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  1. IceKin

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    Not talking about removing these units slowness Just making them "less" slow. As said before, frost units are slower than any other, still construct and bships are slower than the already slow frost units. I don't know how is number situation, but a 15-20% speed buff will just make these cards less frustrating to use in pve
  2. I was wondering if some cards like construct and battleship (won't lie, my fav cards), could have a lil buff to speed. These units are really slow among all t4 units across all colors, what about tweaking just a bit their speed? Guess it won't unbalance pvp since they are not pvp cards, while in pve they could be used by everyone.
  3. IceKin

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi there So, here is my application request. First of all, I'm an experienced player of Battleforge, played it for almost 4 years, pve and pvp. I started playing pve first, for almost 3 years, then i switched mainly to pvp and ranked pve. I managed to get also a really good rank in pvp with my pure frost (Legend rank, never forgot). I know all the maps, scripts and strategies for pve istances, this is why I think I can provide more help than anyone new to the game. Plus, I'm one of the first guys here on forums, and I think i did my contribution to the project early on with some topics about rewards, bfp managements, etc. I can play 2 to 4 hours on workdays, while on weekends I can play basically all day long. My discord name is: weltall#7555 Just one question: will be there a NDA or plays can be streamed? Really looking forward it!
  4. IceKin

    Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    Again, search for ripple/xrp you are totally ignorant tryng to make points, won't waste time replyn people like you.
  5. IceKin

    Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    You are a "computer master science student", you expressed you opinions implyng you know more about me because you had such degree, then you come here to ask for explainations. You keep asking questions with no sense at all, it seems to me you are something like 5 years behind on updates on crypto & blockchain I don't know what you are, but surely as computer master science student you REALLY need to keep updated on blockchain since it's the most important discovery of digital era after the internet. So search for coin I cited above and make your own opinion instead of putting hate here and kill discussion. This topic was meant to discuss about blockchain application on skylords reborn and generally in games, i won't teach anything to anyone. If you know what I'm talking about it's ok, if you are here to spread bullshit, go over man. Honestly, reading other replies seems the blockchain idea is generally not clear, but seems people like to answer without any knowledge. I'm really sorry for this thread, I tought it could be a nice topic to dicuss on. Maybe we can do same discussion in about a couple of years Peace
  6. IceKin

    Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    ehm XRP? Cardano? Stellar? Tron? Yup all unsecure and scammy coins Nvm dude
  7. IceKin

    Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    Coin could just be premined, no need to mine them, no energy is needed with new proof of stake system. As said in OP this isn't a suggestione because the dev can't sell things for money It is a just a discussion topic about how the whole thing could work I feel no one here really know what is blockchain, especially if people say online server can't be hacked (lol) and if people say NO (to what?) without knowing what is this all about. I feel like it's just free hate right now for no reason
  8. Blockchain technology is starting to have a role inside games aside from markets, so as cryptoenthusiast I would ask: what if skylords reborn database was hold on a blockchain? We would have an impossible to hack or cheat game where all players informations are stored in the most secure way. BFP could be the blockchain token, and instead of a daily quest system, users could just gain own tokens based on ingame activity or being active on token market. So if you have time to play you can just play and earn a share of weekly mined token, if you have no time because you work, you can buy tokens from market and focus your play time on getting gold. Each week a set amount of BFP is mined on blockchain, a part goes to dev team to sustain server, a part goes to users. The initial liquidity would be set by a token pre sale where all users can prebuy BFP to a set price, then BFP will answer to market demand/offer. This is not a real suggestion more like a "what you think about this guys?"
  9. IceKin

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Ready to barrage with my battleship cannons!
  10. IceKin

    Language specific forums

    Well, it could be true also the opposite Maybe there is little activity in main forum because not everyone is confindent writing in english; so having language specific section will improve overall forum usage. Also, it's lot less dispersive than creating language specific forums, which honestly I don't like because it would be less "immediate" than navigate on just a single forum. Anyway If the problem is the low forum usage its origin should be searched in the game itself and not in laguage barrier: the game is not yet playable so there isn't so much to talk about. Honestly I see language specific sections as an opportunity to bring more people here more than "splitting", since every section would be the centre of that national community. Otherwise, people will just create their own community forum/website etc. to discuss in their language things about the game, and this forum will be used just as a read only tool with a lower activity.
  11. IceKin

    Language specific forums

    Hi there Since beta is already up for some players and open beta is close, what about creating on forums a language specific section for players of same nationalities to share opinions and other stuff?
  12. IceKin

    Closed beta to Open beta

    From what I read, curretly game is in closed beta stage. At end of Jan it will go open beta. I was wondering if there could be a small increase in invites to closed beta every couple of days until open beta, to avoid an improvise surge in player number from closed to open status. Ofc this will help also toning down the hype Anyoway if not already considered I think it's pretty a good idea to stress servers little by little instead testing it live when open beta starts!
  13. IceKin

    Hiring a developer?

    I was wondering if staff ever tought about hiring a professional coder to help with the project. As donator myself I think it won't be a waste of money. There are some money from donations (around 3k euros from last update), and maybe they could be used to hire a professional and dedicated coder for a month or two to speed up the coding process. Once the game is ready to play in some way (beta or stuff like that) I guess people will make another round of donations to keep it up. Is this such a bad idea?
  14. Hi there, i'm one of the first users that registered here, and I'm following this project really close, even if I don't post so often on forums. Due to my past registration, I feel a bit lost about real progress of this project. Almost every couple of days I come and check the dev platform, and while i'm relly happy there is some progress going on, I really lost any idea of how the project is going. Updates are cool, but me as other user (i guess) would like to have something more real. I mean, from what i read in past, pve was done, pvp need some more work, plus the quest system should be implemented. After almost an year, we read that the entire game is being rewritten in another language, but we don't have any information about pvp, pve, or quest system. How much work has to be done really? I don't want to push for an ETA, I just would like to know how many things left before I can try the game. The old progression bars are freezed since last year. What about giving a real update on what's going on, things to be done, people who work on it, etc etc? Thanks for your attention and keep up the good job!
  15. IceKin


    Interesting matter. Honestly I think multi account should not be prohibited but it should not give any real advantage. Ip-restriction are not good since there could be more players in same house. Also, people should be free to have smurfs to test or play other decks in ranked games. These are the only uses a multi account should have and quest and daily rewardso should be built around them

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