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  1. NAME: The Insane God - Laggy after move order SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: In game on the map The Insane God REPRODUCIBILITY: yes DESCRIPTION: If I play The Insane God the game gets super laggy. After some testing I can confirm that ~0,5 sec after giving an order to a unit (move / attack) a lag appear. Im not sure if it’s a lag or “only” some frame drops. If you play the map with two player both will have the lags at the same time for all commands. So if player 1 is doing nothing and player 2 is moving his units player 1 will have this lags too. It works to reproduce if I start the map alone, so no two player needed to test and its only on this map. If you need more information feel free to ask. (Maybe PC specs) (The second player which helped me testing was “Freya”) MFG Ultralord
  2. T1421

    I can't install the game

    Hello mikijisa510, the updater is only 50%. you also need to download the game its self (about 5GB) Pleas check this topic MFG Ultralord
  3. T1421


    Hello ruzzi, the MSVCR120.dll is part of the Microsoft Visual c++ 2013 redistributable. You can download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=40784 (im not sure if you need x64 or x86, just try which works) MFG Utralord
  4. T1421

    1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

    Hello, short update: im was able to Upgrade my northguards today. --> So my problem is fixed. But i don´t know about the other guys. MFG Ultralord
  5. T1421

    1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

    Hello Kiwi, yes still the same "problem". BF give me the opportunity to upgrade my northguards, even if i down own them in my collection. Result: Upgrade failed. MFG Ultralord UPDATE ( 1h later) The lord of boosters were merciful and granted me some northguards. --> The result: nothing changes. Im still unable to upgrade them.
  6. T1421

    1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

    Hey there, i have the same problem vonmew but in my case its northguard. (I Have Upgrade 1-3 can access the Upgrade screen, but don´t own the card) I don´t know if that is the case, but it could by connected to the tutorial deck. In that deck every user have tremor, northguards, etc. maybe that is the reason why the game thinks you can apply the upgrade. MFG MIS
  7. T1421

    3 - Avatar visual bug

    Works for me and have seen other players with a different avatar.
  8. T1421

    Gold missing after reconnection

    Hey Kubik, the bug is fixed. Gold rewards work again. THX
  9. T1421

    Gold missing after reconnection

    Same here, i think that upgrades witch you should have won, went also missing and the shown gold doesnt work: i started a PVE map with ~50 Gold, finished it and had 200 gold and when i tried to buy an upgrade with gold, nothing happened. After re-login i was back to 50.
  10. T1421

    2 - Create Custom Match Errorcode "1"

    A small update from my tests about that error. You could reproduce the error: 1. Staring BF, create my own game -> everything should work fin. 2. Cancel match your match 3. Try joining another match --> in my case, nothing happened (maybe ghost lobby) 4. Then try to create your own match again and BOOM BF crashes Hop that helps.
  11. NAME: Disconnect: T1421 Ingame: UltralordSEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Action houseREPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: If you search for T1 + a double color card (Fire/Shadow, Shadow/Ice, etc.) the result will be ALL cards. Probably because where can´t be any T1 cards.SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Im not sure if that is a bug or "the User is to stupid to use the filter correctly"
  12. Funny :-) well i have to wait for the server so why not: High Settings: Low Settings: Specs CPU: i7-3770 GPU: RX480 RAM: 2x4gb DDR3
  13. T1421

    Bid for beta start

    27st September.
  14. T1421

    What do you do in life?

    Im another software dev. (for progress applications)

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