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  1. xD yeah nice, i should had to add in the first post that its currently in debug mode. So it shows more information then you normally need + stuff which is still in development like WinningTeam I think i will add an option so "normal" mode is default. Unknow3 and Unknow4 are 8 bytes each, before the MapID. Do you know what they are? im not sure what you mean with GameVersion My called GameVersion field is the current Patch level like 400039 The 4 bytes before that are call FileVersion in my code and is not show on the website at the moment, value something like 259
  2. Hello there, People of the Sky, Since the first Battle of Tactics I provide a website, on which you could check your replay if it is valid for the event. But why stop there! So let me share with you the: Skylords Rebore Replay Checker: --> https://www.t1421.tk <-- On this page you can upload a replay and all information which can be read out of the file will be shown on the page. At the moment I tested a lot with PvE replays, but PvP should work as well. There are tree tabs: 1. Head: Here you can find the main information about the game Map name, time, ga
  3. The Worldbreaker Gun is the newest addition to the Crappy Card Collection (CCC?) Checkout first post
  4. And so comes the third BOT to an end. Thank you all who played in the event and helped me to get in running. Prices have been send out. If you think there was something wrong, pleas contact me. Here is final Ranking: Here you can download the replays: BOT3_Replays.zip And here is the recording of the Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmBtJE5_h5U MFG Ultralord
  5. The last 23 h of the event!!! Please make sure to send me your replay via Discord or Forum DM if you want to join. By Uploading your replay to the Website, you are not joining and you can not win any prices!!!
  6. The Ranking List is no viable for all players at: https://www.t1421.tk/
  7. I agree withe you on that point too -> I like to open boosters too!!! And thats the point why i dont have any left over booster, but instead i have left over cards i can share. (like a lot of other player too i guess 😅) About the streams. Im not sure if you joined one of my stream, but normally i have around 10 to 20 views. Last BOT had 30 Player joining so, my streams are not a good indicator of how much are joining. I think the @ everyone in Discord and the mention in the CU are the best advertisement BOT. Giveaways in the streams are nice and there will be boosters
  8. THX for the feed back. Im totally on your side: getting new players in the event is always nice. But keep in mind: its a event hosted by a community member and not by the SLR-Team. I dont have the resources to send out boosters to all players. I can only work with the 20 Boosters i get from the Team -> rank 1-10 I already put in 15k of BFP in cards to the price pool and Octochicken, Bupyc, Trando and Kapo provided a total of 18k in cards --> But i can not plan that. Im just luck and happy that they help me out here. And im lucky that i got the Promo Construct. (which i co
  9. That was the plan. All player should be able to join and have fun. ☺️
  10. Hello People of the Sky, Is Skylords Reborn a Real-time Strategy Game or is it an Investment Simulator? Let´s find out! Update: Winners, Replays and Stream can be found in this post: Only 3 Rules: • Play the Map: Treasure Fleet on Standard Difficulty • Finish the map with a victory without losing any gold wagons • Build all 20 Power Wells and all 4 Monuments on the map as fast as possible Ranking The time determining your rank stops when you start the construction of the last Power Well/Monument. Note: “Build” does not
  11. This changes are super nice! My favorites Fire Sphere: was exacting that xD Shadow Worm: disintegrate a building -> Have to see that Artillery: 60m 😮 Morklay Trap: Thats some big numbers there Forsaken: Maybe my sunderer will now have a chance. Nox Carrier: Love it, but not sure if i have a slot free in my deck
  12. Grinder has joined the raster 🙂 See first Post. Also you can vote for the next Card (now with WBG)
  13. Sounds like a nice idea. Maybe you find a nice way to change the position / stands of units. (When you export them the all do the T-Pose)
  14. A video on how to what? You mean "How to converting BF Models in a format which i can print on a 3D Printer"? -> Then the answer is sadly no.
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