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  1. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Cards and ranked PvP   
    There would be no extra gamemode. What there would be however is upgrade three fully charged cards considered as tome cards which can only be used in PvP (ranked and unranked). I don't see this necessarily splitting the community, as PvP players don't seem to play PvE regardless. What this would do is make PvP players not quit the game.
  2. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Loriens in Cards and ranked PvP   
    Idea is simple - somehow give all cards with U3 upgrades, but only for ranked PvP. 
    This will definetely lead us to bigger activity in PvP and also game will become more attractive for player from other RTS games, where in PvP matches you usually have access to every unit from the start. These new people will help us to keep game and community alive.
    I know at least one SC2 player with good youtube audience who had an idea to play in BF PvP until he realized that even for PvP he should collect and upgrade so many cards... If he would start to play we could have more players from his youtube channel, and also it will be easier for newcommers from other RTS enjoy Battleforge and many other cases like this.
    For unranked PvP, cPvE and rPvE you will still have to collect cards and enjoy collection.
  3. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Marchewa in Problems with BFModelViewer   
    Hello, I don't really post on forums so my structure on this post won't look nice C: but I want to note some things I have learned during the past few days that I have learned a lot from everyone in the community from the discord server and these forums.
    I have been playing around with the .drs .smd .ska .fbx files and everything which comes with many hurdles as lightsong 0.4(0.5) is an amazing tool although I am unable to get the Juggernaut smd file from it as it has too many faces for the program to handle it or I don't know how to fix it on my end, and I've explored a lot but mainly focused on getting the soulhunter model to work which was fantastic as I've got the model and the skeleton from the Lightsong program although I couldn't access the animations and stuff like that so I've taken a break by learning about motion capture with the kinect v2 with the soulhunter model and skeleton using the programs iPi Recorder 4 and iPi Mocap Studio 4 and then had my fun and tried looking for a way to get the animations and I am still looking for a way to use the .ska files with the smd model I've tried researching into phenomic's development on what kind of engine they made or used but I didn't find anything other than who works there and their roles during the game: https://www.mobygames.com/game/battleforge.
    and then thanks to the community I've been guided to another program similar to Lightsong called BFModelViewer which what I was told could only export models only without the animation or textures; which didn't bother me since I was able to get the Juggernaut model which was amazing and I would just apply the textures from the .pak file in blender; although couldn't import the fbx file from blender as it exports into a .FBX (ASCII) instead of binary which blender will refuse to open and so I've found a program from autodesk called Autodesk FBX Converter x64 2013 that helped me convert the file into a binary fbx file.
    After that I've noticed that the juggernauts hand was missing so I've repaired it by just mirroring his other hand and after that I've tried to transfer the weights and the skeleton from the Soulhunter onto the Juggernaut as the game reused a lot of their models and skeletons and animations for many of their units and soulhunter has 3 claws but has a 4th finger in his skeleton which motivated me to trying to transfer it which ended up with me succeeding up to the point I wanted to open the juggernauts jaw which is really hard to weight paint and fix it which ended up with me giving up on the jaw as I have no experience in weight painting.
    Fast forward a couple of days after looking for ways to open .ska files; I went back into the converter and saw more options to convert and saw that it exports the animation but deletes the model with the .dae verison and all the other ones were more deformed than the rest but even the DAE version had the animation spamming around a few times. so I've looked for ways to export the animation and I've opened the original FBX ASCII version that I've exported form the BFModelViewer and launched up Unity and put it inside there. and it worked amazingly all the animations were there and I've had access to everything.
    But the only problem that I've found is that the animation in the FBX ASCII file also had jittering animations and body parts started moving out of placed during the animation  the legs were the worst; but then I've came back onto the BFModelViewer and suddenly everything started working beautifully. every unit I went on had all the whole model with no missing parts; textures were applied automatically and the animations were smooth and no matter how many times I've exported it and used that file or converted it into other versions It would all destroy the skeleton or the animation or both altogether.
    This is what I've learned so far I would love to hear all the feedback  and a big shoutout to everyone that has helped me and guided me in the skylords community and to the staff
    @Onedaxter | @Solcrow | @Kiliangg | @Pesmontis | @CrazyCockerell | @LEBOVIM
    @Titan | @Bobfrog | @Aqua | @Blank | and everyone else that I've missed out 
    also sorry for the badly structured post ^^
    Working perfectly

    card summon animation and leg gets stretched and out of position

    Arms legs and tail flying at random moments of the animation

    weight painting and can't do the jaw

    posed Soulhunter with smd from lightsong


    DAE exports skeleton correctly the best

    Somehow Exporter Contains everything

    Before Exporter worked and deleted hand

    some motion capture XDDDD

    Testpunch001_.mp4 need at least 2 kinect v2 to motion capture without the model spamming out like the leg in the video but I only have 1 kinect XD
    also realised the images are in the wrong order of the post so I hope it doesn't confuse.
  4. Ultrakool liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Test server Ultra Major Update   
    They are just like they were before. 
  5. Flrbb liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Test server Ultra Major Update   
    They are just like they were before. 
  6. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Zyna in Test server Ultra Major Update   
    We used black magic
  7. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Skylords Reborn Community Challenge #2: New Map "Rise of a Demon" - Win Harvester Promo and much more!   
    To highlight different strategies, I have uploaded 3 speedrun videos.
    Fire T1 Start: Pritstift 
    Shadow T1 Start: Treim 
    Nature T1 Start: RadicalX
    Emmaerzeh will upload Loriens replay on the Community Channel as part of the Series Let's Play Community Maps.
    Attached you also find all final replay submissions of the participants. Again thank you all for being part of the event!
    Best regards,
  8. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by WaterMelonLord in Test server Ultra Major Update   
    Did you put Ultra in the topic name, just cause of your name, what a chad. 
  9. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)   
    What a tournament! Thanks to everyone who participated, we had some entertaining, high quality games on stream today and I'm looking forward to watch all your replays in the upcoming days. It might take a while, but I will announce the award winners here once I finished watching all games! 
    And our final Tournament results for everyone, who didn't get to watch it.
    7th-8th Place: Impossible / Fodasseman 
    5th-6th Place: Navarr / Deldrimor
    4th Place: Draken, taking the 1500 bfp price
    3rd Place: Hyp3r, taking the 2000 bfp + Juggernaut price
    2nd Place: DragonLogic, taking the 3000 bfp + wheel of gifts runner up price
    1st Place: TopS3cret, taking the Trophy, 5000bfp & a Promo Construct
    We had 39 registered participants and most of them also ended up showing up! Really great numbers for our community! Thanks for the games, it was a  great experience! I will try to hand out the prices as soon as possible! And please send me your replays to be considered for the award ceremony!  
    Stream might be uploaded to youtube (if the twitch export function works this time ...) and I will try to cast alot of your replays in the end! 
    Edit: Boosters for tournament participation should be sent by now! Please contact me, if anyone didn't receive their booster for participating
    Thank you and best regards 
  10. Zyna liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Booster Packs   
    We are planning to add faction based boosters: 
  11. Mynoduesp liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Shield Building - Ice Shield buff description incorrect   
    Thanks for the report. I have moved it into the client-side subsection.
  12. Zyna liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Was there a change within the anouncement of getting a Promo from a booster?   
    @Flrbb Either I am missing something or I believe you do not understand what those settings mean. The first option determines whether or not you see promo announcements and how you see them (only chat or also with pop-up text in the middle of your screen). The second option determines whether or not the server announces you received a promo (whenever you receive a promo). here you can either not announce, announce with your name or announce anonymously. So the difference from the two people in your screenshot is that the first has "announce without name" and the second one has "announce with name". Also, as this is a post in the bug report section, please try to stick to the bug report format next time.
  13. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Zyna in Was there a change within the anouncement of getting a Promo from a booster?   
    It is not a bug though. Whether it says "A player got a promo [...]" or "Boemien got a promo [...]" is determined by the settings of the player who opened the booster. So in the first message, the player had "Announce without name" for the setting "Announce Promo Drops", and for the second message the other player (Boemien) had "Announce" for the same setting.
  14. Zyna liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Inventory Searchbar improvements   
    Doing any changes to how the inventory is displayed (aka with certain filters) requires more work than usual.
    Anyways, I think the right dropdown could be made less wide and the left dropdown could be removed I believe, so then there's quite a bit more space.
  15. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Eirias in Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab   
    @MrXLink has never said that he wants the game completely unchanged. After all, we are adding a quest/achievement system, removed elements, removed 1bfp booster, allowed upgrades by gold, and many other quality-of-life improvements. 
    This improvement is a similar quality-of-life improvement, with almost no negative consequences. Even getting away from P2W, some players complained that they had to grind instead of just buying cards.
    MrXLink has only said that he doesn't want card balance changes to happen until the full release. This is not a balance change.
  16. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Zyna in Possible Fixes to the Upgrade Tab   
    We greatly improved the perfomance. The functionality will remain the same. The changes will soon be rolled out on test server.
  17. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)   
    Hello Skylords and Skyladies! Today I want to announce the next big Battleforge PvP Tournament!
    Who is going to be the new Master of the Forge to show the world, that he mastered his decks and strategies to beat them all for fame, glory and obviously tons of bfp? Time to find out! 
    Who can participate?
    Everyone! I will be thankful for every single participant! Even if you're not that confident at reaching grand finals to get a shot for winning the whole thing, there will be lots of opportunities to win prices and I would like to stream and review as many games as possiblle through all skillbrackets! It would be great to see a large variety of decks and playstyles! 
    SIGN UP TO THE TOURNAMENT: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/aUNkP0atnG#/signup/205xjl4u7pp
    If you end up having problems with the registration talk to me! 
    It will be a 1vs1 Double Elimination best of 3 tournament, the grand final will be best of 5 (one match, no reset). Winner and losers finals will be all played on stream (the basic Toggy-format).
    Prize Pool 
    1st place: 5000 Bfp + Promo Construct
    2nd place: 3000 Bfp + Wheel of Gifts
    3rd place: 2000 Bfp + Juggernaut
    4th place: 1500 Bfp
    Every other participant, that shows up and plays his matches gets 1 Booster!! You don't have to reach top 4 to win something in this tournament!
    There will be special awards for special and entertaining plays during the tournament. Everyone, who sends me the replays at the end of the tournament gets a shot at winning!! 
    -> Best match of the Tournament: By that I mean the closest and most instense games! Perfect mechanical execution isn't necessary to win this award, it just has to be super exciting! The 3 best games will be rewarded with 500bfp for each player who took place in one of the matches. 
    -> Creative Player Award: Make a creative deck or non meta strategy work in this tournament! The 3 most impressive strategies will be rewarded with 500bfp each. 
    -> There will be even more hidden awards like the Toggy Award, so stay tuned! In total I will use up more than 5.000 bfp (I might even increase that number) to reward special plays and matches regardless on how high you placed in the tournament. UPDATE: We got another 10.000bfp donation for awards!
    To be considered for the award ceremony you have to send me your replays! You can upload them in this forum thread or send them to me via discord (RadicalX#0952)! Please consider, that I had to change my discord account, so don't send your replays to the old one! I want to upload as many tournament replays on my youtube channel as possible!
    On 11.07.20 starting at 2pm CEST (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance! 
    How to watch?
    There will be a livestream during the tournament: https://www.twitch.tv/radicalx5 
    I also want to cast alot of replays on my youtube channel and also announce the award winners: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rZG7pzo3GYO0wR3Jx9F7w
    Will be thankful for every viewer! 
    Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake!
    Not showing up to your match within 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.
    After your match go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats. The brackets will be updated automatically.
    The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Wazhai, Elyon, Lajesh, Yrmia and Uro (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on Haladur, then it is losers choice. Second round will start with Simai, third one... you get the drill.
    The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts.
    Please save your replays by renaming them after you game or selecting the safe all replays option and send them to me unless your game were played on stream! 
    Internal rules like "no wall agreements" have to be agreed on in text form to be an official ruling and if any of those internal agreements are violated it counts as a default loss
    No insulting! 
    BANNED CARDS: CURSE WELL; MORTAR TOWER; PHASETOWER - using one of these cards results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake! 
    Reply in this thread, if you have any questions! Big shoutouts to Yuah & MephistoRoss for donating huge amounts of bfp to make this large price pool possible! 
    Quick reminder, that we have a discord tutoring server. If anyone wants to prepare for the tourney, feel free to join here: https://discord.gg/dZzKexQ
    All I can do at this point is quoting Toggy: "I would love to see this community grow again and the competitive scene develop aswell. Because BF is fun!" 
    Looking forward to a great tournament!  
    Best regards,
  18. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Perendi in King's Ridge - New story-like-map   
    Hey guys,
    im working on a new map. Im trying to do a storymap a little bit EA-like.
    In this map you have to rescue Rogan Kayle who get inprisioned by the Bandits. The Twilight is attacking the Bandits so you are under pressure.
    The map already contains the 3 different diffuculty levels. I tried to implement stuff i liked from other story maps like the cannons from Bad Harvest/GoL, the Amii-Doors from Sunbridge or the fact that the twilight is attacking something and you do not intervene directly.
    The map isnt finished yet because I just have time at weekend to work at and the balancing alone is pretty hard.
    I would like to see you guys playing my map and what ideas you have / what could I change / etc.
    You can always download the latest version of my map in my Discord group: https://discord.gg/6JpAuJF
    I hope you excuse my bad English , also English outcries are not all implementet for now (most is in german).
    Here is a quick replay of the map:
    You can also find other older footage of my map on this channel.
  19. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Custom maps collection   
    "BlackMasterN" and me made a new Map.
    "Groundhog day" 
    Its a 2 Player pve map. You get some units and you have to defeat the level with it.
    If u pass the level you get new units and the old ones are deleted.
    If you not pass one level the map is reseted and u can start from beginning.
    It needs some attempts to get everthing right.

    Have fun playing the map.
    Additionally i upgraded some of my old maps and added "Groundhog day" to the zip file of all my maps.
    Groundhog Day1.1.rar
  20. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Custom maps collection   
    Hi all, 
    i reworked some of my old maps. All maps that didnt have a minimap now have one. And Stumpfland 8 i added some decoration.
    I also release a brand new map.  It took me about 50 hours to do it. Thx to everybody who helped.

    The Dragongod Doombringer went crazy and sends out his kind over the lands.
    You fight your way to the dragongod and slay it. 
    Its a 2 Player Pve map.
    If u like the maps pls give a like here.
    All 11 maps are availeble here in one rar file or ingame.
    If u have the old version of the maps consider delete them manualy first, then download the new ones.
    The new ones i only upload the pak file, the old also had a folder and a .map file.
    Kind regards
  21. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Custom maps collection   
    Towerdefence was yesterday!
    The new thing atm is "Walldefence".
    Check out this brand new awesome Battleforge map. "Walldefence" !
    Its a 1 Player pve map. You must hold out 27 minutes to win the game.
    After 10 minutes you get a t2 orb and a kobold engineer.
    kind regards

  22. Halis liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    We have updated the game with player count filter options as suggested by @Loriens
  23. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    We have updated the game with player count filter options as suggested by @Loriens
  24. Pritstift liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    We have updated the game with player count filter options as suggested by @Loriens
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