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Give Me Songs to sing


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Hello. Sometimes I sing songs, idk if I am good but singing is very subjective. So if you are bored send me some songs to sing ( I will not be doing covers though, so I will not put the songs that I sing on YouTube). Songs have to be in English and I will need a lyrics YouTube video with it (get the ones with the good lyrics). The songs can be basically anything from some hard stuff to sing to I guess stuff like We Are Number one, I don't mind. 

So Yeah Thanks for reading and I hope to see some songs and try to sing them to the best of my ability.

Thank You, Thomas Mann. :watermelon:

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On 21.7.2017 at 2:39 PM, Sykole said:


Baka, that's obviously something we should be doing Onii-chan! :kappa:

Uhm, now back to topic.

 Unexpected huh? :kappa:


^I needed an actual suggestion and currently I'm really digging that song.

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