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  1. I sad that we lost Kubik for Skylords reborn, but its his decision - So i wish you the best for the future. And who knows, maybe i spot your name on another project and think to myself : "I KNOW YOU" with big smile on my face
  2. Sorry no, i havened payed attentions before it was to late xD
  3. Name: Assigning Upgrades, which you already have (after DC of host) Description: I was playing with “HenikPL” Sunbridge Exp. He got a DC, so I finished alone. After I finished I could assign the Upgrades, but because Heniek had the DC, the only player available in the dropdown list was myself. So I tried to assign the upgrades to me an got the message that I already have it. I have done that for all, to be sure. Then I wanted to get the gold. so I click on the last one and TADA -> the last one was changed to gold and the first 3 where given to me -> but I already had them. Repoducibility: Sorry couldn’t test it again. (which is a good sign, that means that there were no DC ) LOGS.zip
  4. T1421

    Experiencing "Lags"

    in my case the solution is Vsync = on it limits my FPS at 60
  5. T1421

    Skipping animations

    I tried to run BF on two of my other PC, but they were not built to play games - the result 15-20 FPS So, I really can’t tell you if I have animation skips or just frame drops from the PC ☹ I may get it running on a PC with a Intel J 1900… (Just have to find a graphic card in my basement xD )
  6. T1421

    Skipping animations

    So the result form my test: (Installing a second windows 10 on my PC) -> Nothing has changed, still this mini lags / skipped animations. Tried also running BF for a SSD vs HDD, also no change. (Running via UNC-Path didn’t work at all)
  7. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Sorry, took longer than expected… I tried your hard reset (Renamed the BF Folder in the Documents, so the game created a ne won) + I have re downloaded the BF Files + Launcher ->So, a completely new start Result: Nothing has changed… still the skips I tried to run BF on other PCs but they are not meant to play ? (No graphic card so the FPS were about 15) (Same goes for running in BF in Virtual Box or Hyper-V I could try to install a new windows 10 parallel to my existing one, to see if it is maybe as software in the background.
  8. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Well, yes -> i played BF back in the old days, but no -> not on this specific computer. (Till then I changed nearly every component, maybe the HDD is the same)
  9. T1421

    Skipping animations

    THX, for the tipp, but nothing has changed :-(
  10. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Sorry but in my case the "activatefpslimit" are not the problem, the limit is 0. I send you my config, maybe you can find something suspicious. config.xml
  11. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Hmmm improve yes, but not solve in my case… I set all to low / off and still have the skips. https://gofile.io/?c=iT9hAC
  12. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Hey there, I think I can assist at this point, because I notice the same “micro lags”. (But it thinks they are not as noticeable as the one from EvilCookie) Here is a Full HD Clip with a countdown to the lags / framers / animations skips: https://gofile.io/?c=gKQ5wb And here one to the original files: https://gofile.io/?c=ubPdE0 if you need more information let me know. PS.: Yes, I used the Test Server (01.10.2019 ~17:38 – 17:40) MFG Ultralord
  13. T1421

    Play on full screen

    Thats the post you are looking for.
  14. T1421

    Change music

    I liked the idea so I have given it a shot. 1. Find pak file and extract 2. Find some MP3 and convert them to sns files 3. Replace the shadow songs 4. Generate the pak file and start BF Result -> Crash (as Aviat0r, predicted) I have changed the MP3 formats (Dif. Bitrate, etc.) but still -> crash. Using the same file for shadow1_stream & shadow1_var_stream -> crash. (Var is the same music but a bit more intense – is playing when your camera is near a battle) Changing some settings in the converter -> crash. So in the end, could be possible, but only with mush try an error. (or luck)
  15. Hey There, I thought I post my idea which is probably not possible. - Drag and Drop cards in to the filter When I (and probably others too) want to sell a card, I normally search for the current price. I nice feature would be, to D&D the card in to the filter an the AH will search for this card. Or the smaller version: The System will insert the cards name into the Item-Search-Text-Box.

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