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I need your PvP Replays for casting! Now!

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Good evening fellow skylords, 

As some might recall @Eirias and I did some commentaries on PvP matches quite a while ago on Eirias YouTube Channel and on the Official SkylordsReborn Channel.

Since the game has entered the realm of the living again, it is also time for me to wake up from my slumber and start annoying Eirias again. Sadly our only way of communication is through the commentary of PvP Replays. 

I am currently still pretty rusty and even though I played some games against top 20 players, many weren't that interesting.

Because there is no real source of new Replays, I wanted to asked all you guys to post or send me or Eirias your PvP Replays for YouTube. 

If you have any good, special or weird games you want the world to know about, just give them to us. 

Rewards: 100 BFP

for each Replay that ends up on Youtube (on top of the fame ;) ) for the one sending the Replay to us.

I hope we can make something work and flooooood the World with Skylords!

Love YaBro0 ❤

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9 hours ago, Dallarian said:

I'd send it even for free, just for fame :D

Very nice of you! So no BFP for the kindhearted Dallarian *check* 

I will wait for your Replays. No pressure!

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3 hours ago, olekkrol said:

After today's tournament it is possible to have a lot of nice replays, and I will try to save mine (if I get further than 1st round XDD )

I'm always happy to make more rookie reviews :) 
Not a very popular series in the past but with all the new players, maybe that will change!

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I had an 18min match vs Prince_of_Lyr, on Yrmia.
It was an intense back and forth game, maybe that could be an interesting replay for u to cast.

Matchup was pure fire vs stonekin.
I dont want to take bfp for getting my matches casted, feel free to take all of my future replays for your casts if you think they are worth it.

Dark(pure fire) vs Prince_of_Lyr(stonekin).pmv

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