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  1. ~My song of the day, love it.

  2. You can't compare grammar with intelligence.
  3. I've come across this site that offers a relatively quick and simple English test, would be interesting to see different results from the community Website link; https://www.arealme.com/online-english-grammar-test/en/ Take the test and show us your score ( Don't repeat or cheat ) My score:
  4. Sykole

    My Project v2

    Yeah, coding is really fun. Gets your mind to think alot and burns time too
  5. Sykole

    My Project v2

    You may have seen my previous topic on this subject, which can be found here; https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2559-my-project/ I've been working on a project for quite some time now, not full time ofcourse but as a side hobby of mine which is learning more about PE structures. A true motive of mine to keep working on it is so simplify advanced features you might find in others tools, allowing as many as possible to understand the meaning of analysis and how important it is in our current day. Let me start introducing the functionalities now~ Since last time, I'v
  6. I am suspecting it is due to compatibility issues, however my internet is down atm so I can't really get on the game and test. anybody on Windows 7 can you please test and see if the problem is present or not.
  7. Looks pretty nice, with more practice I am sure you will be able to make an even better version!
  8. *Sits in silence waiting for someone to notice* -.-

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    2. sylvix95
    3. BionicReaper


      Happy......................................... Birth Day ( You were expecting a troll didn't you :troll: )

    4. Riviute


      Happy thursday :) 

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  9. Back at the time the community was dead sure it was not possible to have EA somewhat approve of the project, and that they were going to shutdown the project sooner or later. But then I contacted EA regarding the project and they didn't mind having you guys open a private server for the game. The hype at the time was unreal, we were all unbelievably happy. Then yet again later on, you got in contact with EA and made an agreement regarding the private server and how you will be changing the project's name, handling copyright issues etc, basically a second confirmation. A
  10. ------ Congratulations @bobfrog, now help us take over the staff team!
  11. Dear slyvix95, This gif goes towards you, and I hope you take it into consideration.
  12. If I were to leave the forum, you know Blank and Hawk would make an announcement for it. Don't you worry
  13. Talk about sadness, rage, madness, crisis, insanity, but you will certainly find no appropriate word for the era we are approaching. What is the worst thing you could expect from 2017 to bring? BFR being shutdown? Trump being president? Rem not being the best girl? Lord NullPointer liking PHP? You are mistaken, and you are in for a treat. You might have heard the news, it is quite shocking, and saddening, and if you haven't; I suggest you sober up because this will be getting dirty, and I highly suggest continuing forward within this topic under the supervision of a guardian, or just
  14. Too bad, you will never get to try it then
  15. Well, I am wood 5 too.. so welcome to the club I am on EUNE unfortunately.
  16. What region? And I only play with high ELO players, > Diamond 5.
  17. My second anime had to be Re:Zero...

    Really loved it. Loved how there was plot twists within plot twists like damn. But too bad it's short though, still didn't get why he was cursed with the Death Return spell and why the witch was within him.

    Will there be a second season for it, or a sequel in any way? :')

    1. Sykole


      What? I said that? I totally never said that. :kappa:

    2. Treim


      Oh btw - if you really want to know how the story continues you can alwys read the light or web novel translations. Not exactly sure how far and how good the translations are but maybe you wanna have a look :) 

    3. Sykole


      Yeah I thought of reading the novel, but it is no fun like watching the anime, also that would be killing the idea for me if a second season comes out later on.

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  18. What kind of food do you enjoy? I can give you a couple of recipes but depends, there are light ones and some are just crazy mad. lol
  19. 69 reputation...

    I think this is some kind of hint for us to meet today. :kappa: 

    1. Sykole


      Yes, we need some kind of privacy. :moon:

    2. Ladadoos


      And you definitely get that privacy by posting this on a forum online for everyone to read, yep :kappa: 

    3. Ultrakool


      The :kappa: Lord has spoken!

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  20. Damn, the developers must of been creative with their creations.
  21. When you use tinder and match with yourself.
  22. Why did the elves ask the turkey to join the band?

    Because he had the drum sticks!


    Why did Santa's helper see the doctor?

    Because he had low "elf" esteem!


    What's the first thing elves learn in school?

    The "elf"-abet!


    1. Sykole


      I didn't think of any of them, just found them funny. LOL

    2. anonyme0273


      Ouch... that hurt

    3. Neox


      Elves should be deported back to their home

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  23. This is a troll on its own, nice try though. Don't play the victim, we all know your true colors.
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