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  1. Sorry no, i havened payed attentions before it was to late xD
  2. Name: Assigning Upgrades, which you already have (after DC of host) Description: I was playing with “HenikPL” Sunbridge Exp. He got a DC, so I finished alone. After I finished I could assign the Upgrades, but because Heniek had the DC, the only player available in the dropdown list was myself. So I tried to assign the upgrades to me an got the message that I already have it. I have done that for all, to be sure. Then I wanted to get the gold. so I click on the last one and TADA -> the last one was changed to gold and the first 3 where given to me -> but I already had them. Repoducibility: Sorry couldn’t test it again. (which is a good sign, that means that there were no DC ) LOGS.zip
  3. T1421

    Experiencing "Lags"

    in my case the solution is Vsync = on it limits my FPS at 60
  4. T1421

    Skipping animations

    I tried to run BF on two of my other PC, but they were not built to play games - the result 15-20 FPS So, I really can’t tell you if I have animation skips or just frame drops from the PC ☹ I may get it running on a PC with a Intel J 1900… (Just have to find a graphic card in my basement xD )
  5. T1421

    Skipping animations

    So the result form my test: (Installing a second windows 10 on my PC) -> Nothing has changed, still this mini lags / skipped animations. Tried also running BF for a SSD vs HDD, also no change. (Running via UNC-Path didn’t work at all)
  6. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Sorry, took longer than expected… I tried your hard reset (Renamed the BF Folder in the Documents, so the game created a ne won) + I have re downloaded the BF Files + Launcher ->So, a completely new start Result: Nothing has changed… still the skips I tried to run BF on other PCs but they are not meant to play 😉 (No graphic card so the FPS were about 15) (Same goes for running in BF in Virtual Box or Hyper-V I could try to install a new windows 10 parallel to my existing one, to see if it is maybe as software in the background.
  7. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Well, yes -> i played BF back in the old days, but no -> not on this specific computer. (Till then I changed nearly every component, maybe the HDD is the same)
  8. T1421

    Skipping animations

    THX, for the tipp, but nothing has changed :-(
  9. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Sorry but in my case the "activatefpslimit" are not the problem, the limit is 0. I send you my config, maybe you can find something suspicious. config.xml
  10. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Hmmm improve yes, but not solve in my case… I set all to low / off and still have the skips. https://gofile.io/?c=iT9hAC
  11. T1421

    Skipping animations

    Hey there, I think I can assist at this point, because I notice the same “micro lags”. (But it thinks they are not as noticeable as the one from EvilCookie) Here is a Full HD Clip with a countdown to the lags / framers / animations skips: https://gofile.io/?c=gKQ5wb And here one to the original files: https://gofile.io/?c=ubPdE0 if you need more information let me know. PS.: Yes, I used the Test Server (01.10.2019 ~17:38 – 17:40) MFG Ultralord
  12. T1421

    Play on full screen

    Thats the post you are looking for.
  13. T1421

    Change music

    I liked the idea so I have given it a shot. 1. Find pak file and extract 2. Find some MP3 and convert them to sns files 3. Replace the shadow songs 4. Generate the pak file and start BF Result -> Crash (as Aviat0r, predicted) I have changed the MP3 formats (Dif. Bitrate, etc.) but still -> crash. Using the same file for shadow1_stream & shadow1_var_stream -> crash. (Var is the same music but a bit more intense – is playing when your camera is near a battle) Changing some settings in the converter -> crash. So in the end, could be possible, but only with mush try an error. (or luck)
  14. Hey There, I thought I post my idea which is probably not possible. - Drag and Drop cards in to the filter When I (and probably others too) want to sell a card, I normally search for the current price. I nice feature would be, to D&D the card in to the filter an the AH will search for this card. Or the smaller version: The System will insert the cards name into the Item-Search-Text-Box.
  15. T1421

    2 - Stuttering on Insane God

    Hey Flrbb, have the same problem. In my case its only if you do move or attac orders. is it the same for you or is it "laggy" even if you do nothing?

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