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Inventory Searchbar improvements

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I think the searchbar in the inventory (forge) could use some upgreads for more and more specific searches instead of the current Options searching by:

- Name
- Colour 
- Tier
- Type
- Rarity

I'd suggest something I've seen implemented in Hearthstone and Path of Exile. Instead (or in addition) of the rather clunky select/deselect options we have right now, I'd like to search counters, unit size or even attack values in the searchbar (a.e.). To search for these keyword-terms the player would have to put "unitsize:M" aka "keyword:value" into the searchbar. It could maybe also be used with > and < for hp.

Things I'd really like to see are (with keyword suggestion):

- unit size - unitsize
Bonus Damage against * unit - counter
- Keyword search - siege / swift / slow / steadfast / flying (?) / agility etc. 
- Energy cost - cost
- Attack value - attack
- Hit Points - hp

What are your opinions on this? :)

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Use the search bar itself like the mentioned games do. The searchbar doesn't have to get any bigger it's big enough. As example, unitsize:M, "siege"  or even lager ones like attack>2500 counter:XL really aren't long keystrings.

Hearthstone's gamepedia page on their "Collection Manager" (section 1.1 Search)

Path of Exil's &nbsp;gamepedia page on their "Stash" (section 5 Hilight Items)
A couple of Images i took in PoE from their stash searchbar.

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4 minutes ago, Kubik said:

obrazek.png.e730342a4a89c2c943450dd940473207.pngcan you even tell what is written there?

Good Point, even though I wouldn't consider this an actual problem.


Sure, let's hear his opinion. While we're at it, maybe make the seachbar accassible with a shortcut like Ctrl + F.

In my opinion, limiting the searchfunction to one keyword would also be sufficient. Then the visible space wont be a problem ever.

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Searches for numbre of cards could also be included. Something like they do in Hearthstone with the search "extra". Further keywords could be "Affinity:<shadow/fire/forst/nature>" and "Owned:<1/2/3/4/4+>". Maybe even "Owend:0" to take a look at cards not in your posession. 

Just some ideas. Do with it what you consider best for the game. :)

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I'm very much interested in a keyword searchfunction as well as further improvements.

In addition to searchable <unitsize> and <bonus damage> (counter), I'd wish every effect/ability could be searched from the searchbar. I'd suggest following keywords to be added (with declining priority):

- Siege
- Swift / Slow
- Ultra Rapid Construction / Rapid Construction / Slow Construction (for buildings with 500 / 1000 / 3000 building speed, 2000 is default) (Slow Construction not mentioned at all atm)
- Steadfast / Stalwart
- Flying (not mentioned on cards at all atm)
- Linked Fire
- Life Stealer
- Adamant Skin / Adamant Alloy
- Transformation (only activated ability in this list)
- Stomp
- Charge
- Resilient
- Earth Dive
- Protector / Agility
- Fury
- Slam
- Looter
- Shared Pain / Pain Link
- Multishot

I could go on close to forever. Making the searchbar looking at cards abilities/text would make searching for abilities a lot easier too.

Additionaly I'd suggest mearging the keywords <Steadfast> and <Stalwart> (Giant Slayer), since they mean exactly the same. And since this is kind of on topic adding <Crippling> as one wouldn't hurt. Especialy if there are future plans for new cards, I'd suggest propper abilitywordings and consistency.

Edit: If it's not doable in the current game, at least the CardBase-page (https://allcards.skylords.eu/) could implement those improvements. :D  

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