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  1. Distribution of Game Data

    I do own a hardcopy of Battle Forge but its super outdated so that is a tricky question how to get the updates.
  2. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    First of all thank you for your feed back! To get to your questions: You're right. But our intention was the general style preference. Some people like realistic graphics more than stylized and some like 2D more other don't care at all. Currently we don't have any fixed features. We just talked about it and wanted user feedback. To give you a small outline what were thinking about: social features, shop, auction house, pre game organization (like making a deck in Battle Forge to give this thread some Skyloards Reborn flavor), some mini games for daily rewards, etc. Yeah I thought about that one too. In the end I removed it because in my opinion its kinda a combination of multiple factors. (Collecting, Challenges, even competitive multiplayer gameplay and so on) Noticed. Yes Steam is kinda the big mothership here and its almost a shame that some games get the updated etc. We would probably handle this by a custom launcher updating all clients to the same (offline play would be possible) but on the other hand I personally often find these launcher to be annoying. Anyway nothing is set to stone right now. Little list what we account under that point: Skins, Loot boxes, exp boosts, ingame currency boosts, profile pictures, custom voice lines, custom animations for idle, taunt, dance. Alright I hope I have answered all of you questions^^ Have a nice Day, Kilian
  3. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    yea thats what I ment. Since you're not receiving the game instantly in all 3 cases.
  4. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    True but on the other hand it makes it for indie studios so much easier to get the necessary budget.
  5. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    appreciate it mate!
  6. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    Thanks for the in depth feed back !
  7. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    It is for those apache battle helicopters *passes the virtual cookie* Thanks!
  8. Hi there, if you don't know (in 99,9% that's the case^^) me im Kilian. Im currently studying 3D Art and Animation and im part of a project group called "Project 0814". We are a group of 5 people from the university and we want to start a indie company and develop our first game. By doing this survey we hope to get an in depth view of the current gaming market and extracting a potential consumer group. So if you're interested, bored or have time please check out our survey hosted by Google Forms! https://goo.gl/forms/4FiJwM5PbA3tlCd12 The survey takes approximately 5 - 10 Minutes and is completely anonymously but you can give us your spam mail if you want to hear from us in the future. And if this survey post is against the rules please delete but I couldn't find any reasons in the rules. Thank you in advance, Kilian Edit: Changed title because of potential confusion.
  9. Hey guys, for a personal project I need a close up video of the monument's building animation. I need the full cycle for reference and I couldn't find any decent on goolge... thanks in advance! kiliangg
  10. I made a little game...

    would love to see something
  11. I made a little game...

    very nice any screens?
  12. Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    you forgot the TM... valve meme^^
  13. Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    I do not want to be annoying, but is this still a thing?
  14. Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    Ah okay ^^ yeah I know had no luck with 3Ds Maya either. Would love to have an converter since Unreals new Sequencer is so good Also want to share the importer with us? Would be highly appreciated!
  15. Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    so there is naitive import in unity? Have tried it without sucess but ggwp @solcrow! Im not sure but the bones looked fine... they were just messed up in rotation: Z: -180° & x: -90° at least in Blender. But that would be a lefthanded / righthanded thing coordination so no real problem.