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PvE Contest: The Nightmare Shard

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Hello Skyladies and Skylords,

After the dust in the PvP arena settles there is still evil to slay: We must venture to the Nightmare Shard and take it at all cost! So after a lot of PvP tournaments I want to give some sugar to the PvE community aswell. This is a first attempt to give a little challenge on a map that probably nobody speedruns (and surely not on advanced), so everyone should be able to try some new strategys.



Speedrun contest on Nightmare Shard. Send me your quickest replay to participate.

Find the replays under Documents=>battleforge=>replays



map: Nightmare Shard

difficulty: advanced

players: solo

restricted cards: Enlightenment, Amii Monument


Until when?

Send me your replays via Discord until 25.10.20. I will sort them and cast the quickest run.


Prize pool!

1st place  - 3000 BFP + Construct Promo

2nd place - 2000 BFP + Enlightenment

3rd place - 1000 BFP + Amii Monument

4th-last - 300 BFP

most creative strategy (in the top10) - 750BFP

And every participant will get a Booster after the reset!


If you guys like it there will be more and more of these little challenges in the future, let me know what you think about it.

Looking forward to several cool replays!





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PVE-Challenges are always nice :-).


I think advanced mode opens the challenge for more players. Compared to expert mode its like playing in heaven^^. So some fun tactics still can be fast and more options are there to finish the map. More pve challenges in future with more specific restrictions can lead to a lot of fun. Especially like orb colour restrictions or more cards that should not be used. Also some challenges on expert mode  still would be nice.

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PvE community challenges! There's a lot of restrictions and bonus objectives just waiting to be made. Back in the days I've participated on the tutorial deck challenges like the one linked below. Love'd them and am looking forward to you as a host for these events.


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3 minutes ago, RuneSeeker said:

Hey Toggy,

Is it okay to do the speedrun on the test server to have access to all cards & upgrades? 

Yup that would be okay, after more than two years of Open Stress Test pretty much anyone has complete decks anyways... so yeah, no problem.

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Well at current balancing state one should play on the test server ^^
For all that are not so familiar with the differences: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing Here you can find an overview of all changes, perhaps one of the cards in your deck has been buffed already (check out all 3 iteration tabs).

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I only started playing recently (played the original), so my cards are very low level compared to veterans who have all the upgrades and cards on the regular server. The recent PvP tournament was run in the test server, so there shouldn't be any problem with doing tourny's in the test server so everyone is equal. Hope I'm not being unreasonable!

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This contest is great!

I had to realize again that I am ok'ish in copying strategys, but not in inventing them :D

On the one hard kinda hard to see, that I am not able to beat this map in average time x2 - but also this shows me how much I can learn still about this game.


On 10/14/2020 at 9:40 PM, Pritstift said:

More pve challenges in future with more specific restrictions can lead to a lot of fun. Especially like orb colour restrictions or more cards that should not be used

Couldn't agree any more :)


Edit: Seeing the times I would not be surprised, if the ~10 mins runs are hot candidates for the most creative strategy too

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11 hours ago, Thingol said:

Hello, I am new here. All rewards will be given after the reset or just the Booster pack?

The rewards will be distributed on the current live server. And therefore be lost during the wipe. (edited)

The booster is after the wipe, missread the original post. Other rewards are not.

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