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  1. I suppose that makes sense. Besides, most units will already have it applied as Groves Spirits auto caste. Still, doesn't sound like a unit I'd use, but maybe others might.
  2. I see, in which case a cleanse effect and the heal being dropped entirely would be more useful. The paralyze towers aren't that big of a deal unless you solo with few units and no anti structure spells, but those as well as Spellbreaker disenchant would be something useful to counter. Off the top of my head, I see no other relevant utility for the ability though.
  3. Always wished the card had the ability to hit air with spores, not with melee, but maybe that's asking too much. I think the unit summoning would make it a much more viable card. The new rapid build Sylvan gate could be used with the rapid build nexus to buff att/def stats some, giving some more reasons to use this almost never used card. But back to hitting air, I would prefer it be more expensive in orb and or power cost and be able to. Such a function would make it much more useful. For instance, similar late tier top grade ground attack units like Construct have much higher damage, being able to obliterate units and structures, disable every ground unit with all size knockback (even bosses) and only have one weakness, that they are slow and need teleporting.
  4. Now I feel like a nub, always thought SoM was global. Always thought it was a potentially useful lower tier card to help your team out by assisting them getting to t3 and making Shrine of War, which is immensely OP in regard to void return and there's no chance it will be replaced by, or get competition from, a better version of SoM. Keeping SoM t2 but making it possibly a little easier to build or a little better would be something i would think would make more sense, potentially. Somewhat lower cost and it being made global would be nice. But just brainstorming, not certain.
  5. I never see anyone using Primeval. These changes are all good.
  6. Those spell changes sound very fair. As is the spell is extremely costly and the controlled unit can potentially be killed quick. However, it overall is powerful in that it grants an unbound unit whose cost goes directly into Void. Especially with the changes I'm thinking it should potentially be a pure nature card to make it more difficult to pair with things like Offering and Shrine of War.
  7. 60/s seems like a pretty worthless heal, maybe between fights it can be useful. The only status I can think of that matters to counter is disenchant from bosses and Lost Spellbreaker, would it counter that?
  8. Are disarmed units simply under crowd control of any kind? Would both affinities have Magic Link? Nature should definitely not be a damage spell based faction, like you say, and I think it's a good idea to have support/control spells and units. Forest elder should be THE apex nature unit, but currently is outshined significantly by other units like Batariel, Dreadnought, Bandit Lord (you know which affinity I mean,) as well as others, in both raw power and/or utility.
  9. Such changes would make it so that there's a point in using the card. I think they sound good.
  10. Sounds great. Nice and balanced.
  11. Sorry, did not notice your reply till months late. If i recall, rebooting my PC fixed the issue. Thanks for checking.
  12. Wondering if it is possible to edit your name in the forum and also in-game? I scanned through the settings in my forum account and saw no option and have not noticed anything in the game. I actually forget if I ever got a message informing me this isn't possible when I suddenly noticed Battleforge got redone and made my account. I do not plan on doing anything that would change my identity, simply changing capitalization to clarify the name I chose.
  13. I enjoy support cards that have good strategic dynamics with other cards, makes the game fun and interesting. One of the first cards I ever got years ago was this useless one that I still enjoy but never use cuz... no one does for good reason;
  14. Thanks for the reply. I noticed my PC was doing strange things after I encountered the issue of Skylords Reborn not opening past the launcher, running slowly, and things would not open completely or would be sluggish. No idea why or how it happened. For reference, I have a gen 4.0 rocket m.2, a 5800x, r9 390, and 16gb 4000mhz RAM. After my PC had fully rebooted more than once, I tried running the game 10 mins ago from the time of this post and it opened fine. I also noticed yet another update, no clue if that fixed it or if the problem was something else.
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