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What card do you get the strongest BattleForge vibe from?


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There are cards that always give me a strong nostalgia trip when I see them (on the wiki, in the booklet, ingame, etc.)
I'm curious if anyone else has a strong connection to an art, or perhaps a memory of the first BF card they ever saw.

For me it's Parasite Swarm. It was the card I was most intrigued by when I just got the game. The game came with 3000 bfp back then, and it might even have been my first purchase from those points. Everytime I see it (for example, today in the cardlist), I get a trip down memory lane and a happy battleforge-is-awesome-feeling 😄 


What about you?

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When I first started, two friends of mine brought me to BF. They told me about all the factions and I was like "holy crap, fire sounds so cool", so for me the thematic fire cards do it.
Especially Fire Worm. The reason is, that one of my friends gave me some starting cards (they bought some BFP, while I did not), including a wildfire. I sold that wildfire and bought some other cards from it, sold them again and so on until I was able to buy a Fire Worm, which I remember as the strongest card in my deck back then.
Another one is the Promo Jugger, since it has always been - and still is - like that holy grail, super rare, super strong, super cool looking card, which I already knew, that I would never be able to get my hands on.
Additionally some of the power houses my friends played are also super nostalgic to me - especially Avatar of Frost, Deepcoil Worm and Wheel of Gifts.


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I've got two, Swamp Drake (promo) and Amii Monumet. 

As a free-to-play Gamer back in the days Swamp Drake was my goto Card for any deck, any map and after months of flipping cards on the market I was able to buy the promo version. I knew it was stupid to invest that much into a single card - especially when I didn't even own Enlightenment. But... I had Promo Swamp Drake and was a happy boy. 

Amii Monument I remember for the outrage it created - and still does. For me, it was the turning point of EA. Once a well respected game publisher and now just greedy corporates. 



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11 hours ago, Owedevil said:

I enjoy support cards that have good strategic dynamics with other cards, makes the game fun and interesting.  One of the first cards I ever got years ago was this useless one that I still enjoy but never use cuz... no one does for good reason;


She is actually the centerpiece for Fire/Frost in PvP 🙂 

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For me, it has to be the Worldbreaker gun. Just look at this beast, it's so beautiful. Back in the EA era, it took me years until I finally somehow got this card and then I insisted on using it everywhere possible. I was aware that it's not the best course of action, buy hey, it's worth for the style points alone. 


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On 12/27/2021 at 5:03 PM, DefAnske said:

Well the most nostalgic card hast to be good old Tremor.

Looked so majestic in the trailers back in the day, the way he slapped around those small poor humans...

Aaah yes, I feel the same! Also there are a bunch of other cards I get a very  nostalgic feeling. One of them is Ice Guardian:


I got into the game by watching my older brother play it (I myself did not own a pc back then, only got one in 2011 I think.) He bought the game quite fast after it came out - combining mechanics of other games we loved (AoE2 & Mtg) it was an obvious choice. unfortunately he wasn't able to pre order the game, which was the ONLY way to ever receive All the original Promo at once - except Firedancer which was handed out for every beta player. He was one of them so he got that single one. So within the first days of the game he bought some boosters and got ice guardian from the first one I think. He loved the card. But then someone was offering him a promo harvester for the ice guardian, and he did the trade - one guardian for one promo Harvy. I will never forget that one 😄

I mean yeah within the first days of the game around 50% of the players (haven't been many tho) had all promos but still.. 

A few days later he traded the Harvy for promo Razorleaf I think as he liked nature more back then. And he pulled a Deepcoil Worm out of another booster with was very strong.

All the mentioned cards are very nostalgic to me. 

And all cards used in the tutorial of Course - as this have been the first cards I ever played myself months  after watching my brother play every day. Good times. 


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Honestly I think nothing really beats good ol Juggernaut running through the enemy walls when it comes to nostalgia of the ol' Battle Forge days...

But concerning the cards...I guess my pick would've been the Bandit Walker or the Construct. Those are in a complete different level compared to most other cards due to them being mechanical in nature rather then fantastical creatures which makes the Frost deck so unique compared to the others, sure they are not the only ones to have those but they defnetly stood out the most to me back in the day 



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