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  1. I totally agree with all things what @RadicalX said, maybe a little bit i would argue about the Thugs, but that's only because I mostly played shadow t1 and against me it was one of the cards that made the matchup at the least even for the fire because of the passive power-gain from the thugs... But I wanted to say something about the Embalmer-Shadow Phoenix combo: it's one of the most important part of the speedruns in PvE, so it was used really a lot, and during the time I played the "ultra lame Embalmer - Soul Splicer - FoF combo" and even after that I tried the Shadow-Nature with the Soul Splicer and later with the Embalmer (these were without the 2 other buildings). And I only stopped using it because in 1v1 that single deckslot, what the Embalmer took was quite a burden, and also what was already mentioned, the strain in the bound power was too huge within normal circumstances. And after these things I even kept the Shadow Phoenix, because that I believe is still a good tech-card, but the Embalmer needs too much time to set up, and to take in an 80 seconds cooldown (20 sec to build the embalmer + 60 sec initial cd) thing just for a situational unit is just an insane waste of a deckslot. In 2v2 it was used every now and then, but that shifted out as well after a while. And now my question: Why the Snapjaws almost never see play? I know there were tries, and even I tried them, but I found them too expensive for the debuff they did, and also weren't a real t1 card, but much more a t2 (only eception is against the Sunderer on t1)... If it would have been 50 power though I believe one of the 2 types could be used in the t1-heavy shadow decks such as the shadow-nature - but still wouldn't see much play in my opinion.
  2. @Kiwi and @MrXLink, the problem where "some cards appear multiple times of their offering rates in boosters", I believe the same happened in hearthstone in the last patch with the multicolor cards, so I believe I know the reason of this "bug". If I'm right about it, this should be happening with the multicolor cards, and the reason behind it is that they're added to all their colors' filters. In the actual game I remember, when we turned off the fire, but turned on the shadow, the bandit cards appeared, but not the other way around, so in the BF it was probably done by only leaving 1 filter for all the cards. Well, this is a half-solution, since it eads to an other problem, but this should be a solution for it. <- and if this is right, a few of the neutral cards are those, that doesn't appear in boosters, so you need to add them filters according to the orbs as well. Also, the other way probably would be to manually change the ratios on each multicolor cards to half of the actual offering ratio (since if I'm right they're offered twice as much as they should be).
  3. i don't know about it... First off: each power well generates 1 power every 2 seconds, so if it stands for 2 seconds, it already pays back 1 power and so you only lose 99 power! But really, this number is not wrong, but it's misleading. I would advice you, to use other wording, like "losing 1 power well makes you lose the same amount of power as if you would have used 1000 power in cards". Also, the power well gives other advantages as well, not only the power you can gain from it, but it gives 2 more things: first and most important is that you can summon units at full strenght, without them being dazed, which can play a really important part in the fights, especially if you're shadow and want to use the abilities of a few units (like forsaken). I know you already mentioned it earlier, but it can be the deciding factor to take a well or not. The second is that it has quite a big hp (compared to t1 units) and so you should use it to absorb some area damage (like the nasty surprise) - naturally not mindlessly. These 2 are contradicting each other, so I'm just mentioning it, also would like to point out that against those, who are not running nature splash, you don't need to finish off the small units, it's best for you if you leave a few members of the squads alive (also against shadow t1 you have to be careful because of the motive, but in most cases this statement is still true), but against nature splashes you have to finish off everything. if you are a stonekin player and don't run t3 cards, this may be a bad idea The second part is definitely wrong, if you have the possibility in most cases you should use higher tier units to defend against lower ones, since their ( attack power and hitpoints ) : ( cost ) ratio is better. 1 or 2 power plus or minus is not the end of the world, although I would recommend doing it, but for other reasons: you can use this slight TIME-advantage to get faster to the center of the map and so have a territorial advantage, which is a lot of times even better than having 20-50 power advantage! All in all, it's a nice guide, I just don't like this coloring stuff, but that's my personal opinion.
  4. @Dallarian : Unfortunately something came up, resulting that on the 10th I have to travel quite a lot (6-8 hours), which means i cannot participate... Well, hopefully I'll have more time when the next one comes. And good luck to all of you! You'll need it against @Anonymos if he really goes for the win!
  5. I like this idea very much, but first it needs ingame development (which is already quite time-consuming), while the actual game itself is still in closed beta, this is the only reason I don't see any future of this... Also just as @Eirias and @LagOps mentioned, the multiaccounting and friends adding each other is totally unavoidable, anyhow you try to make something like this, one with a little bit of wisdom can find a way to circumvent the system...
  6. I don't know about it, don't think it would work this way around... Naturally it would be nice to implement a way to reward the tutors and the apprenties, but I believe ingame it's impossible to differentiate the tutoring from normal sparring, so it should include the forum on a way that one is an accepted apprentice of the tutor and they can write the advancement of the one who learns. And this way you can also keep in check the simple sparring games. And I also would give it a limit, like a person could only get this reward 2 times a week (even if tutoring 10 people or only 2), because if we don't take it into consieration, it could really get out of hand.
  7. Right now I can say that probably I'll have time, but it will depend on the situation going on in the university: the following week is the first week of the exam period when I will definitely have at least one exam. So sign me up, and if there's anything comes that makes me unable to participate I'll say it beforehand. EDIT: Just as said below, i cannot participate
  8. @MephistoRoss: @Eirias here made a really good point in the cc usage and the power management. And I also would disagree with @LagOps and @Eirias: just by looking this video I can tell that you have 2 basic and 2 semi-basic problems, and by mastering these latter 2 mistakes you would get to a much higher level compared to right now: basic problems: - using the dazed units are a real problem, and they happened from time to time, i'm not sure if it's just 'cause of continuous misclicks, or simply denying the fact that the dazed units deal half damage, but this problem is definitely there - not using powerful abilities of the creatures when you have the possiblity, thus letting the enemy have the upper hand in some fights. I.e. the stormsinger's ability. I believe i didn't see the usage of it even once. semi-basic mistakes: - you don't know the maps, and I can tell this easily from these replays. If you get more familiiar with the nuances of each given maps, you can simply use it to your advantage, and will try to prevent for it to be used against you. This is the easy part, it's just the fact that all of the maps (except probably the random generated ones) give advantages to the lower ranked player (naturally in unranked you two decide which position you start from, but in ranked it's not random). The best examples are the Elyon and Simai (but ALL maps have different type of advantages for one side). If you're really interested in it, you can search for @FarRock's tutorials on youtube, in one of them he showed how many differences can be on a single map. And even in that video he didn't mention all the advantages one can get just by knowing the given map. - your power management really leaves something to be desired: you should constantly follow your own power, your own void power (and thus the powerflow to your current pool), your opponent's power and his flow of the void and the wells. This is the hardest of all the mistakes to learn (except for the microing). This comes with 2 things: first learning the exact numbers of how the flow of the power works (90% of the dead creature/tower or played spell goes back to the void, from the void yuo get back 2% every 2 second, wells only worth taking if you expect them to stand for 200 seconds (this is the time when it already contributes enough to worth it, etc.) and then comes the practice. ---> you have to learn how to punish your opponent when he takes a well (or orb), or how to defend when you take a well (or orb) over him. Both of these later ones are essential parts of the game, and without the knowledge of these one would utterly lose to an other even if that one has slightly better microing skills, since he will make the wrong decisions many times over and over again! Hope by pointing out these mistakes your okay can grow a bit. Edit: @Eirias about the maps I'm willing to make a guide, but let's not talk about not related things in the post, faster and easier in pm.
  9. I'm also willing to teach, tutor anyone after the game comes out, even the very starters, since the basics are the most important (just by mastering the basics one could reach even the Legend rank) and more experienced players as well to polish their gameplay. I was a Sovereign ranked player (green/platine circle 4 dots), maining Shadow-Nature, who has a wide knowledge about the game, but due to lacking mechanical skills I couldn't get higher than the top 4. position. I can teach in english and hungarian. My teaching times probably will be the afternoons of the weekdays (CET) until 1 am, but this can still change according to the exact date of the game's release and the progress of my studies and job. I believe the best method for tutoring is that first we go through the basics broadly and then the one willing to learn plays a game, sends me the replay, we play one together, and after these we talk through both of the games (preferably on skype/teamspeak/discord). My main strength was my T1. But there's only 1 exception: it is the fact that I cannot play, and so don't have the ability to teach pure fire. * a lil' sidenote: I reached Master of the Forge rank in PvE within the first 10 players, so I can give advices in regards of the PvE maps, especially their speedruns.
  10. @LagOps yes, the archfiend was i believe 2 dots of the golden circle, but if not, it was definitely a golden circle rank. Both of you have good ideas, but because of the much lower playerbase, dividing them wouldn't do any good unfortunately. Plus in the beginning all of us would be in the less experienced group, which also makes it useless. Also, there were quite good pvp players, who didn't play ranked, because they wanted to have fun only, and didn't care about the rankings, these people only played ranked games occasionally and if they don't play enough ranked games they would simply crush those in the lower bracket and would have no fun at all. So mainly here I say that people also should have awareness of roughly how good or bad they are. We have the unranked, or friendly pvp for this, where you can make your own lobby, or join others'. About what @Eirias wrote, i like that idea, but would be hard to implement the syncing between 2 clients and on the other hand manually we can already do that, if we're talking on skype/discord/ts/etc. we can simply play the replay at the same time and talk about it more freely than only in chat. And believe it or not, even if I was in the top 5 once, there were a few people who i could almost never beat, so I would gladly take advices anytime. In the 2v2 segment, I honestly don't like to count the 1v1 rank, and I'll tell you exactly why: I know, it can make the fair matchmaking a bit difficult for those, who are starters. But it would lead to an even worse matchmaking, since 2 players with golden circle 1v1 rank could climb up to the top 100 easily in 2v2 after they got used to each others' playstyle. In 2v2 the teamplay makes a huge difference. Naturally, the top players will have better plays overall, but this skill difference can be overshadowed by playing in a team, helping each other, etc. If you need an example, i can tell you about my LoL ranked 3v3 team: the 3 of us (2 x gold5 and 1 x plat5) beat countless teams, that had only plat and diamond players, even though if we would play the skill-game against them, each of us would lose on our respective roles. So altogher: in my opinion both of these ideas (for making a better new-player experience) are good, but with only a couple thousand players, it would only divide the playerbase, resulting in having less people in the same batch and higher queue time, which is bad for the health of the game. Also, when the game's launched, all of us would be in the "new player" cathegory, which would render it completely useless.
  11. I believe as one of your previous 2v2 partners I can fulfill those requirements
  12. Pro players can play really good with F2P decks as well, don't you agree @Eirias? Naturally it's understandable, there shouldn't be any problems regarding this. And now, it is time, to add everyone participating and prepare my decks!
  13. I probably will only be able to add everyone who didn't add me around the early hours of Saturday, 'cause I have exams tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and also gonna meet a friend of mine on friday, and I wanna focus on the studies and my friends first, game comes only after that.
  14. Is it because of the date or the 5pm is too late for you?
  15. It's perfect for me, doesn't really matter if it starts an hour later for me - at least i can sleep more (during weekends i don't like to wake up early) What about you guys, @Killhakan, @Anonymos, @Eirias, @LetsEinfallslos002, @Aazrl, @shadowxxs77?