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  1. 7 hours ago, Brocniken said:

    Hello everyone,

    So I did some work for myself and figured out that I need this exact number of bfp 320,693 in order to get all the collection of the game.

    would be happy to know and get some tips from you how I get this number.

    cuz in order to get this number you need to play 3 years straight.

    I don't trade, don't even like that at all (all want fast bfp from flipping cards, nobody wants to pay the price).

    Can assure you that it is way less then 3years cause I achieved it and don't even play on daily basis anymore.

    I was even most unlucky with Promos draw only one, won one and had to buy all of the rest myself (tip - never buy them on the market, be patient and you can save a big pile of bfp)

    Focus on  a few decks you like to play first and then build up from there. 

    Even for the normal cards I'd say: Be patient, observe trade chat and market and then once you think you have a feeling for the price ask for your price in chat. Never see the current market "price" as a value, therefore we have too much traders around.

    So in conclusion I can say: It is achiveable for normal players and it should take way less then 3 years. 

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  2. We did discuss and this is what we came up with


    If a unit would be rated higher if it shines more in one mode (rpve, cpve) it got the higher tier.

    S - Absolute powercreeps that you can almost not pick if playing pure fire
    A - Obvious picks in their decks and strong first choices
    B - More niche, but very good cards that are usefull in many situations

    C - Alternative picks that are weaker as C+ but still viable sometimes

    D - Either cards that are rarely playable or that have very, very few niche use-cases

    F - just plain useless (in pve)





    If you want more reasoning for a certain card you can see that probably here:


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  3. Hey mate! Just watching your video and got to put one question in between. Pure Fire is beside Bandit my most beloved Faction (~350 Pure Fire matches) and I really need to go into deep here 😄

    Just to clarify, you are speaking sole about PvE, that is clear. But do you refer only to pure Fire Decks here, or to fire cards in any splashed environment? (You often speak of pure fire but sometimes it sounds like you are considering spashes too)

    Would you mind to share your tierlist set so that we can make a tierlist ourselfes? I would probably like to make a short Video or stream on this one to share some more thoughts and ideas, but only if you don't mind.

    PS: Rated Above Average, since Fire got really a bit more solid with the last changes.

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  4. Okay, then I'll make a start. First let me say that I'm not having a particularly good day, don't put too much stock in my single opinion.

    Haven't played much lately and seem a bit rusty in general.

    I have only tested 2 things seriously the last 2 days this was:

    The Batariel deck has simply slipped into the middle class in my opinion, sure you can still play it, but it's a run-of-the-mill deck like you mostly see in random groups anyway (wrong orbs; hardly any, no and/or wrong buffs and there's then a single Bata running around that actually only has enlightenment in common with the usual buffed Bata deck).
    On stronger maps, the burn is too weak to clear necessary threats in time and it dies quickly these days when the camps are a bit harder.
    Too bad, I'm curious whether the better players can still get something out of here, from the first feeling the deck unfortunately falls completely out of the meta. Possibly further a Speedrun alternative on very easy Bandit maps.

    The second thing I looked at is the Twilight Deck, unfortunately I find here (at least from meta point of view) not much new. The dragon buff as well as the creeper buff are nice, but nothing more - the Abo Spelldeck remains the king in the ring. Nightshade in T3 is a possibility, but I suspect that this will remain more of a casual approach, but finally nice to have the alternative, although especially here Twilight T3 already had 2 strong units. But since XL are always very popular, the masses will be happy and probably grab here.

    A more Unit based Twilight deck will be a bit stronger with the patch, but thanks to the Nox Cloud and the Creeper Buff, the Abo deck has increased to the same extent.

    The transformation overhaul has no relevance to me so far in the pve, in fact I had to look up what else changed there in the patch notes. As before, the slot gain because of the "internal" Breeding Ground remains the main advantage for me here.
    All in all, I think there is unfortunately more work in here than you can feel in the Twilight deck 😞 I hope Twilight is not yet finished here, although I can imagine that the PvP impact is significantly greater.

    My conclusion: So far the patch that gives me the least pleasure. The Buffed Bata deck has slipped more than 1 tier imo and after the Bandit rework I had hoped for a little bit more with Twilight, but I don't want to be unfair, I realize how much time and effort is put into this. The small changes to Spells, Units are very nice and please me very well, including the nerfs of Decomposer and Frenetic. (The revisions to the buildings also read very nice, only I never actually play them ^^)

    I thank you very much for your work, hope it's not brazen to hope for something more in Twilight.

    Ahhhh - wait - one thing I have almost forgotten. Pure Fire I've also been playing since the patch, and it feels really nice. The overdue boost in sustain from both the deck and NPC side (aka Dancer rework) feel good and make the deck a lot more rounded. Moloch normal speed when? 😛

    mostly translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


    3 hours ago, callsignhusker said:

    One other thing -- there is an obscure, but very cool deck that uses frost affinity infested tower to spawn frost affinity pests using cultist masters and then portals them in massive hordes as your army, and ice crystal can give the whole army -- 20% damage reduction, using this with wheel of gifts and mo shrine is crazy.

    Slow, bad for some of your teammates, not good agains flyers and slow. Nothing crazy bout it and hopefully get fixed soon (my pc can't stand it if someone makes too much)


    Edit: Wheel does not stack good with other buffs, you sure that it stacks with the crystal?

  6. 45mins in a map that good players/decks manage in 10-15mins seems like a freaking lot time.

    21mins in a common BG9 that can be done even with pure decks (that are nice but usually not suuper speedy) in 10-13mins is already a lot time for experiments. Else it would be like Coco said, auto wins even if you have just some random cards. And not every card must be viable in every game mode.

    And this mode is still about beating the enemys.


    Only in 4p 10s I'm still for 2-5mins more time, as it is hard enough with meta decks on some maps, a few mins more could enable a few other decks what would be nice. But this suggestion was already made.

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  7. 44 minutes ago, Majora said:

    A valid point and something for us to keep in mind. Our current reasoning is we want to increase our Marketing range (and thus our player base), and this is one way to do it. We'll adjust accordingly if it does not have the desired effect. 

    Understand that expanding to other platforms can extend the range of SR, but has it to be exclusive there? I mean this forum is where it all began and it would be a pity for veterans that we can't find any information here anymore.

    Don't say "don't go to Instagram", only would love to see here too what others can see over there

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  8. Great piece of information once again, all great news but one

    On 8/7/2022 at 10:32 AM, Majora said:


    Instagram_logo_2022.svg.pngWant to see more art, exclusive content and giveaways? Be sure to follow us on our new Instagram! Rumors say you might even catch a glimpse of a new and not yet revealed card in the upcoming days! Follow us now to join our upcoming giveaway for a chance to win some Twilight boosters.

    please don't force us to use other platforms then forum and discord if we want to know stuff. That there is an Instagram only giveaway only makes it worse.

    Don't like that

  9. 19 minutes ago, Lans said:

    Are you talking about this deck?


    Solid/typical T1 Nature (I usually don't use Werebeast in rPvE but seems ok).


    I have not had to use dual affinity Aggressors ever. They are rather expensive in terms of power and you should only use a couple of them for CC/control. Juice Tank is a hard no for rPvE... I would recommend Bleeding Grounds there.


    Magma Hurler is pretty good.


    I don't know why you want a T3 carry when you got Bloodhorn? I have only heard of Ashbone Pyro for T3 but never played and sounds like it requires a specialized deck. I would say replace Cluster Explosion with Offering and get another T4 unit (in place one of the Aggressors or Viridya) if problem is lack of charge on T4.

    Nice Rainbow deck! But consider Aggressor is not a carry for T2, it is a supporter

  10. Playing T3 only decks is possible, but always an extra challenge.

    If you say

    1 hour ago, Marvvster said:

    since i have the biggest problems to go from T3 to T4

    you should not try T3 decks yet tbh

    1 hour ago, Marvvster said:

    Someone stated out that Aggressor and Magma Hurler are very capable if massed and supported by spells.

    Perhaps possible, but never seen or heard of it. This is one of the weakest T3-only decks for sure.

    The only quite strong deck on T3 is the Ashbone deck, but still a quite advanced thing and has some weak points on harder 9s.


  11. 8 hours ago, Lans said:

    there is no doubt it reduces the difficulty of a lot of maps where you can defend/accumulate power a little longer and win by power advantage.

    There is stong doubt, thats what some of us want to say. You invest energy when needed most and get your "profit" when not needed at all.

    In fact Juice Tanks make things mostly even harder, draining your energy (when you need it) and slowing you down when things are prolly still spicy.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, Donaar said:

    Here is a comprehensive list of maps and wells where Juicy Tank is actually viable:


    I can add to this list aswell:


    PS: But joking aside, I played one here and math says it was worth building it (as I had some unused slots anyway) or it did not matter (for the action count). If it not saved me an action, it was worth time wise, as I had a very long T2 phase.


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  13. 3 minutes ago, Nemoo SK said:

    That sounds like a plan. Fire could use some Thrash, or Power metal. 

    For Shadow, Black or Death metal :^) 

    Nature, well truly, more chill music is needed. Folk metal? Balads?

    As for Frost, something atmospheric sounds nice. 

    Ofc would nature work with a nice rocky ballad! 😄

    Biggest problem usually is to find music that is unlicenced. for the free use on youtube.

    Btw - if you are a metal enjoyer, did you know this one:


  14. 18 hours ago, Rasberry said:

    Hello, I started playing after long time and I am curious if there is an option in the settings to disable RMB moving the screen. 

    I find it annoying when Right clicking unit to attack and it starts to move the screen, I can always use WASD for that.

    It's not that big of a deal if such option is not in the settings, thanks in advance!


  15. Though it has effect on some longer maps it is never a life saver. In the most cases it drains your energy when needed in early game and gives you energy in late game when having enough anyways.

    If it was needed on any longer map all not-frost splashes would be not playable, which is not the thing.

    Think it is quite well placed in F. That does not mean it is not playable after all, but it is suuuuuuper niche and not optimal in almost any scenario. Cause even a frost splash would perform better without even on longer maps.

    Imo the only good thing JT is good for in most scenarios is for building up 120-pop armies w/o any energy management at all

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