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  1. First of all: I really like this challenge. I don’t think I will win this but it is still fun to try! I’m going for a nature deck and just what to be sure about this Point: Dose the stranglehold count as a “attacking tower (Purple)”? It doesn't have attackpoints written on the card, but deals damage. Just want to be sure to get this lovely 200 Points
  2. Have tried on Standard -> All fine now. THX
  3. I encountered the crash some more times, so I was wondering if there is a way to avoid it?
  4. just had the same error. Just if you need some more log files. In my case the crash occurred after blight spawned. He just finished his sentence with pork chops. And i was so fast :-D maybe to fast Ocean_log.zip
  5. Worked for me, too (but it wasnt always crashing if i skiped some of the towers...)
  6. Sadly, not at the moment… First have to transfer my MYSQL db from my network on a “real” server. and the software I’m using is called QlikVIew. Free for personal use, but don’t think for public.
  7. Hmmm, i did my own leaderboard chart same days ago. (Just tracking Name + ELO + Time) The plan was to make a statistic “The rising of Ultralord” :-D But the problem is: I suck at PvP… But still funny to see how Radical and Afro keeping the place and not moving at all
  8. @Xeon, That is awesome! I just started at a similar statistic as you two days ago (in my case with a MYSQL DB) but had no time for some GUI stuff. But you already have the result i was aiming for so, i will just look at your chats :-D I’m very interested to see the one week of sessions graph.
  9. Another interesting AH fact: Since the booster price has been changed the average price of an Ultra Rare card (including all, also cards like curse Orb or Volcano) raised from ~320 BFP to 400 BFP that’s around 25%
  10. Helping -> no, you cant change the current price. But Charts are pretty ? And you could see easily that Enlightenment is currently falling or that Amii Monument found a nice spot at 1800 - 1900
  11. Yes i have multiple monitors. I´m using 1920x1080 in windows mode (default BF settings) My problem was that the window mode added the “Window-Title-Bar” (don’t no the correct name xD ) so some of the bottom part of the BF-Window were not visible / outside the screen. Because windows is wired, you cant move the window upwards. so I use a tool to set the BF-Window to -27 on the y aches. (http://www.scottandmichelle.com/scott/program/swru.html) My BF is always on top of my taskbar, so I have no problem with that at the moment.
  12. Playing around with the API and QlikView and it works pretty nice. But I was wondering if a “User Based” API is possible or planned? So you can request Statistics from a User: - Get which maps have been played - Current card collection - Etc. Of cures not for all users. Just for yourself with maybe an API Key form the Forum Page. Would be nice to make a Completionist – Dashboard. -> You are missing this card, this map and this Upgrades + this Charge upgrades. Also would be fun to connect your current collection with the current (or historical) AH price to see h
  13. Had the same problem at Passage to Darkness 1 time (and 3 times without problems) Can provied another logs file, if that helps. Crash_12p.zip
  14. Have now played 2 rounds passage to darkness -> and all works fine! THX and keep up the good work.
  15. NAME: Strange 12 Player Map Gold glitch DESCRIPTION: Have played Passage to Darkness (Std) and grab a gold box. The result were 4 messages (see screenshot) Later 4 players have collected gold at the exact same time (another screenshot) And at the end of the game, there were some gold boxes which can´t be opened REPRODUCIBILITY: Haven’t tried. But other 12 Player map worked fine
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