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  1. would love to see something
  2. very nice any screens?
  3. you forgot the TM... valve meme^^
  4. I do not want to be annoying, but is this still a thing?
  5. Ah okay ^^ yeah I know had no luck with 3Ds Maya either. Would love to have an converter since Unreals new Sequencer is so good Also want to share the importer with us? Would be highly appreciated!
  6. so there is naitive import in unity? Have tried it without sucess but ggwp @solcrow! Im not sure but the bones looked fine... they were just messed up in rotation: Z: -180° & x: -90° at least in Blender. But that would be a lefthanded / righthanded thing coordination so no real problem.
  7. More and more People will come when people will do Community Stuff like Streaming, Youtube Channels and Fan Art. Thats how Communitys grow (ofc you need a decent game to build on^^)
  8. Got the blender log from the converted file. Also when I'm running it twice it only shows 3 bones are too long insted of 6 bones
  9. I can not unfortunately
  10. Nice. One question does it start by it self or do I have to start something? some times it did it some how but no idea how. EDIT: Well, it just takes a while but works on some fine & on some bones the names are still too long.
  11. Okay I run into an issue which causes this weird looking animation glitches and wrongly imported skeletons. When importing Blender can't use the bone names in the file because they are too long. I think blender automatically renames the bones what causes that animation mutation things because it cannot map them correctly and it would be so much work to rename every bone and map them manually.. Hope someone can use this information.
  12. alright. gl In the meantime I'm messing with animations since the exported .smd animation rig seems off to the rig from the object itself.
  13. Well step by step @bobfrog: 1. Import the .drs into Lightsong 0.5 2. Export from LightSong 0.5 to .smd 3. Import the .smd into Blender via "blender_source_tools_2.9.1" 4. Export via Blender to .fbx I think if we ask the creator of Lightsong (I dont know his name anymore...) he might give us useful information about the converting from .drs to .smd
  14. Oh ye I was using .smd file from lightsong
  15. Beeing sucessful at something rules!

    1. anonyme0273


      Wow. How inconsiderate towards people who suck at everything. I am deeply offended. Thanks for reminding me how useless I am -_- 

      ... :kappa: 

    2. ThomasMann


      Well if you are successful at failure you are still successful :P

    3. Kiliangg


      All of that true :D Kappa