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Hearthstone Tournament 21-22 January 2017

Tournament's rules  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. How many games?

    • Bo1 (to 1 win)
    • Bo3 (to 2 wins)
    • Bo5 (to 3 wins)
  2. 2. Banning opponent's deck allowed?

  3. 3. Tournament format

    • Round robin (FFA, like October, September and December tournament)
    • Single elimination format
    • Double elimination format

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````````````````````````````````````````````Fourth HS SR Tournament!


1. (Voting above).

2. (Voting above).

3. (Voting above).

4. Can we repeat decks vs same opponent? Voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12098577 *** - You have to choose x decks if you have to get x wins, and every win you have to get by different deck (when you lost, you can repeat deck). Play whatever you want.

5. Wild or standard? http://www.strawpoll.me/12098612

6.  What hour we will play? http://www.strawpoll.me/12098628

7. How many classes can we choose? http://www.strawpoll.me/12098660

Later here will be added second voting about class number

8. No legendary cards restrictions.

9. Rules are absolute.

10. Should I add something?

11. Tournament will be on Europe server.

If we will have again not many persons, tournament might be only one day.

There might be streams, i am looking for streamer (can compete in tournament).

Tournament will be organized on discord channel, link to it close before it starts.

You can sign into tournament to 10 minutes before it starts. To sign in, you have to write here your battle.tag.

I'd invite everyone who was in old tournaments, and also everyone new is nice to see. @JoseAlmeida @Killhakan @Geradon @Anonymos @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @shadowxxs77 @tbpeti @Aazrl @Ultrakool @anonyme0273 @Valaraukar @ryolo4ever.

Signed players:

1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian)

2. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan)

3. fabiosilva#2415 (ryolo4ever)

4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos)


Please check my HS tournaments feedback thread and tell me what i can improve:



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@Eirias @Anonymos @Killhakan @ryolo4ever

Please make sure that you added everyone on battle.net to friends. ryolo, ask me on pm for our discord link (here will be informations in real time about tournament and link become disabled after some hours).

Tournament start tommmor at 16:00 CEST time, please be 10 minutes before it starts. EU server. Please make sure that you finished tutorial.

Tournament probably will take one day only.

Are you willing do to another voting on discord, where people that doesn't compete can't vote? (for all rules)

Eirias, you are only streaming or competing too?

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x    1    2    3    4

1    y    x    x    x

2    x    y    x    x

3    x    x    y    x

4    x    x    x    y

1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian)

2. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan)

3. fabiosilva#2415 (ryolo4ever)

4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos)


Round 1: 1vs2, 3vs4

Round 2: 1vs3, 2vs4

Round 3: 1vs4, 2vs3

gl hf everyone

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