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  1. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Shred in "Reset all filters" button in the AH   
    Title says it all. I think a "reset all filters" button would save us all a few clicks when we are looking through the Auction House.
  2. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in QOL and multiple accounts   
    Not to mention Activision Blizzard is more than happy to let people use multiple accounts because that means multiple subscriptions. They are multi-dipping individual power users for extra cash. And even then they eventually decided that they have to at least crack down on automated multiboxing because, you guessed it, it provided too big of an advantage over anyone not doing it. Sure, in their case it was purely a business decision. They probably noticed increasing dissatisfaction among the population with only one account that threatened their bottom line more than the multiboxing population benefited it. This simply proves the point that multi accounting that is tied to progression can be extremely troublesome.
    You already got an answer from me regarding that but if you want more, I enjoyed the restrictions of having to work with unupgraded and random cards just as much as I now enjoy having a wealth of resources to build decks from. I even often intentionally restrict myself during deckbuilding, using cards that don't normally see use. I liked trying to make what I had work. Overcoming the difficulties despite suboptimal cards. The short- and mid-term goals were really enjoyable. What progression is more lacking are long-term goals and something to do with excess resources.
    Please stop pretending like people are getting banned because they innocently want to play the game more. They are getting banned for actively and intentionally undermining the intended design of the progression system in an extremely drastic fashion that would have them advance many times faster than someone that does not. They are not needlessly getting banned. It's not like they are merely trying to get the most out of the progression on their own account. They want to circumvent it entirely.
    The example about someone wanting to start fresh because they invested their resources into things they didn't end up enjoying is a bit outlandish. You won't get more gold on a new account, so in both cases, you'd start from 0. On the contrary even, you won't be able to do the content that nets more gold in the beginning, so you'd be even slower. And the "failed" collection can always be liquefied into BFP to buy something else. That scenario you try to sell as the "innocent rookie case for multi accounting" doesn't really exist in that form.
    But one big issue I am seeing from this thread is the disregard and lack of understanding for the underlying psychology that game design strives to adhere to. Almost reducing it to surface level statement like "more stuff faster = better" with little context. Psychology is an extraordinarily important aspect that the current design aims to take into account. What is also missing is, more specifically, an analysis about what the current progression system aims to do and how it tries to achieve that. There are also too few to no critical examination of what the issues of proposed adjustments would be. They're merely presented as being "better", which isn't the case at all. Everything has pros and cons, it's a matter of priorities.
    One can definitely feel the frustration about progression speed but then it's mostly unguided ranting. It lacks elaborate specifics. All in all, I don't really feel like a lot of helpful thoughts can be salvaged from this. Best anybody can take from this thread is "dissatisfaction noted, guess we can try to figure out something reasonable, maybe". Which, to my understanding, is something that's already actively being worked on.
  3. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Volin in QOL and multiple accounts   
    Single decks are build pretty decent, there are a lot of achievements (mentioned above) to have a good start, and finally there are nice 120 decks for pvp aviable, that you can take as a base to customize them.
    Who seeks a way will find it. 
    And getting pretty everything (!) in 6-12months seems reasonable to me
  4. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Increase AFK time   
    I second this suggestion, though I dont know if a flexible AFK limit is technically possible, it would be the ideal solution. But to be more precise, I guess what we dont want or need is a "20 min afk - one click - 20 min afk" routine-possibility, because that would make the Reserve-Achievements useless. Maybe there is some way to implement a spell/ability or something (at the first monument maybe?) with just one charge that when you hit it, AFK timer is deactivated for X minutes (the may change once the game progresses for a longer time as suggested by the OP).
    One think I consider very important too: besides the standard social and biological needs, on rare occations there could be medical stuff involved too - from my time raiding the dungeons of WoW I know one or two people who really NEED to have a breaks longer then 5 minutes every once in a while due to medical conditions. Basically, under the current conditions, they are unable to play the longer maps.
  5. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community update #6 - July 3rd 2021   
    Greetings Skylords!

    It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn!
    State of the Project
    It has been a while since we have released an update to the live server. We'd like to take this opportunity to mention a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to bring you some cool stuff in the future. New card development is going well, although it will still take quite a while for them to be ready. We are also making great progress on our balancing patch on the test-server and hope to bring this to live servers soon, resulting in a ton of changes for both PvP and PvE. Our new game modes are also steadily progressing; we are currently working on bosses for our new Defence rPvE mode, and are still working on adding the mono-factions to rPvE. The BattleArena fun PvP mode is currently being fine-tuned and will probably be the first of those to be complete. We are not able to give you release dates on any of these features yet, but we do want you to know we are still working on them for many hours each week and Skylords Reborn is still going strong.

    Here are some other things we are working on:
    Map Editor: clean-up
    We are doing a big clean-up in the Map Editor that will make it easier to work with.
    All the units have been organized in a way that if you use these squads or buildings for making your own maps, you can be sure that your map won't be broken by future balance changes. All the upgrade levels are now also available in the map editor.
    We will give a more detailed explanation of all the changes when they go live. We expect to release this in August.
    Interested in making maps yourself? Please check out these tutorials! 

    Map Editor: new extended map settings
    In our next test server patch, we will add more options which map makers can use for their custom PvP maps.
    This can affect the predefined goals for PvP maps. So far this feature is only useful if you want to define non-standard win conditions for your fun PvP maps. However, we do plan to expand this configuration with more options in the future!
    Please note that this new feature is only on the test server so far, and will hit the live servers within the next months! This is an experimental feature, and might break the game in some rare cases.
    So far it seems to work, however, please inform us if you encounter any issues after playing a map which uses these new options. Please also let us know if there any other variables we should add to this new configuration!
    Community Maps User Interface
    A common complaint for the community maps is the map section UI. Currently, it's hard to find a specific map and it does not really invite you to look for cool maps. We are interested in working on this, but are currently a bit understaffed for the job. If you are interested in helping out with this and similar tasks (progression on worldmap, marketplace rework, etc.), please apply as a client developer and help out the project!

    PvP QoL feature: view lobbies while in a ranked queue
    PvP players will know this scenario all too well: you see players in the PvP lobby and queue up for ranked. After a while of searching you start to wonder if there are perhaps unranked games being hosted instead. You cancel the queue to look. At that very moment, the host probably had the same idea and cancelled their game to start the ranked queue.
    No more we say! We have developed the option to allow a queuing player to browse the lobbies while waiting for an opponent. Change your mind and want to join that Bad Harvest game that just got hosted instead? Well soon you can!
    The feature seems to work, but we want to do some final testing to prevent it from breaking games if you cancel and find an opponent at the very same moment. You can expect this feature to hit the live server soon though! 
    Upcoming Tournaments
    Last week we announced the winners of our official PvE contest on Twitch. If you missed the fun, you can still rewatch the stream there. 
    We definitely plan to do more events like this, and will take your feedback into account for the next one. Please look forward to announcements on a later date. 
    • NEW: Skylords Open #9
    Next week (11th of July) marks the return of the Skylords Open! Battle it out in the Skylords Open #9, a 1vs1 community tournament hosted by Toggy, open for everyone, and with prizes! If you want to participate, it helps a lot if you sign-up in advance!
    New Team Members / Team Changes
    We are happy to announce Carofex has joined the team as a Balance Developer. He will be helping out the project by implementing balance changes, new cards, new enemies in PvE maps, bug fixes for cards, etc. 
    We are currently in need of a Russian translator. If you can help, please reach out to us!
    And as always; if you want to see Skylords Reborn succeed, please take a look at how you can help. There are still some open positions in our team.

    In conclusion
    Thanks for reading! 
    Is there anything you wish us to cover in upcoming community updates? As always, we are open to feedback so please let us know!
    Here is a scratch code you can redeem in-game for 100bfp. COMM-UNIT-YUPD-ATE6
    The code is valid till July 17th. 
    Community Update #3
    Community Update #4
    Community Update #5
  6. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Proposed Unity Change - Poll   
    I am a bit surprised that making one affinity affect only own units and the other affect allies and own units isn't an option. Any particular reason why that didn't make the cut? Seems like a "best of both worlds" solution to me. The downside being that you'd probably have to scrap one of the current affinity effects. In which case I would lean more towards ditching the heal and making both affinities grant damage reduction.
  7. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Skylo in Pausing and saving   
    +1 for a pause feature
    Not cool when the kid wakes up during a mission and the afk timer runs out 😄
    @Kubik said it will be disussed. Any news on this?
  8. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community update #5 - June 19th 2021   
    Greetings Skylords!

    It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn!

    New Logo
    Already teased in the updated Discord icons and Facebook profile, we also have a new logo! We are very happy with our fresh new look, which inspired us to also take another look at our landing page. Nothing to share yet there, but we are currently in the first stages of a redesign, and hope to share more with you in the future.
    We'd also like to take this time to let you know we are going to post these Community Updates on our Reddit as well. Please make sure to follow us there if that is your preferred platform to stay up to date on Skylords Reborn. 

    New cards are now in development
    As mentioned in the last Community Update, the exciting moment has come to design brand new cards for the game. We will release these new cards in batches, instead of a full expansion. Our plan for the first batch is to create new cards for 3 different factions, with up to 9 cards added in total. We are also planning to add affinities to some, if not all, of these cards.
    The past week, patrons with the Moon tier or higher were able to vote for their favorite factions. We are excited to announce the 3 factions that will receive new cards:
    - Frost
    - Amii (Shadow / Nature)
    - Bandits (Shadow / Fire)

    Don't worry, we plan to add new cards for each faction over time, the voting only impacted the order of our release. Since this is new territory for us, we are currently not able to say when new cards will be ready, and when the vote for the next batch will be. We will be actively working on this, but we don't want to rush out new cards.

    Expansion Icon

    New cards need a new expansion icon! The community was able to vote for their favorite icon on our social media (Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Reddit). All icons (from left to right: Phoenix, Ouroboros, Triskelion and Lotus) were symbols of Rebirth, which we found fitting for the current stage of the project. The votes were extremely close, with our Discord community heavily leaning towards Ouroboros, while the other media were rallying behind the Phoenix icon. Here is the icon you can expect on our upcoming cards (not just the factions mentioned above):

    Until further notice, all upcoming Skylords Reborn cards will have this icon. We are also looking into creating multiple versions of this expansion symbol, depending on the rarity. And of course not all cards will be ultra rare. Please note again: new cards have now started development, but we have no specific cards to share at this moment. 
    Thank you all for your votes and comments, and thank you Tweeto for your awesome work!

    New Patch on the test server

    A lot is happening on the test server as well. A large patch has hit the test server on the 9th of June. 
    The patch contains many balancing changes and experimental changes. Please take a look at the patch notes, test them out on the test server and take place in the discussion.
    Speaking of discussions, we would like your help in making a decision regarding the card Unity and if it should only effect own units or also allies.
    Please check out our Unity poll here.

    Upcoming Tournaments
    • FINISHED Official PvE Contest#1 Siege of Hope 
    The first official PvE contest on Siege of Hope is now finished! We will announce the winners in a stream on the 26th of June at 19:00 CEST.
    We will also do some giveaways, so even if you did not participate; we invite you all to join us! 
    • NEW: Host your own event / tournament
    Want to host a tournament or event? Please reach out to our Event Organiser Hiko to have your events prizes sponsored by the Skylords Reborn team. If you got a cool idea for a PvE event, or want to host a PvP tournament, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we will gladly assist you. 
    New Art for Firesworn
    Besides a new Logo and Icon, our artist Tweeto has been working on adjusting the art of Firesworn. As most would agree, Firesworn always felt a bit off compared to the other fire cards. Tweeto made a few changes to make it feel more in line with the rest of your deck. We hope you like it! 
    Current Artwork
    Adjusted Artwork

    The artwork has not yet been adjusted in-game yet. We expect to add it in an upcoming content update to the live server. 
    There are still some cards we would like to give a slight upgrade, but we will only do so if there are no other tasks with more priority to work on. With new cards in development, new artworks for those cards currently have more priority. 

    New Team Members / Team Changes
    Our moderation team welcomes a new (old) member! Bradley will be helping us out with moderation again.
    We are also happy to announce our first official Map Designer: Hodron! 
    Right now he is spending a lot of time on designing the new rPvE presets mentioned in the last community update; specifically what units and or bosses you will encounter. 
    Our developer _empty_ stepped down from his position. He worked on creating the installer used by new players to more easily be able to install and play the game. We would to again thank him for his contributions!
    Additionally, we will soon be adding at least one new server developer. 
    We have also added a new role into our open positions; Marketeer/Outreach Coordinator. As an Outreach Coordinator you are responsible to spread the word and create awareness about Skylords Reborn and to attract veteran and new players alike. This includes actively researching and reaching out to potentially interested influencers, streamers, youtubers, Discord channels, game magazines, among others. 

    As always; if you want to see Skylords Reborn succeed, please take a look at how you can help. There are still some open positions in our team.

    In conclusion
    Thanks for reading! 
    Is there anything you wish us to cover in upcoming community updates? As always, we are open to feedback so please let us know!
    Here is a scratch code you can redeem in-game for 100bfp. COMM-UNIT-YUPD-ATE5
    The code is valid till July 3rd. 
    Community Update #1
    Community Update #2
    Community Update #3
    Community Update #4
  9. nofearek9 liked a post in a topic by Xamos in Increase AFK time   
    Thanks for creating this. A bit more allowed afk-time would come in really handy. 
    I understand that being akf and still getting rewards should be prevented - but maybe it can be in done in a different way? Maybe change it, so that you would only not get any rewards for the playtime After the 5-min afk waring comes through (and not how it is now - no rewards for the entire match, even if you played 90 min, then went afk for 6min, played another 10 min and won the game.) 
  10. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by Xamos in Quest & Achievement Suggestions - Megathread   
    Oh and what about a Speedrun-Achievement?
    Beat the PvE Campain-Map "insertName" in under X Minutes.
    (dependent on the average Time spend on that map)
  11. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Metagross31 in Quest & Achievement Suggestions - Megathread   
    How about making monthly achievements for the Motm lvl 10 rPvE's? Something like "Beat the 1/2/4 player randomly generated map of the month for the month of Jan/Feb/... of 2021/2022/...".
    This way you can later see, in which months you managed to beat the lvl 10 maps.
  12. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Chibiterasu in Tortugun   
    No. Imo it shouldn't. The reason why I suggested this is because it's especially ineffective to eat smaller stuff. And with many potential supports like Grim Bahir, Infect or even Undead Army it's therefore almost useless to eat the units because the animation of Tortugun is way too long. So my goal was to especially improve the effectiveness for smaller units.
  13. Xamos liked a post in a topic by KserSke in Adding additional options to filter cards   
    Hi! Not sure if this has been suggested but I have a couple of suggestions relating to the card filter. 
    1. Spare cards Filter: The number one concern would be the constant scroll to check if I have any spare/duplicate cards that I either want to give away or put it on the auction house. I am not sure if its possible but i suggest doing a card filter for "Spare cards" this would mean the system will be able to detect if you have more than 4 of the same card (1 + 3 Upgrade charges). By enabling this card filter, you will only be shown the cards where you are sure to have no use of. This would mean that it'll be easier to either give away your cards (Rather than scrolling through your collection) as you will know the spare cards you have, or makes putting spare cards on the auction house less tedious.
    2.  Mixed factions filter: Less important than the first, adding card filters such as bandit/stonekin and lost souls etc. Instead of seeing cards of both factions cramped altogether it'll be nice to only see the cards you want to build e.g Bandit deck. 
  14. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Ultimate Card Collection   
    Could see it as an option in addition to "General" and "Free PvP" in the collection tab.
    Renaming "General" to "Own Collection" and adding "All Cards" for this feature. The cards are already portrayed as sitting in gray sleeves of some sort. Unowned cards could be empty sleeves showing a grayed out U0 version of the respective card. But still allowing to check upgrades and mouseover tooltips.
    Maybe @MarcoMaar can explore possibilities.
  15. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in UI Suggestion - Lobby Map and Difficulty Progress Indicator   
    The idea would be to add an option in-game to disable the stars on the worldmap.

    As for certain maps not having standard, I would just not show that star. Another option would be to show a "stone" star, or something that indicates it is there but cannot be achieved. 
  16. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in UI Suggestion - Lobby Map and Difficulty Progress Indicator   
    I would definitely not remove the difficulty names from the buttons: the approach to add the symbols next to the names sounds much more suitable and I think is a good solution.
    Even though I think the initial proposal of using small dots is cleaner, stars likely convey the message better. That being said, I would make them much smaller and always at the same position, like image below.

    In order to make the UI consistent with the achievements, I would make it such that the stars indicate the highest won difficulty and not all the difficulties played. As an example, if the left and middle star were yellow it would indicate that the highest difficulty won is advanced (and not that you won standard and advanced). 

    The exact details of what difficulty you won could be added in the tooltip of the map icon. It's a big widget with little information. The first image is how it is now, the second how I could imagine it being.

     So this shows as  in the worldmap but when hovering over it, you would see that you actually only completed advanced.
    Curious to hear what you think.
  17. Xamos liked a post in a topic by JustCoco in UI Suggestion - Lobby Map and Difficulty Progress Indicator   
    At the moment the only way to find out which maps you have left to complete on a certain difficulty, is to check the achievement , but even that does not display all of them.
    Now looking at the indicator for a player's rank, a simple idea came up, although not sure if it's easy to implement given the limit of the development tools.
    When a player completes a campaign map, a small dot or any other indicator that comes to mind can be used to show his progress on that map.
    A clearer way of understanding the idea is in the picture below. Each map will have 3 Dots (in my example) for each difficulty completed a dot will appear, with a maximum of 3, making it easier for everyone to understand which maps they have left to play and on which difficulty.

    Can be anything from a dot, to a star to w/e would fit.
  18. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Metagross31 in Community map Challenge #3: "King's Ridge" until May 31 2021   
    Dear Skyfolk,
    the Challenge has come to an end and I am happy to announce the final rankings:
    Gold challenge:
    1. Lebovin - 22:21
    2. Kserske - 31:28
    3. Carofex - 34:13
    1. Wanky - 24:43
    2. Carofex - 34:22
    1. Treim - 19:27
    2. Vornskr666 - 27:44
    3. Kserske - 32:54
    4. Carofex - 34:19
    1. Pritstift - 23:07
    2. Slyer - 27:05
    3. Carofex - 33:50
    4. Buttscratch - 34:27
    5. Kserske - 34:46
    6. Ignoringya - 46:56
    Silver challenge:
    1. Wanky - 18:44
    2. Kserske - 19:51
    3. Schnarf - 23:36
    4. Vornskr666 - 25:07
    5. Slyer - 25:55
    6. TurnItUp - 29:19
    7. Xamos - 34:48
    8. DutchyDutchy - 39:38
    9. Jucki - 40:39
    Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners! Also, a big thank you to everyone who helped me in organizing this event!
    The winning replays will be presented this friday at 8pm (UTC+2) via twitch. This is also, when the rewards will be distributed. Also, there will be a guest in the stream, who will help analyzing the replays, so look forward to that!
  19. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Organizing decks with folders   
    Drag and drop would be comfortable, obviously. But if that's too much trouble, maybe a right click on a deck could open a tooltip/menu with "Move to:" which features a list of all folders where you can click which one it should go to. You could also add another button where the "Delete", "Rename" and "Clone" buttons are with "Move" and clicking on it gives you a list of all folders where you can then pick.
    Folders themselves sorted alphabetically. A way to minimize them is very important imo. A + and - on the side to open them up or close them.
    If it is at all possible, could add some extra info to a deck tooltip. Like when it was last played or when it was created. The presentation of the decks themselves is also quite barebones. Instead of just a gray slab with a name, icon and deck-level it could also feature the orbs used in the deck. Obviously not automatically but picked by the player.
    Quick and dirty mock-up:

    You could also add the default decks you start out with into the "Beginner" folder.
  20. DrunkenGummyBear liked a post in a topic by Xamos in New game modes   
    Good Ideas, new Gamemodes is what could really improve the long-time fun to keep players playing the game.
    Personally I´d also like a PvP-Mode, where Fog Of War is enabled - like it´s the case in (almost all) other RTS-games. 
    -> To then balance this I would also add aother layer of unit-cap (max units you can have in play), bound to the number of Wells you have for example - or even just bound to time. This would prevent overwhelming rushes. This mode could then be about building a nice base - looking for the perfect balance between towers build and units played and so on.
  21. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in Organizing decks with folders   
    Adding a feature to be able to separate decks into folders should be relatively easy. With that being said, the biggest complication with this feature would be figuring out how to properly manage the decks (as in, determine what decks goes where and be able to move them between folders), because drag and drop functionality in BattleForge is quite weird and as of now would require research to figure out if it could be built upon (or if it would require us to build our own drag and drop framework). Or maybe there is a good enough way to manage decks without drag and drop.
  22. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Organizing decks with folders   
    Right now all decks you make are just in a giant dump that you have to filter with names and/or which orbs they contain.
    As someone who doesn't focus on any particular deck not only did I hit the 100 cap a few times and had to clean up, I also naturally have a giant list of decks. But I noticed that there are already something like subfolders present. Namely "General" and "Beginner". My suggestion is to implement the feature of creating such folders yourself and the ability to open/close them.
  23. Xamos liked a post in a topic by DrunkenGummyBear in Timestamps on messages   
    Hello again!
    You could also add some timestamps on messages. Not really a must in the game but would be convenient.
  24. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Forging - Skylord's version of crafting   
    Thats a neat idea, I would just have a little different approach.

    What I am thinking, if you really add a new currency, I think a shard should be something rare. We already have Thousands of BFP and hundrets of thousands of gold. So a shard should be something precious, so: Per month (or season), for each completed expert map you get one extra shard. The rest you would have to buy through gold and/or bfp and/or disenchant cards. That would be enough to lure people into doing different expert maps and not just farm one. At the beginning of the month, "lets go shard farming" by taking a tour through all maps could be a thing. Single Player maps that people have long forgotten about cause they already finished them could see some play. New Players would have a easier time finding veterans helping with maps. So basically if you are shard-hungry you have a limited number per month/season you can work towards, the rest will cost you.

    About that RNG thing again: in Youtube/GMTK they speak about different game mechanics, and there is a great one about RNG. What I learned is that depending on RNG to progress makes players really unhappy. But RNG can make players rejoice when it is applied as very rare, positive effect. To apply this to this concept, if the gold chests on maps have a very low chance dropping a shard will make farming them useless, but every once in a while when you open one you get some nice animation, a special sound and a shard, people would love that.
  25. Xamos liked a post in a topic by Sykole in Forging - Skylord's version of crafting   
    Apparently since something like the booster history, which requires a database connection and client modification, can be developed at a time like this when it is (I assume) a low priority project with no impact on the game at all, then you now have a surplus of developers to afford working on such minor things? 
    If so, here goes another idea I had but didn't share due to limitations.
    Name: Forging (Comes from BattleForge, duh)
    Function: Allows players to forge cards, boosters, and cosmetic collectables.
    - Shards: Can be forged into a random reward.
    - Enhancers: XP and Gold boosters.
    - Cosmetics: New legacy and time-limited avatars, titles (Like PvE/PvP ranks), name colors on the player list the same way as GMs. It could even extend to the forum where you get a special usertitle.
    How it works:
    - Shards: Winning a game, you have a chance to earn a shard. Three shards and you can forge them into a random reward, which can be a booster, random card or a cosmetic. Of course, it can be far more intricate than this, so if you want my detailed plan, sure. This post is just the basics. All within a single tab in the client. A couple of buttons and a few images, all the magic happens in the background in the server (really basic stuff though, a simple database and an RNG).
    - Enhancers: Super simple yet I don't see why it isn't being added. "You have an XP booster for 4 hours". Can be 1.2x multiplier, or even a more advanced system where it scales with your rank. The higher your rank, the higher the multiplier, but the lower the time the booster lasts for. Can be purchasable with Gold or earned with Shards, or by levelling up. It's temporary boosters of course, noting permanent. The point is to increase play time.
    - Cosmetics: A whole new world. Just add more unique and legacy items, like a golden border your avatar for instance. I assume that can be done. Whatever avatar you have is the same way it is, but if the server's packet for the avatar ID is like, "34_0" -> Then you'd have a golden border, since the "_0" is an identifier for golden border, and a LUA script can pick that up. If not, then just introduce new, limited-time avatars. Crop the face of a character from an oil painting of the game for instance, from the loading screens. 
    Honestly, I can't be bothered to make a more detailed or bigger post because it will most likely die like always and go unnoticed. If you want more information about the technicalities, implementation strategy, or the mechanisms and their effects, let me know and I will reply. I can even make a prototype for you. Peace.
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