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  1. Kaldra

    Kaldra's Funmaps

    A few of my funmaps in the needed .pak format. Put those into the ../Documents/BattleForge/Map folder to be able to select them in game. If you don't have a folder called 'Map' in your BattleForge directory simply create it. Maps included: Spellfight Random Unit 3vs3 Survive Singleplayer Survive PvP Racetrack Twilight Isle Master Labyrinth Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7i2vlo55utg1r74/KaldrasFunmaps.zip?dl=0
  2. Pretty obvious: What's more interesting, if I google my new nickname "Danmoreng" this is the first thing showing up: (the banner of my twitch channel)
  3. My biggest mistake was to not register several email adresses when they gave out the 4 Promo Cards at launch. People I know did that and never had to spend any money on BattleForge. I kinda regret not beeing selfish back then.
  4. Kaldra

    High Resolution Textures

    The game shipped with high res textures and the low res textures only were an option so players wouldn't have to download so much. The client which is beeing worked on should have the high res textures. If somebody wants the low res textures for any reason we would need someone with a client which was set on low res textures before the game was shutdown.
  5. Kaldra

    Randomly generated Maps

    Random maps are in fact random. They are generated by a seed value and pre defined parameters. When BattleForge was still alive I suggested to change some of the parameters to make the random PvP maps more fair, and I believe Phenomic changed the random maps in a good way. I don't think they should be removed from PvP. Probably the parameters need a little more tweaking.
  6. Kaldra

    Fix the card affinity system

    The affinity system which was introduced with the second edition in Battleforge always was only a way to double the amount of cards from 60 to 120. It was often proposed to make players able to change the affinity of a card instead of both affinities beeing separate cards. Almost always one affinity had a higher value than the other one. Now we have the opportunity to make cards with affinities having the same value. How? Make them exchangeable in the planned web interface! So basically you can trade a card with one affinity for the same card of the other affinity with the server. Probably costing a little amount of gold. I think most people will like and support this idea. What do you think?
  7. Kaldra


    Wish grantted, but none of them will be fullfilled. I wish I was as rich as Bill Gates.
  8. Kaldra

    Say something about the person above you.

    [quote='ladadoos' pid='3118' dateline='1436122766'] needs to explain what Bafo is [/quote] doesn't know the shortterm for Battleforge
  9. Kaldra

    Upcoming podcast

    How much starting capital will a player have? I would vote for the 3k Bfp you originally got when you bought BattleForge boxed. That of course only if booster prices stay the same as original (250 Bfp).
  10. Kaldra

    Battleforge Soundtracks

    At some point they made some of the songs available for free download, I've uploaded them here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wh2zfsdtplsn37d/AADh5wAbOEL1vLcpd2PdYvPDa?dl=0
  11. Kaldra

    ELO and Matchmaking

    [quote='LagOps' pid='2959' dateline='1436017950'] [....] [/quote] Tl;dr: We need more players.
  12. Kaldra


    Wish granted but you're a fish now. I wish BattleForge will be played by 10.000.000 people.
  13. Kaldra

    Why did you choose your forum avatar?

    [quote='MrXLink' pid='1337' dateline='1434916278'] Because this is my baby. Or well, it's my favourite Dragon in the game, despite me mostly playing Pure Frost... [/quote] More like because it looks the most awesome and everyone can imagine the name of that dragon is Kaldra. That's why it's MY avatar. :@

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