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Hey guys, I made new pic , but its not finished..You can compare with old.

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Not sure which one is the newest, but definitely the first one is better in my opinion.

You see, the first one is not executed as supposed but has an idea behind it. The color blend of purple and dark-blue fits pretty well, same with the objects placed. It's simple, and sharp too.


However, in the second one I don't really see that much potential. Nature units are clearly out of place with no real purpose, not to mention that the objects themselves seem to be badly cropped out. The whole image just seems to be a little bit too dark/dim.

For further comparison, taking the shadow worm as an example in both images, in the second image it seems to be cropped out and incomplete where as in the first image; it looks pretty good and yet again, sharp.


A little bit more work on the first one IMO would make it even better.

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They are both awesome! Only don't forget the skylords in the first pic & make the skylords in the second picture come out more
Or make the skylords text come to the front of the pic instead of the back (behind the wall thingy where the monsters stand on)

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I dont know why, but I still like the second one much more. I think its because of the nature units at the bottom that make it more interesting. But the quality of the first one is for sure better, except of the bolts, that just doesnt look that good.

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