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  1. Thanks for mentioning me, but that is a day when i won't have any free time to play... :( At least definitely not before 8pm... But, @Natiac might be interested in this one. Good luck to everybody who's participating!
  2. First of all, thank you @MephistoRoss for finnaly posting this one, it is getting annoying to see even for me how many people just simply refuse to read the other posts... Maybe an even better way would be if you could place the link to this post on the main page, that way hopefully less people will complain. This is not how you solve the problem. Anyone who did it, shame on you, your real life is much more important than a stupid game! And yes, i say this even though i was addicted to this game, and i can hardly wait for it to be ready, BUT there should be a line what you shoul
  3. The same happens to me too: probably the servers are overloaded, because it sais 2 times out of 3 that the servers are full, while when it lets me in it sais "Your client lost connection". I'll simply try again tomorrow. Have fun for all of those who can play. Also, thanks guys for getting this far with reimplementing this game. Much love.
  4. Well, then please add me to the PvE section as well, with the addition that i would like to help anyone who needs it from the mid to high level in this part, on most maps even speedruns included (not sure if i remember all I knew before, but i definitely have the knowledge of 50-80% of the maps' speedrun tactics). If we add the battlegrounds to this as well, I'd gladly help anyone from level 7 to 10. Also, please cut my availability to the following: weekdays from 8 pm ( CET ) to midnight and weekends from 5 to 9 pm. It is possible that I will be available for more time, but during
  5. I definitely agree with this point of yours, and in my opinion the best way would be to make it possible to log in invisible (similar to how it is done on skype or the battle.net account) and only login to the private messages chat + the groupchat with the matchmade chat. I know this makes the whole friendlist a lot more complicated and can arouse issues, but this could be a good way to improve the game after it's already done. Maybe one other possible solution to the anonimity would be having multiple characters, but then only 1 character should be allowed to play solo ranked, the others
  6. Actually if you are not a ack of trades player (which let's admit, there are almost none in this game who can play on the same level with multiple decks) I totally understand your point of view, but if you want to try out new decks in ranked in my opinion you with your rank should be punished for it. You're actually saying that by trying out new decks on other accounts, you'll play with that deck on your main any time at all? Unfortunately I'm pretty sure you will not... And this only means that the top ranked players will just flood the rankings and it is unhealthy for the game IMO. So with t
  7. While on one hand I agree with @ImperatorSK and the fact that it will probably affect the pvp-playerbase after a while on the very high end, but i think it is much more important what @MrXLink wrote in order to keep the newcomers we shouldn't be able to have other accounts. Just think about it, if you were a platinum colored pvp ranker and you tried out other decks, you still would beat the sh*t out of everyone who were even on the low-gold ranks as well, not to mention the lower ranked players. What do you think they would feel after they're facing and getting crushed by an acc that has bronz
  8. Thank you for the update, i am not mad, just disappointed... If the game is not ready to be released for the public, it is understandable and acceptable, but making promises and then failing them is something else. If You are not sure about the release date then better not to say anything about it, because this way I believe I'm talking in others' name as well when I say we are just losing hope... I still support the project and still can say I can hardly wait for it - we could say I'm part of the #f5sect if you know what I mean -, so heads up and don't worry about the time you need
  9. congratz @Ultrakool, hope you'll enjoy being part of the team
  10. Naturally, I tried almost everything (even the usage of snapjaws), BUT the nightguard-spam is something you never want to use against anything (except for sunderer-spam, but it will never happen). True, it has more dmg over the nox-spam, but you also never want to spam only 1 unit at all against anything, ma-spam simply beats the shadow if you cannot use dreadcharger / witchclaws / skeleton warriors with nox troopers AND forsaken as a backup (except if you use phase tower, that beats almost everything from frost and nature). Simple reason is the master archers' stats. These are 300/600 with S-
  11. I totally agree with all things what @RadicalX said, maybe a little bit i would argue about the Thugs, but that's only because I mostly played shadow t1 and against me it was one of the cards that made the matchup at the least even for the fire because of the passive power-gain from the thugs... But I wanted to say something about the Embalmer-Shadow Phoenix combo: it's one of the most important part of the speedruns in PvE, so it was used really a lot, and during the time I played the "ultra lame Embalmer - Soul Splicer - FoF combo" and even after that I tried the Shadow-Nature with the
  12. i don't know about it... First off: each power well generates 1 power every 2 seconds, so if it stands for 2 seconds, it already pays back 1 power and so you only lose 99 power! But really, this number is not wrong, but it's misleading. I would advice you, to use other wording, like "losing 1 power well makes you lose the same amount of power as if you would have used 1000 power in cards". Also, the power well gives other advantages as well, not only the power you can gain from it, but it gives 2 more things: first and most important is that you can summon units at full strenght, without
  13. @Dallarian : Unfortunately something came up, resulting that on the 10th I have to travel quite a lot (6-8 hours), which means i cannot participate... Well, hopefully I'll have more time when the next one comes. And good luck to all of you! You'll need it against @Anonymos if he really goes for the win!
  14. Right now I can say that probably I'll have time, but it will depend on the situation going on in the university: the following week is the first week of the exam period when I will definitely have at least one exam. So sign me up, and if there's anything comes that makes me unable to participate I'll say it beforehand. EDIT: Just as said below, i cannot participate
  15. I'm also willing to teach, tutor anyone after the game comes out, even the very starters, since the basics are the most important (just by mastering the basics one could reach even the Legend rank) and more experienced players as well to polish their gameplay. I was a Sovereign ranked player (green/platine circle 4 dots), maining Shadow-Nature, who has a wide knowledge about the game, but due to lacking mechanical skills I couldn't get higher than the top 4. position. I can teach in english and hungarian. My teaching times probably will be the afternoons of the weekdays (CET) un
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