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  1. On the trail of Super Weapons, you can’t miss on a World Breaker Gun!!! Had to split the model in 4 Parts else it would not be possible. (Also did some changes to the model, so the printer had it ab bit easier) And still there were a lot of support needed: Happy Printing WB_Canone_Base.stlWB_Gear.stlbuilding_frost_superweapon.objWB_Base.stlWB_Canone.stl
  2. Wasn't able to watch the stream and played the Quiz so just re-watched it now. That was super cool. THX for organizing!
  3. @fiki574 it looks like the API has to been updated manually when the Teams adds new cards Burning Spears, Transcendence and Wasteland Terror are currently missing https://hub.backend.skylords.eu/api/auctions/cards?id=all (Of curse same goes for the ID: https://hub.backend.skylords.eu/api/auctions/cards?id=1678)
  4. Nice a resin 3d printer for game models thats the best! Print from last Weekend: Comet Catcher Comet Catcher.obj
  5. The god of the battleship has heard your prayers of an awesome quiz
  6. Since @xsissel joined the “BF-3D-Printing-Peoples” I wanted jo share some pictures of my Juggernaut (which is acutely the Incredible Mo Statue) I posted them on discord, but if you are new to this stuff, I think you would start by looking in the forum and not the discord. (At least for me the discord search is… “interesting”) First I placed the statue lower than the print bed so I will have a free standing Juggernaut After alot of support removing it looked like this: This time i wanted to try painting it so we stared with the evil cousin if the wight Juggernaut
  7. THX so much, that helps me a lot. Helping to fix the Cardbase sounds interesting, but I think you will need someone with more Web-Dev-experience then me
  8. @Kubik Do you think you can share the rust code of your Deckbuilder / image loader that you posted? Currently i play around with PHP Replay Parser from @dreaddy. Besides some minder bugs, the passer requests cards from Cardebase as well as the image: https://cardbase.skylords.eu/Cards/GetCards https://cardbase.skylords.eu/lrms/GetMediaData?id=5f3324a3c6ee954ccfe9bebf Switching to the API is not the problem, but getting the Image from the Wiki looks like a lot of work…
  9. My first thought was „night guard is to OP on this map” but that’s just the easy solution for a hard map. You can win the map without shadow, it just takes more time because you need a solid army of T1 units to get your T2. (Or spell support) So most players just dance for like 15 min between top and bottom slope to catch the cultists and than go for a push. My first idea was to nerf the T2/3 camps, but this is an expert map so -> no Maybe nerf the camps and as soon a one is destroyed, the other one will get reenforced so that you “have to” build your T2 to clear the T3 camp.
  10. Maybe it makes sense to extend the API which @fiki574 provieded a while ago. If the API would have "all" information for a card and reads that information form the liver Server/DB we would have a alwayse Up-to-date CardBase. (Maybe even the textes / translations) At the moment in dont think the information would help you: https://hub.backend.skylords.eu/api/auctions/cards?id=1561
  11. NAME: Replay starts playing when you open the Options menu DESCRIPTION: If you watch a replay and press ESC the replay pause, but when you then switch to the Options menu the game startes continuous REPRODUCIBILITY: 1. Start Replay 2. Press ESC 3. Go to Options Menu ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Im not sure if this is a bug or "as designed" MFG Ultralord
  12. I was checking out the Wallpapers from the Community Update #18. AND DAMM, THEY ARE AWESOME! I made a slightly animated version of the Crusader Wallpaper. Here is the Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2759994387 BF1.mp4 PS: @SLR Team, I don’t have the rights to the image, so if you don’t want it shared, let me know and I will take it out of the Workshop.
  13. All of this is so awesome! I love the Winter Forge. Thx for another super Update of the project and a warm welcome to Runeseeker.
  14. Name: Scrolling bug in Upgrade Tap Desc: When you use the search for upgrades it can happen that you are not at the top of the list but cant scroll up to see the upgrades (See pic) Reproduc: In my case: 1. I searched for “sky” (I have 2x Skyelf Commanders, 3x Skyelf Sage and 3x Skyfire Drage) 2. When I´m at the top of the list and add the “F” so the search is “Skyf” all is fine. 3. But when I scroll down, before entering the F, the upgrades are out side of the list and I can´t scroll upwards to see them When scrolled up: When scrolled down: MFG
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