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  1. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Roll the dice!
  2. Games you play while waiting

    Whop a fellow PAYDAY 2 player!
  3. New Artist Name

    imo: when gaming I use my nick name. (kiliangg, kgg, kggx, etc...) but when I do artistic stuff, like game development / gci I use my real name just for keeping things separated. back to topic: I'm pretty sure I have heard Equinox before. But choosing a nickname is though so take your time.
  4. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    I love pseudo random algorithms ♥
  5. Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    sick. I will have a look into it.
  6. BattleForge on America's Got Talent 2015 (!)

    dog or no dog was fun to watch
  7. What do you do in life?

    sure thing. Hit me up via private message with your pitch @Eirias
  8. Requirments (programs) to play BF?

    oh yes my bad. Was answering in a hurry.
  9. Requirments (programs) to play BF?

    just their launcher which can be found here:
  10. What do you do in life?

    Hi there, I'm also a 3D Artist + doing my BA: "Game Art Animation ". Where you you study?
  11. Battle Forge Fan Art Scene

    Hi there, I've made this fan art for a networking event at my university and I thought why not share it with the best community. Battle Forge was one of my favorite games back when I got my first own Computer, so I thought about doing a little Fan Art and bring Battle Forge to the era of PBR (physically based rendering). Overall I tried to adapt the old Battle Forge Styl but wanted to try something new. Can you guess what this Scene is about? Let me know what you think regards Kilian Oh ye if interested: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NPYBJ -> Workflow and technical images
  12. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    Quick reminder, Survey is running until 31st of November! If you haven't already we would appreciate every one who participate!
  13. Distribution of Game Data

    I do own a hardcopy of Battle Forge but its super outdated so that is a tricky question how to get the updates.
  14. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    First of all thank you for your feed back! To get to your questions: You're right. But our intention was the general style preference. Some people like realistic graphics more than stylized and some like 2D more other don't care at all. Currently we don't have any fixed features. We just talked about it and wanted user feedback. To give you a small outline what were thinking about: social features, shop, auction house, pre game organization (like making a deck in Battle Forge to give this thread some Skyloards Reborn flavor), some mini games for daily rewards, etc. Yeah I thought about that one too. In the end I removed it because in my opinion its kinda a combination of multiple factors. (Collecting, Challenges, even competitive multiplayer gameplay and so on) Noticed. Yes Steam is kinda the big mothership here and its almost a shame that some games get the updated etc. We would probably handle this by a custom launcher updating all clients to the same (offline play would be possible) but on the other hand I personally often find these launcher to be annoying. Anyway nothing is set to stone right now. Little list what we account under that point: Skins, Loot boxes, exp boosts, ingame currency boosts, profile pictures, custom voice lines, custom animations for idle, taunt, dance. Alright I hope I have answered all of you questions^^ Have a nice Day, Kilian
  15. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    yea thats what I ment. Since you're not receiving the game instantly in all 3 cases.