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BFP #1 - Bounty for Pro's - Bad Harvest Solo - CLAIMED by Hirooo


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I really dislike the current Bad Harvest Solo method - giving up your base is not worthy of a real Skylord. And while I came close to a new strategy, yet I am unable to get it really to work. I wasted way too much time on this, but I think it is possible for sure, so I'm setting up a bounty for someone who is able to send me a replay that meets the following criteria:

* Full solo, no other player joining for orbs/wells
* Expert difficulty
* Defend the starting base - do not lose an orb or well
* Must be repeatable - e.g. do not profit from a rare occurrence, like getting the units stuck on the wall way longer than usual
* Of course: win the map 😉

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse an entry if anything goes against the spirit of the challenge - like, if I forgot to add a rule or condition. It's win the map + keep the base in any way you like, but I will not allow for any rule-lawyering. Also, if some heavy bug-use or exploit is involved, I may refuse the entry - I want to see a gameplay solution similar to the Codebreaker Achievement, not a shady trick 😃

Also, by entering the Bounty, you accept that your entry (replay) will be made public.

REWARD: 15.000 BFP + Promo Rogan Kayle The bounty has been completed by @Hirooo.

If I get inpatient, I may add more BFP to the bounty, but I think for someone who is an excellent player, it's worth investing an hour or two to see if they can do it. Also, if you invest some SERIOUS time, please send the replay anyway to me, I may reward you with some BFP and make it public, so others can develop from that point on further.

Good luck to all the Bounty Hunters!

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1 hour ago, Majora said:

I'd argue we did it duo in the ''normal way'' but lost a well regardless 

Lets not discuss who's fault that was btw 😄 

I remember someone wasn't able to defend the satellite orb as well...

but I forgot who 😛

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13 hours ago, DefAnske said:

I sometimes feel like having an idea for this, then I try it out once and feel frustrated so I stop 😅

The thing is that its really punishing to feel so close to making it, and then it falls apart in the last moment :brannoc:

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  • Kapo changed the title to BFP #1 - Bounty for Pro's - Bad Harvest Solo - CLAIMED by Hirooo

Check out the Video made by Ultralord here:

Here is the replay of Hirooo's Run: Bad Harvest Expert - Hirooo - 12.40.pmv

Congratulations to Hirooo again, and thanks to everyone that showed interest in this challenge - and special thanks to Ultralord for presenting it in such an awesome way!

If you have a suggestion for other BFP's, please send me a message.


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On 4/16/2023 at 5:56 AM, You will win with me said:

I'll overlook the fact that he lost one well at game minute 7.50 😋

Before he sent me the replay, he asked me if this is within the rules, and I thought it's okay since it's an extra-well that is not part of the main cluster.

And if your eyes are there at the right time, it's possible to defend it with a Bandit Minefield, Cultist Master or Emberstrike, but even I did ignore that on my tries because the well is not of any importance any more 😃

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