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Battle of Tactics #7: This isn't even my final form - PvP Tome Tournament on: 11.05.2024

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Great greetings, People of the Sky

For Battle of Tactics 7 we are revisiting BOT 5 and doing another Tome Tournament, but with a new set of rules!


Format and changes to the Tome format

We will play 6 rounds of Swiss-System followed by a normal tournament for the best 4 players.
Every Round will be a Best of Three and the maximum number of players will be 32.


The twist this time:

1. Public visible boosters
The content of all Boosters of each player will be visible publicly

2. Increasing the card pool after every round
All players will start with 8 general boosters and after every round every player will receive two more.
After Round 1: 1x Fire booster + 1x Twilight booster
After Round 2: 1x Nature booster + 1x Stonekin booster
After Round 3: 1x Frost booster + 1x Lost Souls booster
After Round 4: 1x Shadow booster + 1x Bandit booster
After Round 5: 1x Amii booster + 1x Fire/Frost booster

3. No Duplicates
Since we are using my website to organize the event, I added a rule that players can¬īt get the same card again.
So after you receive one Eruption, it's impossible to get another one from any other booster.


Managed via Website

To support this event and future Tome games, we will once again use my website:

On this website, players can open their boosters and have a public view of all opened ones.
There is also a filter code that can be added to your "custom_filter_extensions.json" for easier deckbuilding in the game.

I have made a video about the features of the page, as well as how to use it:


Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will be on the test server, so all players have all the cards.
    To be sure that there are no random/old files clear the content of your [BF]\base\pak-test folder and then start the normal launcher.
    It will then download all needed files (may take some minutes so do the day before the tournament)
    Feel free to ask me or other staff members if you are unsure what to do.
    To start the test server, use the " StartBattleForgeDev.bat " in your BattleForge folder.
  • The tournament will be on the Live-Server! You will have access to all (non promo) Cards during the event in the Free-PvP-Version.
    That means you can only use them in PVP Games. To access them you can switch your collection from "General"  to "Free-PvP" in the top left of the Collection window.
  • Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree, it is possible to have a remake.
  • Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 minutes.
  • After your match, go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats.
    The brackets/match list will be updated automatically after all finished their match.
  • The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro and Yrmia.
  • The map of round one will be Haladur, after that its losers choose.
    Against the second opponent, you start with Simai. third Elyon, etc.
    (I will make notes in Challonge)
  • The first deck lock is done by a coin flip. (/roll 1)
    After that, the winner has to lock in first.


How to join and schedule

The event starts on                            11.05.2024 16:00 CEST
You can join till                                  11.05.2024 13:00 CEST
I will stream the event starting at      11.05.2024 15:30 CEST Here is my twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421
Player can start opening boosters at 11.05.2024 15:40 CEST

You can join the tournament via challonge but you have to contact me directly over Discord or the forum!
This is necessary so I can send you your Player ID and the Game ID.

  Discord       Forum
DC.png   Forum.png




Place 1: 7 General Boosters                                                    + Promo Rogan Kayle + Bedrock     + 5.000 BFP
image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png     Rogan Kayle.pngimage.png.929b071b0a6f7f10dc0bb52278ef40cd.png                          BFP_Icon.png

Place 2: 6 General Boosters                                                     + Harvester + Bedrock                    + 4.000 BFP
image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png                  Harvester_FullCard.webpimage.png.929b071b0a6f7f10dc0bb52278ef40cd.png                         BFP_Icon.png

Place 3: 5 General Boosters                                                     + Avatar of Frost                            + 3.000 BFP
image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png                               Avatar_of_Frost_FullCard.webp                                        BFP_Icon.png

Place 4: 4 General Boosters                                                     + Nether Warp (G)                        + 2.000 BFP
image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png                                            Nether_Warp_FullCard.webp                                        BFP_Icon.png

Place 5 to 50%: 2 General Boosters                                         + Rare Card                                   + a part for 11.000BFP
image.pngimage.png                                                                       rarity_2.webp                                           BFP_Icon.png

Place 50% to 75%: 1 General Boosters                                    + Rare Card or Uncommon
image.png                                                                                   rarity_2.webprarity_1.webp

Place 75% to last:                                                                   Rare Card or Uncommon

If you have registered to participate in the event but do not play your games, you will be excluded from all prizes!

Random draw

For every 4 players in the Event there will be one new SLR-Booster
So if we manage to get 32 Player it would be 8



Thank you:

SLR-Team                 For all the boosters in the event + 2x Bedrock
@Metagross31     For helping with planning
@RadicalX            For feedback on the rules
Anonymous             For Promo Rogan Kayle, Avatar of Frost, Harvester and Nether Warp (G)
@triggz                For being the Co-Admin again 
@Maze                Who allows me to use this awesome API
@SunWu              For 25.000 BFP!!!


Closing words:

Do you want to host an event or tournament of your own as well? Contact our Event Organizer, he will be happy to support your event:

I hope you all will have fun playing or watching the new type of Battle of Tactics. See you in the Forge!






What is the difference between an PvP-Tournament and a Tome Tournament?

Tome was a PvP-game-mode in the original BattleForge where player had to build their decks with cards from boosters. Aka: Random cards. It often happens that you can’t play the way you like because you are missing cards and sometimes it was the birth of new strategy’s.


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  • Ultralord changed the title to Battle of Tactics #7: [BOT FUNNY NAME HERE] - PvP Tome Tournament on: ?End of April?
  • Ultralord changed the title to Battle of Tactics #7: This isn't even my final form - PvP Tome Tournament on: 11.05.2024
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Short Update: The SLR Team found a way to provide players with ALL CARDS as a Free-PvP-Version for this event on the live server.

I changed the main post accordingly, check it for more details.

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