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  1. T1421

    Bid for beta start

    27st September.
  2. T1421

    What do you do in life?

    Im another software dev. (for progress applications)
  3. C++ -> Check (7 Years) Network (TCP/UDP, IPv4 IPv6) -> Check OpenSLL -> Nope MySQL -> Check Linux -> Nope So I wouldn´t be much of a help ☹
  4. T1421

    Favorite Memory

    DuDuring alpha Times, i was the first on with a Fire Worm 😊 (I thing it was a bug, because i haven’t bought a Booster)
  5. T1421

    Closed Beta Applications

    Greeting, Im a German guy with a normal job so i should have about 2 h per day time to test the game. (weekend may be 4h) I work as a programmer so I’m used to test software, not only the way it meant to be. I also test if there are problems, which are only appearing under special circumstances. (and some times searching for security gaps) I was one of the ALPHA-Tester of BF back in the days (with all the bugs and crashes) and have played the game till the very end. I was one of the top 100 PVP Player and love the story missions, so most of my testing time would go to this aspect. (The random maps doesn’t catch as hard as the story missions) Discord: t1421 #9706
  6. T1421

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    I totally agree with Graaf_Markus. Construct because it’s just awesome 😉 And the fire work because I was on of the first how had one in the good old alpha times.
  7. T1421

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Thanks for the info, Sounds nice. And you are absolute right, First release, that statistics.
  8. T1421

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    But i thing in the future it could by very funny to have some charts or reports about the played games / cards. Something like: - Which is the most played card - Which card are the most sold one in the market - Which are the cards that every one has 100 times in there collection (could also be interesting for balancing)
  9. T1421

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2696 WTF Game :-)
  10. Start the first mission, realice that I forgot to buil a deck and started with the tutorial deck and ten try to win anyway

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