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  1. My first thought was „night guard is to OP on this map” but that’s just the easy solution for a hard map. You can win the map without shadow, it just takes more time because you need a solid army of T1 units to get your T2. (Or spell support) So most players just dance for like 15 min between top and bottom slope to catch the cultists and than go for a push. My first idea was to nerf the T2/3 camps, but this is an expert map so -> no Maybe nerf the camps and as soon a one is destroyed, the other one will get reenforced so that you “have to” build your T2 to clear the T3 camp.
  2. I also think that Amii Monument is chnaging the map pretty hard. The last objective is just a nice to have / to do. You could change the objective from “Build 5 Orbs” to “Build this 5 Orbs” (Of course this had to be coded ) I think changing the gold reward won’t change much. If you have an Amii Monument you must likely will use it on this map.
  3. You are right, up to 100% is to much. I absolutely like the idea to of @Cocofangto change the Wrath of the Souls form an “only damage” thing, to a “damage + buff / debuff” thing.
  4. @Kapo Is writing „Unpopular Opinion” but I totally agree. Buffing “the wrath of the souls” on expert is totally legitim. Especial on the Expert Map. An idea would be, changing the damage from flat to percentage. So 1. Wave 25%, 2. Wave 50%, 3. Wave 75%, 4. Wave 100%. (On Adv, maybe 15,30,45,60) Which the wrath would be dangerous even if you are T4. To survive you have to pass it on. (or play nature and heal) I like the idea, but I think it doesn’t change much. I mean if 4 players with like 20-40 T4 Units go bashing on the last boss, its not really a fight I think the bos
  5. @WindHunter should we repost our ideas / thoughts / suggestions in the new topics? (Mabye a bit more compressed?)
  6. Agree, Sound cool! I would be interested, but more in the “rooky-league” if there are enough players for something like that. I think a fix Play-day is hard to manage. Sometimes you don’t have time or get ill. (Or maybe we have some problems with time zones) So something like “play your game till” could work, every player can then get in touch with his opponent and set a date. -> Of course it would be cool if we would have a “League-day” a week, so you could play more then one match if multiple of your opponents are online
  7. First of all: Big thx to all you posted something in this topic. It was a huge help! I thought I post my story to the 3D Print topic to maybe inspire some to give it a shot too. I buoyed my self a 3D Printer and was thinking, if I could print a Juggernaut or something like that? I Don’t wanted to start with something to complex so I choose a building to start. --> Amii Monument sounds cool So with the help of this Forum-Topic, I found the pak file, exported the files and viewed them via LightSong 0.5 Realization 1: The model was in the inactive state.
  8. First of all, I think most of the proposal are very good. Blight: On expert this map is brutal. On other maps the player can support each other with some spells, but here is the timing and energy so tied that helping your teammate could mean losing your side. Having a bit mor time would help a lot or ~100 more energy (=one more Unit) at the start could also help King of the Giants: I agree – the Midwinter is nearly always behind Rogan. Spawning it earlier would help a bit, but as soon as the players arrive, the Midwinter is obsolete. So maybe it would help to
  9. Will do Both your ideas sound already very nice
  10. THX for the Update. Much appreciated as always. (im just a bit confuced why you dont the the "feature" to trigger the last wave on GoL on your PvE list or is this already fixed...)
  11. First of all: I really like this challenge. I don’t think I will win this but it is still fun to try! I’m going for a nature deck and just what to be sure about this Point: Dose the stranglehold count as a “attacking tower (Purple)”? It doesn't have attackpoints written on the card, but deals damage. Just want to be sure to get this lovely 200 Points
  12. Have tried on Standard -> All fine now. THX
  13. I encountered the crash some more times, so I was wondering if there is a way to avoid it?
  14. just had the same error. Just if you need some more log files. In my case the crash occurred after blight spawned. He just finished his sentence with pork chops. And i was so fast :-D maybe to fast Ocean_log.zip
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