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  1. Since I saw you're adding a marketing coordinator role I was wondering if you're planning to do some data analysis in the future on marketing data as well as player data? If you'll need some help with that, feel free to hit me up via pm!
  2. yes. However, always fairly limited on time kgg_x#5888 I mean the converter can produce quite good results if you don't want to include animations and obviously that is not needed for 3d print. However I have no time atm to dig in deeper or produce a version simple enough to use for the regular user. Either a one click exe or an fully fledged version with ui
  3. @Fat4life Here are the files you need. (different converting techniques, see what works best - also there is a standard and a damaged version [...s_0, ....s_2]) -> Can't upload here directly since it the file is too big, so Google Drive it is. For conversion to stl first thing in google: https://products.aspose.app/3d/conversion/gltf-to-stl
  4. @Fat4life: There are a dozen converters from .gltf/.glb to .stl^^ Since my script is in like pre-alpha state (should work fine for all meshes geometry but its user unfriendly), I'd suggest checking out solcrows app. It can export .drs (you need to unpack the files ) to .fbx however its one only model at a time. With the generated fbx you can use any fbx to stl converter. But I think he had issues with some models if I recall correctly. P.S.: I attached the a outcome of my script converted to stl using this converter https://products.aspose.app/3d/conversion/glb-to-stl un
  5. Again resurrecting the thread: Someone mailed me and I got into it again... I used some early stuff already done by others here in the thread and started working on a mass converter to GLTF (universal 3d file format). Early version up on Github but I'm able to convert the raw geometry to a GLTF: https://github.com/kggx/BattleForgeToDDCs
  6. @Linny I have no experience with 3D Print but I can give you the file ready to work on in blender or maya if you like
  7. my name + gg because my name was taken. Also I hate nicks and typing them so my new is kgg kinda the nick of my nick of my name. Also also sometimes I'm human-trash in games and speaking kgg in a special way results in "kagge" which is german urban-slang-ish word for a "mountain"
  8. PSA: If you cant connect -> Server is overloaded. Try again later and live your life. :bf:

  9. joining the train: "10$ says open beta date will be there postponed"
  10. Can confirm as soon as the 2nd wagon (only on advanced so far) is near the escape point the game server crashes. I tried easy as well which worked like a charm. Easy = Working Advanced = 2/2: Crashes the Game Server (When 2nd Wagon near the escape) Expert = Unsure. Server went down but not sure if its caused by the map or another bug.
  11. SERVER: KubikServer NAME: Finishing the Tutorial Ends in Access Violation SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: After completing the Tutorial and loading screen back to the Forge. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: After finishing the Tutorial Map successfully and continue to the Forge a error message pops up displaying the text on the provided screenshot. Pressing "OK" result in a total lockup of the Game forcing the user to manually kill the process. SCREENSHOT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vxEXYeo_8AdUg-T9q6VN9xafP3hsngR2/view?usp=sharing VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Iy6dQJM3fxoPg1
  12. Server: KubikServer Name: Selecting/Deselecting Unit after ALT + Tab results in DC Severity: 2 Location: Tutorial Map REPRODUCIBILITY: Haven't been able to reproduce the bug. Random. Description: I was playing the Tutorial Map and ALT + TAB to answer a message on Discord. After tabbing back into the Game I have selected a Unit to order a move command. After deselecting the Unit it seams I got disconnected by the Server. You can notice in the Video that the Units animations stopped at that point. I couldn't select nor do anything to quit the game forcing me to delete the task via Ta
  13. Sorry for bumping this old thread. I had some free time again and started again to convert the old models and textures to a modern shading format. I have made this little tool in Substance Designer to convert traditional textures (Diffuse,Normal,Spec) to modern PBR textures (Base Color, Normal , Metallic, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion). It is for sure not the perfect and automated results will not give you the perfect result but I think its less time consuming and less complex than editing every single texture in Photoshop. If you got questions feel free to ask^^ How does it work? S
  14. imo: when gaming I use my nick name. (kiliangg, kgg, kggx, etc...) but when I do artistic stuff, like game development / gci I use my real name just for keeping things separated. back to topic: I'm pretty sure I have heard Equinox before. But choosing a nickname is though so take your time.
  15. sick. I will have a look into it.
  16. sure thing. Hit me up via private message with your pitch @Eirias
  17. Hi there, I'm also a 3D Artist + doing my BA Where you you study?
  18. Quick reminder, Survey is running until 31st of November! If you haven't already we would appreciate every one who participate!
  19. First of all thank you for your feed back! To get to your questions: You're right. But our intention was the general style preference. Some people like realistic graphics more than stylized and some like 2D more other don't care at all. Currently we don't have any fixed features. We just talked about it and wanted user feedback. To give you a small outline what were thinking about: social features, shop, auction house, pre game organization (like making a deck in Battle Forge to give this thread some Skyloards Reborn flavor), some mini games for daily rewards, etc.
  20. yea thats what I ment. Since you're not receiving the game instantly in all 3 cases.
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