please post it here and keep the love alive!
    Regards to all of you
  13. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Yima Ymir in Experiences with the stress test so far   
    I actually played like 2 games and it was awesome. It is so nostalgic to play it again. I hope thatevery issue will be solves as fast and possible, so I can play all night long :).
  14. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Readymade in Stress Test going well   
    You joined the community about 2 days ago and we all waited for this for years and your are complaining, that it was a waste of time... dude just leave this forum and uninstall the game
    and btw: yes i know that you played BF before and that you uploaded a lot of content on youtube but you don't deserve to play here with such bad manners
  15. Omni325 liked a post in a topic by Leohausmaus in Have not received account confirmation email.   
    I have sometimes the same issue, i just typ in the same password and restart the launcher, it works then
  16. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Fyrios in What's better   
    Every wrong answer may result into a 1v1 against me 
  17. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important Stream Incoming! (05/09/18 20:30)   
    Greetings, dear Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks!
    We're excited to announce that the Skylords Reborn Team (represented by InsaneHawk and myself) will host a brand new, official stream in order to reveal some very important and big information for the foreseeable future of the project. We have been making massive amounts of progress in the past few weeks, and it has all been leading up to this moment, which is a major milestone before Open Beta, but more on that Wednesday! (Though we can assure you that a little hype is in order for everyone!)
    We will be hosting an official stream on Wednesday the 5th of September on 20:30 CEST (18:30 UTC)
    on our Twitch Channel, bringing you all some big and important news and updates!
    Thank you all for your patience between our last announcement and this one. The upcoming stream will be one of the most exciting ones for us yet, so feel free to tune in and say hi! Can't make it to the stream? Don't fret! The entire stream will be available on our Twitch Channel's History.
    See you soon, and may the Forge be with you!
  18. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important Progress Update and Clarification   
    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks!
    Throughout the past few weeks we have noticed increasingly negative comments and remarks with regards to Skylords Reborn, its progress and its development time. Accusations of us scamming supporters are made on a daily basis, and while that is simply false in every aspect, we do understand that a lot of you have major concerns and are worried about the project, whether it's still a thing, whether we have run off with Patreon funds, and where we are right now after 3 years of development. Don't worry, though! We live, and as you will soon find out, we are doing well and are going nowhere!
    The thing is, and beta testers know this, that we are actually making a lot of progress to the point where we are busy stress testing the servers with the Closed Beta testing group, improving server stability and creeping closer to Open Beta with every single test. And by the Old Gods, it took a while to get here. A lot of you have an idea of how long a game development cycle can take, and so it is only understandable that 3 years seems like an awful lot just to bring a game back. However, it's a lot more complicated than that due to this being a passion/voluntary project that we don't get paid for, and finding/fixing bugs being way more complex due to us not having made the client code at all. This makes it an unpredictable process in which we can't set deadlines or promise fixed release times. For a more detailed explanation, refer to the quote below from the Open Beta Information thread:
    Rest assured, we are happy to inform you that we don't want to make money from this project (even if we wanted to, it would be illegal), and that your support is not in vain. Supporting the project is also completely voluntary, and we do not give any game rewards to patrons at all. Thanks to every single one of you who has been having faith in this project and supporting us by being a thriving and friendly community, we have managed to come a long way in 3 years, in which we faced managerial issues, legal complications, several server rewrites, and a lot of swapping regarding staff and partnerships. Our team right now is very solid and progressive, though, and we're getting closer and closer to that glorious Open Beta. We are reaching important testing milestones, which is fantastic. For example, @Kubik has evaluated our latest Closed Beta Stress Test, which was held yesterday. He has collected the following results:
    For more details on the stress test results, there will be an update on our Developer Platform soon!
    "What does all this mean?" you may wonder. In essence, it means that we are ironing out some of the last bugs in the current server code (as far as we can see), are getting further in making 12-player maps work properly, and the server is currently able to handle quite some players at the same time. In other words, progress, progress, progress! Keeping this in mind, we would like to give you the following information:
    Something BIG is coming.
    Though we will not be reaching a full open beta state just yet, something large and important will be coming to the Skylords Reborn community in the near future. To present this and to provide you with details on this big development milestone, we will be announcing a new, important official stream very soon, so stay tuned!
    Hopefully this update will clarify things and ease away some of the major concerns you may all be having regarding the project. Be sure to check the forums, discord or other social media for the stream announcements, and for weekly updates about all the progress we are actively making, check our Developer Platform!
    Thank you all again for your undying support and dedication to the project and the game, and we hope to bring all over 21 THOUSAND of you Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings (*GASP*) more great progress and updates in the near future!
  19. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by DominikS in Original Artworks   
    A Friend of a Friend made some of the original Artworks of a BF Cards. Sent me this
  20. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by Ilsyde in [SOL] BattleForge: Shadows Over Lyr - a print & play card game   
    Shadows Over Lyr (SOL) is a pet project of mine, spanning over 30 hours to create and finalise. The intention was to retain the art of Battleforge and turn it into a thematic, printable (i.e. physical) card game that’s perfectly balanced and playable.
    Skip the dark grey text and jump to the Story and gameplay paragraph half-way below if you don't want to read about the history of how this project came to fruition.

    Behind the scenes
    My first choice was to create duel decks by copying Magic the Gathering cards, which I had to relinquish mainly because Wizards of the Coast don‚Äôt take kindly to copies of their card game. Creating mechanics mimicking MtG would‚Äôve been fine, but not balanced enough to truly enjoy as an end product. After going through iterations of some of my beloved card games, I‚Äôve finally decided to base SOL on the highly acclaimed Lost Cities. Which ‚Äď due to its abstract nature ‚Äď can be played using an expanded standard deck of cards, lending itself beautifully to iterations.
    The rules of SOL are easy to learn but the gameplay is ripe with tension and tough decisions, which has made Lost Cities so well received and sought after by gamers and non-gamers alike.

    I used card frames without the artwork, and stripped these of their power and orb counters, the rarity indicator then rebuilt missing parts to create a clean template for each card.
    Card artwork was used from the original Battleforge files (thanks to @bobfrog for collating these, and to @MrXLink for offering his help in locating a missing one), then flavour text was added at the bottom of each. The developers of Battleforge have come up with lore for 19 creatures per faction. I’ve read each of these, and based on the creature and how interesting the lore was decided to pick 12 per faction.
    The other reason why the cards were stripped clean is to replace the original barebones font with a display font that‚Äôs ‚Äď in my opinion ‚Äď gives cards more personality. The black bleed area around each card has been doubled, then replaced with a white trim to protect the edges of physical cards from damage caused by wear and tear.

    For the fifth faction/colour, I’ve combined a gold frame with the textures of the original black frame and used mostly legendary creatures to create another 12 cards. All card values were allocated based on the original power cost. Card backs were created from the map of Lyr, a flourish design used in the Battleforge lore book and layer styles.
    There were also five ‚Äėlocation‚Äô cards made without text and two rule cards included on a black solid card template to re-iterate each game phase and scoring to both players.


     Story and gameplay (thematic flavour text in italic)
    Like a dark, ominous storm cloud creeping through the darkest crevices and gleaming mountain tops, an unknown force is gathering over the land of Lyr. You and another Skylord have been alerted to this presence and decided to deal with the incursion. After several key locations have been identified as the main target of this mysterious enemy, negotiations between you and the other Skylord have ceased. Now it’s a frantic race between the two armies, seeing who will be able to repel the impending shadow and secure the knowledge held within these sites of power.

    Shadows of Lyr is a two-player hand management and set collection game. The objective is to achieve the highest overall score after three rounds by sending out the largest army possible for each faction, while hindering your opponent who’s trying to do the same.

    Game components:
    2 identical game rule cards
    5 location cards with horizontal layout
    45 creature cards (9 for each faction) ranging from numbers 2 to 10
    15 scout cards (3 for each faction) with no numerical value

    Give each player a game rule card to provide them with a quick reminder of game rules and scoring system.
    Place the 5 location cards ‚Äď also known as ‚Äėsites of power‚Äô ‚Äď face up between the two players, in any order you‚Äôd like. These will act as dividers between the two Skylords‚Äô armies, and as discard piles for roaming creatures of corresponding colours.

    Shuffle the remaining creature and scout cards into a single deck of 60 cards, then deal 8 cards face down to each player. Place the remaining pile of cards face down within both players’ reach.

    Then the game begins. Players alternate turns and must take two actions each before ending their turn.

     Play a card from your hand. You have three options here:

    1. Start a new column of cards.
    Place a card below one of the sites of power of matching colour on your side of the play area. As an example, units of the Nature faction may only be sent to reinforce and protect the green site of power. You’ve now committed to that location and have to do your utmost best to send enough forces to repel the enemy when it strikes against your army.

    2. Place a card at the end of a column you already started.
    If you already have a card played below one of the sites of power, you may choose another unit from your hand to strengthen the defense. This unit must be of corresponding colour to the previous card played, and to the site of power it will be guarding from the enemy.
    This card must also have a higher value than the previous number in that column.
    Be careful, as scouts must be sent to a site of power before your main army arrives. This will give them enough time to entrench themselves, gather information and explore the area to give tactical advantages to your main forces.
    As an example, you may play up to three scouts per site of power of a colour ‚Äď however once you place a unit that has a power value, you can no longer send scouts to that location.

    3. Discard a card.
    When discarding from your hand, you must place that card face up on the matching colour of a site of power.
    Units discarded this way become roaming creatures, not part of either Skylords’ forces until enrolled in an army.

     Draw a card into your hand. You have two options here:

    1. Choose one of the top cards from the five discard stacks (if any).
    You may take any face up card irrespective of their colour, as long as it’s not the same card you’ve just discarded.
    Units you take control of this way become part of your roster to reinforce your armies on the field when necessary.

    2. Take the top card of the draw pile.
    The unit you’ve summoned this way becomes part of your roster to reinforce your armies on the field when necessary.

     Now it’s your opponent’s turn.
    Once a player draws the last card from the draw pile, the round ends immediately (the last card from the draw pile can't be played).
    The above indicates that both Skylords have ran out of time and are unable to summon any more creatures. The mysterious shadow descends upon the land of Lyr and its forces lay siege to each of the five sites of power.

    Cards in your hand, and scouts placed on the battlefield are worth zero points.

    1. For each faction (colour), add the card values together for each column on your side of the playing field.
    This is the sheer strength of your army. If you haven’t placed any cards below a site of power, skip that location.
    As a Skylord, you’ve decided not to commit any of your units to come to the aid of that site of power, endured neither losses nor victories, and have no knowledge of enemy activity in that area.
    2. Subtract 20 points from each column where you’ve placed cards.
    This is the power of the enemy forces at that location, determining whether the Skylord was able to repel the enemy force, seizing the site of power to themselves.
    3. Multiply subtotals by the number of scouts +1.
    Your scouts give your main armies tactical advice and strategic knowledge about the battlefield:
    In case you failed to dispatch enough forces and the enemy prevailed, your forces have perished and your scouts scattered. Not only have your lost your creatures, your scouts have been taken hostage, exposing your weaknesses causing a major blow to your overall strategy.
    In case your army has prevailed and destroyed the forces of shadow, your scouts have exploited the enemy’s tactics allowing you to turn their weakness against them. You’ve achieved a glorious victory.
    4. Add 20 points for each column with at least 8 cards.
    Your superior army has ruthlessly decimated the enemy forces and eradicated the surviving stragglers, wavering the morale of your foe.
    Finally, add each column’s points together to form your victory points. The Skylord with the highest score begins the next round, preparing for another impeding attack. Whoever has the most victory points after three rounds is the winner of SOL.
     3-player game variant:
    Plays exactly the same as the original base game of SOL for two players, but with the following differences:
    - location cards are only used as scrap piles, as everyone will play cards (i.e. start columns) in front of them
    - only 7 cards are given to each player at the beginning of the game, as opposed to the standard 8 (unless you're playing with 72 cards)
    - enemy forces have 15 power per location, as opposed to the standard 20
    - you receive 15 bonus points for each column with at least 7 cards, as opposed to the standard 20 & 8 split
    Basically, 8 becomes 7 and 20 becomes 15  Please note this game mode has not been tested with 72 cards (6 factions) therefore slight tweaking may be required if you're adding the Forgotten to the mix.

    This is what a typical game of SOL would look like from one of the Skylords’ point of view. The other player would be placing cards on the opposite side of the discard piles, where the explanation texts are:

    And finally, here are some interesting tips and strategies to take into consideration:
    -    be careful what you discard, as your opponent may want to use that card
    -    you could discard cards with the intent of picking them up later, but in doing so you’re also giving your opponent the same option 
    -    cards you keep waiting for could be at the bottom of the draw pile or in your opponents hand
    -    would you risk playing high value cards with the intention of denying them from your opponent, even if that means losing points for that colour? 
    -    make sure valuable cards in your hand get played, as once the last card from the draw pile is gone the round is over
    -    be cautious about starting a new column, as once you place the first card in any given colour your opponent will try and deny those faction cards from you
    -    you can keep discarding cards at the beginning of the game to guess what your opponent is after, but this might set you behind
    -    if your opponent discards a card you want, do you take it right away and alert them to the fact that you want that colour?

     DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2v2lkal7pliop/Shadows_Over_Lyr
    There are now three files in this folder:

    BF_SOL.zip - first edition of SOL (standalone, not compatible with any of the below)
    This is the deck of cards you need to print to play the game. All of the above videos, photos and pictures were made with these images and cards.

    BF_SOL_revised.zip - revised edition of SOL with small cosmetic tweaks
    Font size for card values increased by 25% ; gave more emphasis to Shadows Over Lyr text on cardbacks ; canvas proportions constrained to 63:88 ; white bleed extended by 2mm per edge
    Please note that there is no difference in image quality or gameplay between the first and revised editions.
    BF_SOL_expansion.zip - expansion set containing 12 new cards as a new colour (the Forgotten faction) ; requires revised edition
    This is an expansion to boost the number of cards to Printerstudio's standard of 72 (6 factions x 12 cards each) i.e. as long as you don't use/print location and reference cards from the base game.
    The expansion is only compatible with the revised edition due to cosmetic tweaks, and is not required to play the base game of SOL. Two main reasons why this was created: 1) Lost Cities has just received an expansion adding a sixth colour 2) to provide meaningful choice to people who want to use up their 72-card slot at Printerstudio and don't care about rule reference or location cards
    Click here to look at a comparison photo between the two editions.

    Many thanks to @Avire for pointing us to http://www.printerstudio.de/machen/blanko-spielkarten-63x88mm-personalisieren.html in his thread. Printerstudio also has an American website at http://www.printerstudio.com/personalized/custom_playing_cards_blank_cards.html which is a tad more expensive unless you actually live in the States. The UK website is defunct according to their customer services, so please use the German site if you live in Europe (i.e. the first link).
    Have fun playing SOL with your partner, friends or gaming group!
  21. Leohausmaus liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in My Improved CardBase   
    I have made a few major updates to the API and therefore Allcards:
    Fixed ALL missing information on promo cards Updated all promo cards' abilities to properly reflect their upgraded state, excluding ability power costs (uneditable/nonexistent in API) Updated all promo cards to list that they have no upgrades as they are fully upgraded by default Fixed missing orb info for Legendary cards Fixed missing orb info for several Twilight cards, Protector's Seal, and Sunken Temple Fixed missing ability name and description for Flame Crystal Fixed missing ability names and descriptions for Lord Cyrian Fixed Easter Egg's affinity Fixed invalid characters in the ability description of both Warden's Sigils Correctly updated Lyrish Knight and his Protector ability to include Steadfast as an ability unlisted on the card image Correctly updated Treespirit abilities to match their affinities and to be in their correct order Updated hidden information on Linked Fire, Egg Hunt and Rage (@gnomgrol you are more than welcome to include this info in Allcards!) Fixed some spelling and grammar errors on several card descriptions Please quote/contact me for additional ability/card description/API alterations, as I manage the database (to the extent I can).
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