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  1. Northguards with steadfast
  2. DESCRIPTION: There is a strange targeting issue with hitboxes of units, structures and terrain. Its very old bug, it was present in old BF as well. Basicly i click on plain terrain, but the game system see a unit or structure behind my cursor and attacks the unit instead of moving. REPRODUCIBILITY: Random, but happens often.
  3. I want to use an avatar picture from the pool of the registration process, not from cards ingame. How to do it?
  4. The oracle mission by MikeTheBeast1980 is a mixed deck not pure nature.
  5. How strong are the 51 starter cards? Is it possible to complete the campaign maps on expert with them? If so, do i need to upgrade them or is it possible to do with lvl 0 deck :))))
  6. Hi! I have 2 expert maps from old days. Pure fire cheap deck, only common and uncommon cards. Treasure Fleet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOy1ljHFEHQ Encounters with Twilight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Is6IqEBm_4
  7. Thx for the info. now i understand why its not on the cards. however this info should be found ingame easily somehow. Maybe i missed it, i dont know. Edit: XL is actually 10, not 12.
  8. I think this is a necessary UI element in any game, sadly BF cards dont display the pop cost of the cards.
  9. So i was called a scammer yesterday cos i "tried" to sell a minibooster for 325. Before that day, i probably sold a minibooster succesfully for 325. Minibooster are confusing and look way to identical to normal ones. I suggest to remove them or make it so that visually it is on them :MINI btw i didnt een kno mini boosters exist...
  10. I dont understand these changes on battleship and winter witch. these cards are slow and cant keep up in rpve at all. what they try to solve? Or the goal is regular pve maps? she is so slow cant keep up with any army, except supporting construct,battleship. I mean it solves the problem about WW being locked out from freezing with auto attacks which is nice+better stat ratio, which is nice, but as army composition for pure frost, it doesnt change anything. giving speed buff on battleship so it can fly away sometimes faster from main army is also nice, but it wont change army co
  11. I dont see any map for 1 player or named survive ingame
  12. Should i aim for going T3 and win there (its easier) or win with T2 army even if enemy is at T3? I just started learning Frost so i dont know in general if it is better to play slower and go T3 for "ez" win. Why not add Mountaineer to the deck and skip T3?
  13. Where can i see live patch notes of the past on this forum regarding balance?
  14. That site is missleading. There are some changes which are already live and some are not. Dates are not accurate as it doesnt say anything that it is a finished testing phase or live.
  15. Sry Dallarian, but you shouldnt speak about future changes. Card price is everything in this game. Devs needs to stop leaks in the future.
  16. Majority of rts players play vs AI, thats normal. Or if they play pvp, its team games. There are problems in pvp duels with map pool and balance, but the biggest problem i see is the lack of comeback mechanic and poor win condition together. A small mistake can lead to defeat very fast. (Giving out lvl 120 pvp decks for free was a good idea) As for T4 not being viable in pvp is normal, and should be never viable. In Dawn of War 2 which is very similar game to BF, the pvp is same and the "problems" are the same. Some players argue that T3 (equal as T4 BF) should
  17. if not renaming it, how to delete it and create a new character?
  18. hi devs, your faq is confusing "Be mindful that the game will not function without any of these files. Once you have the files on your computer, running the updater should start the game correctly." this is "false", updater can mean anything. i was not able to play the game simply cos i tried to play with the wrong exe file. What happened to me was that first of course i tried to launch the battleforge.exe. After seeing its not working i tried others. "UAC" actually kinda worked and i could even login once. So i thought i found the right exe file and i kept launching it. To
  19. So i created a new charachter when i could finally login to the creation screen, and then the message said that i already have a charachter bound to this email and has all the old cards?lol? Then i got DC so i couldnt play if so whats the name of my old char that has the cards? can someone help me with this? or this message is just missleading and false?
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