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  1. Can't reproduce the error, I think it must be something with your setup. You might try adding the path to EulerCML.dll to your system/user path setting.
  2. You must install LightSong v0.4 and then exchange the executable with the 0.5 version. There's no trouble with the frost fortress (see image). Command line functionality exists: it exports SMD files. It also starts the LightSong GUI, that's the way it is.
  3. I used Dragon UnPACKer 5
  4. Here's the program LightSong v0.4: LightSong v0.4 at ModDB You need to install this version before using the new alpha version 0.5: http://www.moddb.com/games/battleforge/downloads/lightsong-05 LightSong 0.5 was tested with: - unit_demon_insect_wing_inner_l.drs - unit_arch_demon.drs - unit_lostsouls_demon.drs - unit_lostsouls_demon_shade.drs - unit_lou_promo_moloch.drs - unit_shadow_demon.drs - unit_bandit_swamp_drake.drs - unit_fire_dragon.drs - unit_frost_dragon.drs - unit_giant_wyrm.drs - unit_lost_dragon_shade.drs - unit_lostsouls_dragon.drs - unit_shadow_dragon.drs - unit_skyfire_drake.dr
  5. It's not actually the DEFA marker that's troubling me. And in the example I gave, there are four texture sets with NUMtexes = 8, 1, 12, and 4 respectively. One thing that I assumed is that each of the four texture sets has the same structure, but as you can see, the fourth texture set has longer TEXTYPENAME structures with little endian floats behind them. I'm guessing that each TEXTYPENAME can actually hold either a texture file name or a color (three floats for RGB). But then my code must be able to recognize this. Here's another example with three floats in the second texture set (from the
  6. atm. I've added some extra code to LightSong to parse a few DRS files from BattleForge. As Titan says, the 'DEFA' chunks are in the right position, that is at the end of each submesh inside a CDspMeshFile chunk. Hex 0x(DE FA) is actually a marker for the start of some kind of texture sets (or materials). I find these materials difficult to parse, and for SpellForce2 I had to apply many exceptions in the code. So my materials-parsing is really a mess, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the first DEFA chunk of the model unit_shadow_demon. To be able to parse such a section is impo
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