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  1. Wow, much thanks for the tip. I paused my system security and it fixed teh issue. I had Battleforge.exe as trusted, but I will experiment and see what settings I have to change to resolve the issue. Mabe putting SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe on the trusted list might work, will try different things. I also wonder why it suddenly occurred. I changed nothing regarding network settings before teh issue began. UPDATE; Putting SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe on the trusted list fixed my issue. Thanks again.
  2. After a windows update which updated the .net framework and me also changing my refresh to 120 hz I suddenly started getting bad stuttering. The stuttering occurs after maps are loaded and not in the forge (the initial card experimentation place after the game loads.) I switched my refresh back to 60 and the issue continued. Since then, I have tried reinstalling the game, deleting all remaining dirty files after the uninstall, and changing the graphics settings to lowest with neither working. I am wondering if it was the recent 3.5 .net update that messed things up? No idea if that's t
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