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  1. Old thread but with the new filter system you can now do it your self. My daily used filters: upgrade=1&charges<1&copies>1 upgrade=2&charges<2&copies>1 upgrade=3&charges<3&copies>1 --> That are cards which i can apply a charges upgrade upgrade=3&copies>1 upgrade=2&copies>2 upgrade=1&copies>3 upgrade=0&copies>4 --> That are cards which i can sell / reforge (i keep the cards i will need up upgrade the charges to max)
  2. They said I should not play mine in my PvP deck, but soon I will be able to play a deck with two mine cards
  3. This is so cool! - Promos - New Cards - New Voice lines Thx for the great update on the project
  4. As mentioned bevor: Why not make all Crystal-guy visual matching to their crystal. So the guardians of the blue crystal gets blue aura, etc. (Could be the effect like in Convoy)
  5. I totaly agree with WindHunter. I only had the fix of the last wave in mind (#1), but the T2/T3 "steal" (#1) is also a thing. I had a lot of runs “normal” runs where one player was going for a speed run strategy and took the T3 of the defending player. Which is not very nice, especial if you didn’t have a good T2 to deal with the rest of the map till you get your T3 at the T4 Position… Moving the units would fix the swift trick, but I think player would just change the tactic a bit. Like get your normal T2 and then go for that orb with better unit. --> Still, should be fi
  6. I think all the proposed changes are awesome. About the position 3 think: On pos 4 we see most of the time Night Guard action and/or the blocking of Jorne. If blocking will be “fixed”, I think pos 4 becomes the hardest position. So the changes of pos 3 should support pos 4. (The same as Pos 2 could help pos 1 or the other way) I had 4 ideas of support. Of course, balancing them would not be easy. On Std. pos 4 need no support at all and on Exp. to match support would make the map too easy for highest difficulty: 1. Let the Tunnel crash: So as soon Rogan is out of the t
  7. Yeah, i can took like 5 to 20 min till you have 12 players. If we make it to hard, it could take even longer. But a bis is ok
  8. Point 2,3 and 4 Sounds good. I agree that the expert difficultly is too hard or to slow till you have a good army that can win the T2-Base-Fight. Normally I clear the T2 bases with joined forced with my teammate else it would take forever. As soon as you hit T2, the maps swaps form “too hard” to “hard/ok”. It’s still an expert map so you should be challenged. So removing some units from the T2 camps would help a lot. (Point 3 and 4 of curse to)
  9. About the difficulty, I would say its OK. In some cases, a bit too easy - but always depends on you team. Currently there is no reason to clear the shrine and then hold the node which you have unlocked. (as Moon is telling you) What I mean, in most run we are clearing (alone or together) all shrines and then go for the nodes with T4 wait 5 sec and then go for the end phase. I was thinking if that is how the map is “supposed” to be played or if the players should activate the node and hold it… If holding is the way to go, it had to be attractive to do. - Give you som
  10. About timer and “better” artifacts -> sound good. About the Midwinter… well…. I also see not much use in getting the unit. Its slow, spawns to late, and has no impact if you have T4 units (and in most cases a lot of them) Even if we could spawn the units earlier and make it faster, I don’t think it will change a lot… A rework of the map could work, but would take a lot of recourses/time. But just an idea while we at it: Change the Midwinter from an optional task to a mandatory task. 1. So we move the Midwinter-spawning-switch to position “A” The left
  11. I also think this is one of the hardest maps (on expert) The thing is: not only you have to have a good run in clearing 3 Caps + in time + in a row But also your 3 Teammates. You can try to give spell support but often this could mean you would not clear your camp in time. And if you don’t clear you camp in time, its almost game over. Often you can’t switch that fast from your attack army to a defensive position. (all power is in the void pool) And even if you can switch that fast, I see no chance that you can clear the next camp in time I never tried a full defense tactic
  12. I like the idea of a faster spawning last wave. For speed runners - super nice But I was also thinking the other way: If you play the map with newer players and they decide to go from top to bottom, the will have there main army at the end of the map, when on the other side spawns a big army. So maybe It would be nice to have a bit time between last camp clear and last wave spawn. (or add a switch to skip the countdown) Also, it would be a more interesting defense at the top if there were a bigger variance of units. What I mean (Exp): Wall 1 = archers, Wall 2 = bugs (I th
  13. My first thought was „night guard is to OP on this map” but that’s just the easy solution for a hard map. You can win the map without shadow, it just takes more time because you need a solid army of T1 units to get your T2. (Or spell support) So most players just dance for like 15 min between top and bottom slope to catch the cultists and than go for a push. My first idea was to nerf the T2/3 camps, but this is an expert map so -> no Maybe nerf the camps and as soon a one is destroyed, the other one will get reenforced so that you “have to” build your T2 to clear the T3 camp.
  14. I also think that Amii Monument is chnaging the map pretty hard. The last objective is just a nice to have / to do. You could change the objective from “Build 5 Orbs” to “Build this 5 Orbs” (Of course this had to be coded ) I think changing the gold reward won’t change much. If you have an Amii Monument you must likely will use it on this map.
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