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Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

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Here's the program LightSong v0.4:

LightSong v0.4 at ModDB

You need to install this version before using the new alpha version 0.5:


LightSong 0.5 was tested with:

- unit_demon_insect_wing_inner_l.drs
- unit_arch_demon.drs
- unit_lostsouls_demon.drs
- unit_lostsouls_demon_shade.drs
- unit_lou_promo_moloch.drs
- unit_shadow_demon.drs
- unit_bandit_swamp_drake.drs
- unit_fire_dragon.drs
- unit_frost_dragon.drs
- unit_giant_wyrm.drs
- unit_lost_dragon_shade.drs
- unit_lostsouls_dragon.drs
- unit_shadow_dragon.drs
- unit_skyfire_drake.drs
- unit_swamp_drake.drs
- unit_swamp_drake_special.drs
- unit_twilight_giant_wyrm.drs
- unit_amazon.drs
- unit_bandit_sorceress.drs

With each model tested, LightSong does not display or export the bones correctly.

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to get the pack files you can use a tool called quickbms. ive posted it somewhere in the forum.

then i used lightsong to export the model as an obj file, converted the dds file with the texture to a png with an online converter and then just opened the obj file in c4d and dropped the texture on it.

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As i dont have access to the game files yet...  can someone upload some models like jugger harvester and mountaineer which can be opened in c4d i want to test out what might be possible with it...  and whether bones exist or we could add some.. 

Sylar uploaded the game files (including the map editor) here: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B8UU4VaqJcjkMml1Q3dfbXU2NU0&export=download

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Alright ive got this error in LightSong v0.5:  

LoadMesh Err.: File not found: EulerCML.dll 


Any Ideas?


EDIT: Well I figuried out that ive got this error only with Units not with Buildings.

EDIT2: It happens when im loading some Buildings. f.E. "Frost_Fortress"

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File not found: EulerCML.dll 

You must install LightSong v0.4 and then exchange the executable with the 0.5 version.

There's no trouble with the frost fortress (see image).

.. a command line function..

Command line functionality exists: it exports SMD files. It also starts the LightSong GUI, that's the way it is.


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You must install LightSong v0.4 and then exchange the executable with the 0.5 version.

Well im pretty sure I did that but ill try reinstall. 

btw. im running Win10

EDIT: Still the issue, maybe its Win10?



Edited by Kiliangg
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Can't reproduce the error, I think it must be something with your setup.

You might try adding the path to EulerCML.dll to your system/user path setting.

alright Ill search around...


EDIT: I found the error. Works now. Thanks @Pesmontis for this usefull Programm !

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wow thanks for the program guys... anyways can we add like bones to the models? i mean like to open in cinema 4d with different postures and stuff

I guess we can, for now I switched around Polygons and stuff to get different poses.




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I don't know much regarding 3D models , but why is the quality so low ? 

Nonetheless, it's looking pretty sweet.

Well its kinda low because its scaled by 10 and I make a WallPaper which dont need super high res pictures.

wow thats really awesome :) now we can make custom animations


well it takes a while... atleast for me.

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