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  1. T1421

    2 - Stuttering on Insane God

    Hey Flrbb, have the same problem. In my case its only if you do move or attac orders. is it the same for you or is it "laggy" even if you do nothing?
  2. NAME: Right click on Player in current Chatroom vs. right click on Player in group SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Every Chatroom / Group REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Normally you can right click on a team made and request his deck. I think since last patch, the button is disabled. But if you right click on the same user in the Chat box (Top right) the button is active. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Maybe the game “thinks” I have locked my deck (which dosnt explain why I cant use the “whisper to” button)
  3. The fix worked (it makes the "Deck closed" sound :-) ) You can close the topic and THX for the fix. MFG Ultralord
  4. T1421

    Running as nonprivileged user

    Sorry my bad , thanks for hiding. (Won’t happen again)
  5. T1421

    Running as nonprivileged user

    So you have fixed the “SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe” and after pressing play the message appeared. What I did: Fixing the “Launcher.exe” and starting this one directly, with the argument. (I know that’s not the way it meant to be…) In my case it worked, or I have done more changes which I can’t remember… Is it possible that you send / post an old version of the Launcher.exe so I can try to reproduce the fix. (and not wasting your time) The game will probably not start because of an old version, but is more about the message before the game is actually running. MFG Ultralord
  6. T1421

    Running as nonprivileged user

    Hello Kubik, you are right, it doesn’t work anymore… (haven’t tested before my post, sorry) I think it has worked till the update ~ 25.02.2019. Till then it was also possible to by pass the Updater and start the launcher with “The Magic Argument” ? Maybe windows don’t like the changes in the code, that were made that day. I´m sorry to get your hopes up, but I currently have no working solution. I let you know if I find something that will work again. MFG Ultralord
  7. T1421

    Running as nonprivileged user

    Hey Mexmer, i was annoyed of the message every start so I searched for a fix. The solution: Compatibility Administrator (its part of the windows 10 SDK) With that tool you can “fix” the settings for your applications. I the case, you have to check “run as invoker” But I think that’s something which the dev and force on a system. (And of curse I’m not sure about the security aspect) If you are interested, I can post some screen shots or a “how to”. MFG Ultralord
  8. NAME: Starting a Replay with opened deck – Game in a weird status SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge -> Replay REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: So I created a new deck and wanted to watch a replay to check which cards were used in the game. I “forgot” to close the deck before I started the replay. So I got an error directly after the loading was finished (the “press any key” screen) And the Replay screen has merged with the normal Forge screen (See screenshot) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you need more information, let me know MFG Ultralord Discord: T1421
  9. Hello everyone, i know this topic is old, but the information here helped me till the launcher update today ? I normally play in window mode with cursor-lock-link on to the luncher.exe. (because if I use the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe it doesn’t work) But since the updated the direct launcher start don’t work (Exit code 10) Has someone an idea how I can start the game in window mode with locked cursor? MFG Ultralord Update: i found a solution: The Poll Rate to max (2000 ms) + run as Admin sorry for the confusion.
  10. T1421

    3 - Offering (Green) Counting bug

    oh, i didn't know that is was also in the original xD
  11. Name: Offering is counting not correctly (Game engine works correct) Severity: 3 Location: Ingame Reproducible: always Description: It works like this: 1. I have one charge of Construct (Count 1) (PIC1) 2. A spawn this Construct (Count 0) and the recharge begins (PIC2) 3. I spawn Rifle Cultists and use offering on them (Count 1) (PIC3) 4. I wait a moment and spawn another group of Rifle Cultists and use offering again. (Count 3) (PIC4) 5. I can now spawn 2 Construct (which is correct, because of two offerings) 6. And then starts the recharge timer even though the charge counter tells 1 (PIC5) You can see this bug also between Pic 2 and Pic 3, the cultists get also 2 charges with one offering. Additional Information: My guess is that the counting only works if you down to 0 charges. Everything above adds 2 charges to the displayed count. MFG Ultralord (Discord: T1421)
  12. Name: No PVP game after PVE-1Player game // Unteamed in solo group Severity: 2 Location: after Playing PVE - Player Maps Reproducible: always Description: 1. After Playing a PVE Solo Map (in my case Soultree) I get my statistics. (Pic1) - I´m Currently “Unteamed” 2. I Press Done so I land on the Map (Pic2) - Still “Unteamed” 3. If I now try to play a ranked PVP or try to create a PVP match, it doesn’t work. (Pic3 + Pic4) 4. But creating a new PVE Match is Possible (Pic5) - Still “Unteamed” 5. After creating that game, I have the status “Your Team” (Pic6) 6. And after closing that game I´m back in the normal “no stat” which should be after pressing “done” (Pic7) 7. And now PVP works again (Pic 8) Additional Information: my guess is that after finishing the game, the group isn’t disband. In 2,4,12 play matches that makes sense, if you want to play the next round, but in case of an on player-group it’s a bit strange. What’s also strange, why can’t play PVP but PVE? if you need more infomation feel free to ask. MFG Ulrtralord (Discord: T1421)
  13. T1421

    2 - The Insane God - Laggy after move order

    THX for the reply. I will check if i can solve the problem with settings or driver changes. (BTW the last two guys had similar lags...) I let you know if i find something out. MFG Ultralord
  14. T1421

    Dwarven Riddle Bug

    Hey there, i had the same phenomenon on "Empire". Chat worked fine but one/some player/s seams to do nothing but write in chat the need help. The notifications (“An ally requests your attention”) worked also fine. Just playing cards and moving units seams out of sync. MFG Ultralord

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