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Defensive Mode for RPVE


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It's very unfortunate that many cards just don't have any use in RPVE. Most of them are defensive cards, like Razorleaf, Stronghold and the like, but also some very slow units like Battleship. This is mostly because these Units/Buildings are stationary, slow or mostly geared towards defense, while RPVE is all about offense.

To counter this, I suggest adding a new RPVE-Mode where you have to mostly defend youself against waves of enemies, unlocking access to new orbs and generators by defeating boss waves.

I know that this is hardly a priority so short after launch and that it will be a ton of work (map generation, scripting, testing ...), so I don't expect to see anything like this for the next months, but I do think it would be worthwhile to add variety to RPVE in the long run.

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On 12/21/2020 at 11:02 PM, Emmaerzeh said:

Yeah thx ill keep the endless defence in mind for when i finished other projects. @RuneSeeker  i know the 1pl map of Kaldra. Name is "survive". At the moment we are allready working on a defencive rpve mode as u suggested @Danol  

Kind regards


I dont see any map for 1 player or named survive ingame

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I proposed this idea here a long time ago :

I didn't receive much love, but I'm glad someone else is trying again. I'm all in for a defensive gamemode ! More diversity in the PVE would be really cool. With the BF coming the longer you play, a survival gamemode would fit like a glove.

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Why not a protect an objective a certain amount of time, and u need to attack and clear your orb bases? If we spread the bases out ( walls,? No walls?) and set where attack spawns, then have a final big t4 base that faces giant waves that end at a set time, could be fun.


Kinda like some of the more fun campaign maps.

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yes, wave defending is something I really like, especially if it is made in a way that you can manipulate where the enemies need to squeeze through to be attacked. i was searching through custom maps for that but so far havent really found alot that felt quite well.

and then there is the issue with rewards, I get playtime BFP but no gold which now, when I still need upgrades, makes them feel not worth it to begin with. so an official defense rPvE mode would be godsent for people like me

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